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    Chapter 25 – The Next Step


    Around 11am when Angie excused herself to take a shower and get ready to leave with her Mama, Bette and Tina enjoyed a second cup of coffee in the kitchen. The remnants of breakfast put in the frig and the dishes cleaned. The couple agreed that Tina and Angie would pick Jordi up after classes today and bring her to their house so Angie could spend a few hours with her girlfriend. The younger couple hadn’t seen each other in a few days except for their classes together since Angie had been spending more time with Tina whenever she could.

    Bette and Tina would then be able to have that much needed discussion about their future and plans that Bette wanted to speak with Tina on.  They could spend the rest of the afternoon talking. For her part, Tina had a few ideas of her own that she had considered over the past few months as well. When the idea to move back to LA had first entered her mind, she began to contemplate alternatives from the day to day business of the entertainment industry. Now would be a good time to discuss them with Bette. The couple wanted to decide on some definite ideas before meeting with Helena and Peggy tomorrow at noon.

    Tina told Bette that she and Angie would probably grab a quick bit to eat for lunch while they were out. Bette stated she would eat something once she got back from her meeting with her team. Then Bette suggested having an Italian meal delivered from a local restaurant since she didn’t want either of them to have to cook tonight. She didn’t want the distraction of having to prepare a meal from scratch. She wanted Tina’s full attention.

    So plans were set for the rest of the day and Bette and Tina sealed them with a loving kiss . . .

    Afternoon at the Porters

    Bette had been on the phone more than she had expected to be today after Tina and Angie had left on their shopping exhibition. It seemed that her phone didn’t stop ringing. Now that her bid for mayor of LA had fallen short, she suddenly was at the top of several lists for prospective employers nationwide. Pierce had even called to tell her she had a long list of messages at the campaign office as well. She advised him to leave the list on her desk and she would review it once she arrived there later today.

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    1. Hi Collins,

      I loved this chapter and wow 23 pages!

      It is good to see how Bette and Tina talked about their plans for the future and what for role they will play in those. Both are very successful women and no longer feel the need to play the leading role but prefer to be of use in the background. And that also gives them more time for each other.

      There are a few things i want to point out: Bette admitting she heard Tina when she told her she always takes so much space:

      “About me always taking up so much space in the room – our lives, “Bette pauses for a moment and then starts again. “I push and push sometimes and don’t know when to stop and I plow ahead sometimes without thinking things through all the way.”
      Bette shows that she knows and acknowledges that she usually gets her own way without listening to others because she gives full throttle and has no eye for others around her.

      She indicates that she wants to go into therapy to process things, to give them a place and to learn to approach things differently.

      The second i want to point out is her idea to honor Kit:

      “I want to use part of the money we have to set up a foundation in Kit’s name to support a drug rehab program, a training center to assist homeless people transition into new jobs and a counseling center for the LGBTQ community.”

      Really something with which Bette can mean something good and thereby honor Kit.

      Also good that she wants to give Sonny and David a voice in this.

      And I laughed so hard at Bette’s comment that James is finally no longer afraid of her. James was always such a good employee and always supported Bette. It is good to see him back!

      Bette has a good team in mind for the daily business and she can work behind the scenes and will have enough free time to spend with Tina.

      I love Tina’s plan for the future too. They will be busy to set it up and rolling but it is totally worth it because both of them are going to do something they like and in the end can enjoy each other and the life they have worked so hard for.

      Bette is still not ready to think of Angie as a growing teen who is in a relationship and may be doing more with her girlfriend than kissing and holding hands. And Tina tease her about it! That will be something in the future!

      Thank you for this chapter! Stay save and healthy!

      • Hey Pal,

        Lots to disgust in this chapter. But it was necessary to lay the ground work for the rest of the entire story.
        So glad that they are on a better track & moving forward.

        So I will explore some therapy for Bette as we continue on with the story. She really needs to get closure (really acceptance) about Kit’s death & her part in the divorce. This will be good for her & allay many of her questions & previous unresolved emotions from her past.

        Yes, the plan is ambitious. but doable. Both Tina & Bette are resourceful & have lots of people around them that will assist in creating the projects. Really want Tina to develop this idea of hers also. She deserves it.

        Believe it or not – but next up is the last chapter & then the epilogue chapters!!!! Wow – it’s been quick & exciting!!

        Thanks for sticking with me & all your support.


      • Hey SG,

        Hope all is well across the sea!! & you are staying safe.

        These cliffhangers just seem to have a life of their own!!! Sorry about that. I promise that is the last one for a few chapters!!!!

        Hope you enjoyed all the details & now know what are gals are up to & how its all going to play out.

