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    Chapter 24 – The Morning After


    As has become their new ritual, the 2 women prepare for bed in separate bathroom en suites and meet several minutes later in Bette’s master suite. Both still in their long PJ’s from earlier. Tina climbs into bed first as Bette sets up both their phones to charge. Tina whispers her thanks to her lover as Bette slides into bed beside her. They cuddle up together in the middle of the bed, naturally seeking each other out like 2 magnets drawn together.

    “I thought at one point that Angie was going to hyper ventilate tonight when she was laughing so hard.” Tina said as she drew Bette into her arms. A trace of a chuckle rumbling her chest.

    “Yeah and at my expense.” Bette answered back as she wrapped her arms around Tina.

    “Oh I think she was laughing at both of us honey.” Tina kisses the top of Bette’s hair. “They were sweet times.”

    “Honestly, it was all pretty funny.” Bette smiles. “The things we did in our younger years.”

    “Yeah.” Tina rubs Bette’s back. “And we can still do so many other things B.”

    “Oh, I know T.” Bette kisses Tina’s breast underneath her shirt. Felling the warmth there. “I know. We’ve got lots more to do together. And with Angie too.”

    “That we do.” Tina lays back. “Um…do you want to talk about anything before we try to get some sleep?”

    “No.” Bette snuggles in closer. “Tomorrow will be here soon enough. I guess I’m still numb from earlier.”

    “Understandable.” Tina’s voice is soothing.

    “I could kick myself for the mess I made.”

    “Can’t change the past hon.” Tina plays with Bette’s curls.

    “I know babe.” Bette sighs. “I want my mind to just be blank until tomorrow.”

    “Okay hon.” Tina adjusts her pillow. “You let me know if you need anything though.”

    “I will T.” Bette closes her eyes and enjoys the closeness.

    “No staring at the ceiling half the night tonight either Porter.” Tina places a kiss on Bette’s forehead. ”You’ve been known.”

    “Yes dear.” Bette grins. “Not tonight. I’ll just snuggle with you all night.

    “That’s the right answer.” Tina yawns.

     “I just need you babe.” Bette settles in.

    “You got me B. Just breathe deep and let your mind settle.”

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      • Hey SG,

        In the Next Step we’ll lay out the plan & some of the things that the future holds for our fav couple.

        You keep safe over there across the pond & stay warm.

        Thanks for your support as always.


      • Hi Cathy,

        Thanks for reaching out. I didn’t want Bette to fall apart like we saw in GQ – especially since she has Tina now & Angie by her side for support & comfort.

        The next 3 weeks will be a challenge – we’ll see what happens next!!!

        Thanks again.


    1. Hi Collins,

      Lovely chapter!

      I loved the sweet and playfull banter in the bedroom between Bette and Tina! And i love to read about the thoughts of Bette, she is so in love and happy to be with Tina again. Tina really is her anchor, always there for her in good and bad times. I really hope they will make it and stay together forever now.

      It is important that they both do separate things with Angie and together as a family.

      Angie has her own opinion and isn’t afraid to argue her point, she looks so much at Bette and Bette is so proud of her. Bette is not sure about Jordi being a good influence on Angie and is hesistant about their relationship. We will see if she is a good person or has a bad influence, but Angie is raised by Bette and Tina and is very mature in a lot of ways.

      It must have been hard for Angie to see how sad and broken both her mothers were before the divorce and after it. Overhearing Tina saying to Bette she couldn’t breath around her must have been confusing and sad.
      The light didn’t show in Tina’s eyes before and after the divorce for a few months must have been hard to see and to hear that Tina was so sad. Just like to see Bette so sad and broken. But she is happy that they are happy and in a good place again.

      How are they going to cope Tina being gone for three weeks? It has been a intense two weeks for all of them. Maybe Bette and Angie can visit Tina in Toronto for a long weekend?

      Great chapter my friend!

      Stay save and healthy!

      • Hello my friend,

        Sweet chapter with them connecting again after the the result of the election & the promise of more tomorrows.

        In any meaningful relationship, each partner brings their own unique traits to the pairing & in this case. Tina is truly the anchor of Bette’s life. Through all their troubles & years of happiness, Tina has defined Bette’s drive and ambition. She’s the light in Bette’s life & visa versa. Along with Angie, they are this closely knit bond family – very special to each other.

        We’ll see each mother spend some quality time with their daughter. It’s important for all of them & for them to continue to heal the wounds of the past few years. They’ll build new memories to cherish & reflect back on in years to come.

        Tina & Bette have raised an amazing daughter & its’ reflected in Angie’s words & actions. She loves her parents just as much as they love her.

        I hear you & the wish for a visit to Toronto – I’ll see what I can do!!!!!

        Stay healthy yourself & stay safe.

        Good times to come!!!!


    2. Thanks so much for this update. I just love this story and how you are presenting both Bette and Tina. You’ve given us so much background on both of these ladies that we never got in the original show. I really appreciate your creativity.
      They are so sweet this time around with each other and how they chat back and forth. I like that you show them as a family too. I can see them in my mind sitting around that patio table and all talking with each other.
      Wondering how Bette and Angie will react to Tina being gone for three weeks. It doesn’t sound like a long time, but when you’re trying to reestablish a relationship any tine apart can be critical. Maybe like Bibi said – Bette and Angie can go visit with Tina for a weekend trip. Maybe – maybe???
      Thanks for giving us some hope for Tibette.
      Looking forward to the rest of the story.


