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    Chapter 26 – A Day to Review

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 26 – A Day to Review

    Tina woke at her usual time and once again wiggled her way out of her spouses’ arms and headed to the john. So, she proceeded to try to wake Bette up. Bette was in her usual early morning mood of being not so thrilled at being plodded to end her bedtime.

    Tina: Bette, Honey…. Let’s go take a swim. We need to get some exercise. We didn’t get much last week and we may not get much next week either.

    Bette: Okay. I’m not thrilled with this… I rather sleep…

    Tina:  You can sleep on if you wish. But we have been in bed for eight hours and we need to start our day. We have things to take care of and your mom will be here tomorrow. Maybe we should go visit the Gallery this afternoon and see Paris? I want to go by the studio and check on the progress. I need to check with Vivian and see if everything is on schedule for the closing tomorrow.

    Bette:  You’re getting dressed?  Wow, nice swim suit.

    Tina:  Yes, that is what one normally wears when one swims.

    Bette:  Okay, I’m up.

    Bette gets up and walks to bathroom without her robe. Tina stares and tries to control her reaction. She still cannot believe that after more than twenty years, the sight of Bette walking nude across a room still makes butterflies in the pit of her stomach. Tina blows out her breath as she looks for a jogging suit to put over her swimsuit.

    Tina: Are you going to swim with me or are you going back to bed?

    Bette:  I’ll swim with you.

    Tina makes the bed and straightens up the bedroom by disposing of the empty water bottles, picking up the robes from the floor and putting them in their appropriate place. Bette comes out of the bathroom and finds a swimsuit and puts it on. Tina decides to let the laundry stay put until after they shower. Bette watches Tina as she roams around the room and notices that Tina appears to have lost weight.

    Bette:  Tina, have you lost weight?

    Tina:  Yes, I think I did. I think that infection which accompanied my appendicitis last week caused me to use some of my reserves and I did lose a few pounds. I’m sure it will return in a couple of weeks with a more normal diet.

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