        Keep safe & healthy my friend.


    2. Collins – so good to see your update. It is absolutely terrific!!
      I really like all the details about Bette’s & Tina’s plans. It is so overdue that they have the time to enjoy themselves and to do work they both enjoy & that they find pleasure in. I am so looking forward to see how it all works out & how Bette can get everything accomplished that she wants.
      Glad too that Tina has plans for her future too. Do many times in their relationship – she has been the workhorse for their family. She’s the glue that binds their family together & its her time to find real joy in what she does.

      I agree with everything that Bibi said!! So well put.
      Looks like this will be the time for Bette to do some soul searching now that the election is over. She’s got some issues to work on & champion for herself and Tina’s sake. Grief for anyone that passes away is never easy to resolve & accept. Hopefully, Bette will find someone to help her just like Tina did. But in the end , they now have each other to lean on & love.
      Thanks so much for all the info. I found it nice as it provides all these ideas & gives the story lots of depth. I really really like that about the story.

      Looking forward to the rest.


      • TGIF K,

        You know the saying that ‘it’s all in the details’!!! Happy that you liked the chapter & the direction the couple is going. They each have plans & want to do other things in their next career decision.

        I found that Tina was the glue that held them together & was the anchor for Bette in their lives. If Bette could have gotten out of her own way at times, she would have seen that too.

        So Bette has some things she needs to work on to for her own grief & emotional growth.

        Take care & enjoy this fall weekend.



    3. Collins
      It is so nice to sink back into this story, to listen in as Bette lays out her plan for her next step, her thoughts and the ways she wants to honor her sister. It sounds more in line with the Bette we all know and love. I for one never saw her as a politician. And Tina has her own vision of where she wants to be once she is done in Canada. Does she have to leave her family Collins? I am dreading her departure.
      How nice to have such funding in place too, gives Bette the resources she will need to pay her staff and begin services with a steady cash flow while she waits for the business to gain traction in the community. She will no problem raising more when needed.
      This is such a mature, thoughtful chapter. They are finally considering each other -like BiBi said – and listening as well as talking. Such a joy to read.

      • Hey there pal,

        Now that the haze from the election has dissipated, we will see more normal behavior from them both. They still have some hard work to do & things to figure out, but they can do these things together & support each other.

        Canada isn’t that far away & they will be connected every day. It’ll give Bette a chance to work on herself & the issues she wants to get to the bottom of. Tina put the hard work in to get where she’s at right & now it’s Bette’s time to do the same.

        These are 2 mature women who want the rest of their lifetime to be together. They’ll get that done.

        Thanks as always.

        Hey – don’t forget about updates to your pirate adventure – it’s sooooo good!!!


    4. Wow – what a great chapter. I love reading all the little details about this great couple. And now that they are working on making a true go of their relationship again, it’s really special.
      I like the way you are giving us scenes as a family too. Angie is certainly a terrific mix of both her moms & she loves them both equally. Glad that she and Tina had some time to spend together.
      And James is coming back – I thought he was cool and so loyal to Bette. They’ll work great together again.
      Do – are you planning for Bette to be in therapy like Tina was? She has different problems though – so how are you going to work that out???
      I am so loving this story. I like stories that have meat on them – lots of details and depth.

      • As I mentioned before, the Kennard Porter family unit is awesome. The 3 of them just drip with love & understanding for each other. Angie has always adored her moms & they her. Family counts big time for them.

        You asked a few questions so let me give you some info –
        Yes, Bette will go into therapy for her own sake. She wants to come to a resolution for her grief over Kit, her part in the breakup of her marriage, an reasonable explanation for why she has behaved over the years.
        She’ll work the issues out with guidance from a therapist just like Tina did over the past 2 years.

        Glad you like the idea of James returning to the story also. He’s a great character & very supportive of Bette & Tina.

        Thanks for leaving a note & have a great weekend.


        • Hey Collins,
          You mentioned that Bette’s going to do therapy also. Are you going to have a big reveal for her too like you did with Tina? We never saw anything along those lines in the show, but I was just wondering what your thoughts were on that.

          • Hey JW,

            Yes, Bette will enter into therapy in LA – she needs it & will help her to deal with her past issues & how they affect her in the present. She’s still grieving for Kit in her own way & her marriage. She needs to work thru some insecurities from her past & finally resolve those feelings.

            Not to give away future story info, but I’m not planning on a big reveal of anything deep & dark in Bette’s life that we don’t know about already.
            So rest assured that Tibette will have a good future – some bumps along the way for sure, but they are the end game for sure!!!

            Thanks for asking & enjoy the story.


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