      • Hi there K,

        Thanks for letting me know how much you liked this chapter. I’ve always thought Tibette deserved so much better in presenting their relationship than we got in OG & GQ.

        There have been so many other writers over the years that have also given us terrific stories & great reading opportunities. I have enjoyed them as much as you are now enjoying this story. So thank you so much.

        We’ll see some of what transpires the next 3 weeks as all the Porters deal with Tina returning to Toronto & their separation. Have faith that this is a Forever Tibette story – so keep that in mind.

        Since everyone seems to think that a long weekend trip to Toronto will be a good idea, I’ll chat with Bette & see if I can convince her to go & see Tina!!!! Ha!!!!

        You take care of yourself & be safe.

        Until the next chapter!


    3. Such a sweet story. I agree with BiBi that Angie is wise beyond her years, and I love that she was able to open up and share how their divorce impacted her and the things she overheard. Children, no matter what age, pick up on conversations and body language and she really struggled with their separation.

      I agree with Kira – how will they cope with Tina being gone. Terrible timing since they are just now finding a comfortable place to be in, holding space for each other and dedicated to the relationships. Girlfriends again! Love that! Also like the idea of a long weekend visit. Three weeks, 21 days, is a long time.
      Love your writing Collins, well done

    4. Loved how Angie opened up, held a mirror for her mothers to see the impact of their divorce on her and the things she overheard. Angie is my hero. I agree with Kira about the three week time Tina is in Vancouver, such terrible time to be gone now that things are falling in place. Their relationship is just building momentum and she earned trust back by being present, steady and then she has to leave.

      And then she is gone again in six months. Time for some remote working situation. Who do we need to call?
      I agree too that a visit up to Tina for a long weekend is a great plan. Spend four or five days there, reconnect.
      Great story!

      • Hey pal,

        Action Angie – super hero just like her Mama B!!!!

        They have raised an awesome daughter who is sensitive to their parents needs & wants. She knows they have always loved each other, even when they couldn’t admit it to themselves. She’s always there to lend support & love to them.

        I’ve mentioned before that in today’s world with all the technology we have at our finger tips, they’ll find a way to make it work for 3 weeks. Yes, there will eventually be another 6 months also further down the line, but flights run in both directions & the gals know the flight times by heart!!!

        As I told Kira, I’ll chat with Bette & Tina & see if i can’t convince them of some well planned trips for each to see their soulmate!!!!

        Soooooooooooo my friend, hope you are working on the Captain Bette story – need to find out what happens to our fledging couple once they return to the Captain’s ship & cabin!!!!

        Till next time my friend!!!


      • Hey Z,

        Hope all is well. Looks like we’ll be visiting Toronto & having a little tour of the city!!!

        Tina actually has a LOT to do – finish up with the show & production, close down the sets, get everything that they need shipped back to the studio in LA so she can work there over the next 6 months. Then she has to pack up all her personal things & have it all shipped back to her new apartment in LA or Bette’s house. And now, it looks like she’ll be entertaining her family in the Canadian city for a few days.

        Soooooooooo, lots of stuff to get done for Tina.

        Thanks for commenting.

        Have a great week!!!


    5. Collins , great chapter. Loved the bedroom scene between them. So caring and tender. This is how I always envisioned them in the show that we didn’t get to see. And then Bette realizing that Tina is her girlfriend again – how awesome was that! And Tina begging Bette to kiss her!!! Wow – nice!!!
      I really like how you’ve moved forward with these two women in your story. They’re not perfect, but they love each other like no other and only want each other for the rest of their lives. Thanks for giving us hope. Hopefully, they’ll get some time together in Canada.
      Tina can’t get back soon enough!!!

      • Hey JW,

        Glad you are enjoying this story & how its all playing out. Playful banter between them is easy & flows so well. All the little details of their story, how they interact with each other & what they think is important. Flushing out the particulars helps us see behind the facade of OG. They are such a rich & complex couple with a full slate to draw on & explain how they are so intertwined together.

        You’re absolutely right – they’re not perfect – but they ARE perfect for each other.

        There are so many great stories right now about Tibette so thanks so much for staying with this one.

        Thanks for staying the course & taking the time to express your thoughts.


    6. That was one of the things that I found really annoying about the original show – hardly any back story about Bette and Tina. We got absolutely nothing about Tina and a little about Bette through Kit and Melvin. But they never resolved what happened to Bette’s mother and we don’t know one thing about Tina’s family. Seemed really odd since they showed us background stories on Shane, Alice, Jenny. Nuts.
      So thanks for filling that in for us and giving us an explanation about Tina and her underlining reasons for her behaviors. Looking forward to what you have planned next for us.

      • Hiya JW,

        WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Agree with you about the ridiculous lack of info about Tina & her life story. Poor judgement on OG’s part. But over the years, many of our terrific writers have offered their own slant on Tina’s backstory & how it may have impacted Tibette’s life.

        You are so welcome – it was my pleasure to put some closure to that part of the story.

        Working on the rest of the story already.

        Enjoy the rest of this historic weekend!!!

        Thanks a bunch.


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