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    Chapter 25 – The Designer and One more Talk with Angie

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 25 – The Designer and One more Talk with Angie

    The next morning, Bette and Tina got up early and prepared breakfast for the kids and got them off to their golf lessons.  Bette and Tina then went for a swim and then proceeded to shower and dress for the day.

    Jim had sent a text asking if they could move their meeting from Tuesday to Monday. Since the closing was scheduled for Wednesday, Jim wanted an extra day to line up his crews and make the schedules work. So, Bette and Tina agreed to meet with Jim Laney of The Design Company to pick out final colors for paint and give him some idea as to the types of fabrics and furnishings that appealed to them. From that, Jim asked that he be allowed to pick the final color.

    They arrived at The Design Company’s office at 9:30. Jim greeted them and lead them to his conference room which was set up with several easels which had nothing on them and a stack of boards which had various swatches of cloth and some boards with various swatch of paint color. Jim got them all some coffee and started with furniture styles first to see what appealed to them. He showed them various groupings of furniture design for sitting rooms first and then for bedrooms. He then went through a variety of outdoor furniture groupings basically to get an idea of Bette and Tina’s taste. He then talked about the color scheme for the outdoor areas. Both agreed that a variety of soft shades of greens, blues, peach colors, yellows and rose colors would be what they wanted to live with. Tina wanted the colors to remind them of flower blossoms. They would be fine if everything was not uniformed, but the style should be consistent throughout the outdoor spaces. They okayed the use of floral patterns, stripes and solid colors. They wanted the furniture frames to be in a medium gray color and be well constructed and coated to resist weathering. Jim was pleased with these instructions.

    Bette:  Now, we would like to okay your final selections before you order for each of the room and for the outdoor spaces.  I would really hate for you to order a bunch of furnishing which we absolutely hated.

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