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    Chapter 23 – Saturday – Bette and Angie’s Time Together

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 23 – Saturday – Bette and Angie’s Time Together

    On Saturday morning, Tina awakens to find Bette on her back without covers and making some moans and moving her lips as if she were kissing something.  Tina is amused and watches as her body moves only slightly and she moans a little more.  Bette is in a dream which seems a bit intense to Tina. She then becomes silent and is without expression; her normal sleep face. Tina rolls over beside her and kisses her. This awakens Bette.  She opens her eyes sleepily and says:

    Bette:  That was so good Tina. You are such a good lover.

    Tina:  Well, nice of you to say so Bette. But all I have done is kiss you in the past 24 hours or so.

    Bette’s eyes spring open as she realizes that she has been dreaming.  She is somewhat embarrassed as she really does not know to say.

    Tina:  You were dreaming Bette. You were dreaming of having sex with me, weren’t you?

    Bette: (in a very timid voice) Umm yes!

    Tina:  Do you know how flattering that is Bette?  In your dreams you can have anyone you want and yet you dream of me. I think that is as big a compliment as you can pay to someone. Even your subconscious mind only wants me… I love you, Bette Porter.

    Bette: You, my wife, are my one and only. You are my last and forever. Even in my dreams.

    She kissed Tina and held her tight.

    Bette:  Did you sleep okay? How do you feel today?

    Tina:  I feel good. I am a little thirsty and I am ready for a good breakfast. How about we go shower together and maybe give each other a little attention.

    Bette:  Just as long as we don’t put too much stress on your abdominal muscles, I think we can manage that. So yes, I accept your invitation. It would be my pleasure to give you a little attention.

    They got out of bed and stripped the sheets and then headed for the shower. They were in a serious make out session under the water spray almost before the water warmed up, but they never noticed the water. Bette was fondling Tina’s breast and Tina was doing the same to Bette. Tina kissed Bette on the mouth and then licked down her neck and soon was kissing and licking her nipples. Bette was panting and was trying hard to gain control to do the same thing for Tina, but was having little success. Once Tina reached for Bette’s pussy, Bette was literally lost to Tina’s control. Tina backed her to the wall and began to finger her in earnest and then to plunge her fingers deep into Bette’s vagina. Bette was gasping with pleasure and quickly orgasmed before Tina was ready to push her over the edge. This surprised Tina and she moved in closer to support her against the wall. Bette held on to Tina with one arm and recovered fairly quickly, she then danced Tina with her back to the walls and began to kiss on her neck and then to her chest and boobs. Tina was then moaning in such a fashion that Bette felt encourage to go on. She then started to finger Tina’s pubic area and moved on to the clitoris.

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    1. I didn’t watch season 1 or 2 of Gen Q. Or even had any interest – being a faithful Tibette addict – until your version came out. That being said, I love your work and agree with most of the comments above. Having stooped to watch a few Gen Q episodes, your story can go on from your strong base with the original set of characters! No matter whether there is a season 4 or not. Your material is better by far!

      I do have 1 comment on a missed opportunity to “tie” Gen Q back to the original. Both you and the show missed the “copy” or “repeat” of Bette and Tina trapped in a small space with no escape – freezer at the wedding-Gen Q vs elevator when going to therapy session with Foxworthy-in original.


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