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    Chapter 26 – Best Intentions


    As it turned out, Bette went along for the ride and sat in the backseat as Angie drove her girlfriend home. Tina had remained behind to start packing for her return to Toronto early tomorrow evening.

    As she was gathering her belongings, Tina put most of her items on the king sized bed in Bette’s master bedroom. From there she could sort and arrange. She had been sleeping with her once again girlfriend and most of her things were already in the master bedroom or the bathroom en suite.

    “Funny how that happened.” Tina chuckled to herself as she smoothed out some clothes on the bed. She was ecstatic about that happening and that they were moving closer every day to a full and meaningful relationship again. One that would last for the rest of their lives this time around. 

    The strawberry blonde then went into the en suite to gather some items there too and suddenly stopped at the doorway.

    “What the hell am I doing?” Tina muttered as she shook her head.

    She looked around her, back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom.

    “Why am I taking these things back with me?” Tina questioned herself. “I’m only gonna bring them back in 3 weeks anyway.”

    She left the items untouched in the en suite and walked back into the bedroom.

    Not to be presumptuous, she gathered most of the items and walked across the hall to the guestroom closet. There were plenty of shelves inside the walk-in closet and Tina went about storing her clothing and some other personal items in there. She and Bette had talked about Tina leaving some clothing and personal items at the house anyway even when she had returned from Toronto. They both knew that even though Tina had leased the Silver Lake apartment for 3 months with the option to extend, she would be staying some nights with her family in the Porter household.  Continuing the process of reconnecting and building a solid foundation for their future.

    So the blonde hung some clothes back on hangers and placed the rest on a shelf. She would only be taking essential items back to Toronto with her she decided. They would fit in the smaller carryon bag that she had first brought with her when she arrived in LA 2 weeks ago. That bag and her briefcase would be the only things accompanying her back to Toronto. She had plenty of clothes in Toronto for work. No worries.

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      • Hey Lauren,

        Thanks so much for commenting. Happy that you enjoyed this story was we have both tried to explain away the insanity of the GQ storyline for Tibette.

        Working on the epilogue chapters now & plotting out the sequel.

        Thanks for your support.

        I am so glad that you are back on the site & continuing your story too. It’s fabulous!!!

        All the best.


      • Hi SG,

        Wow – we finally got to the end of this part of their story – Yay!!!!!

        Thanks for all your support & well wishes.

        I wish I could say there won’t be any cliffhangers to come in the sequel – but you KNOW that’s just NOT my style!!!! Just remember, I’m a Tibetter at heart, so they are always safe with my writing pen. Endgame always!!!

        Give me a few weeks & I should have the epilogue chapters ready to post.

        Take care & be safe.

        Your friend.


    1. Hi Collins,

      I wanted to write a comment about this last chapter but what you wrote at the end was so sweet that i wanted to reply to it. I quote you:

      “And my best super pal – Bibi – thanks from the bottom of my writing pen your!!! Your steadfast loyalty and belief in this story has meant so much to me. Thanks for all your behind the scenes insight and patience as I tried out ideas on you. I truly value your voice.”

      Thank you so much for your kind words! It was a pleasure to help you out and i felt honored that you asked for my opinion. It was quite a journey and i loved it! I am so proud of you that you put yourself out and tried to make sense of what GQ left us with. Big applaud for you my friend!

      I look forward to the epilogue and sequel! You know that i am always available if you want to try out ideas on me for future stories. I loved the back and fort mailing about this story! And more important i gained a new friend!

      Take care my friend, stay save and healthy!

      • Hey Bibi,

        It has been an absolute pleasure to have you input & support these last 7 months. You have been a gem & I appreciate you lady!!!

        Epilogue on the way soon. Working on the chapters now. This will allow our couple to explore themselves & all possibilities for a great future together.

        Oh, of course they’ll be some drama, trust issues & the other characters in the story having issues too. Nothing is ever a smooth ride forever!!!

        Thanks again & stay healthy.

        All the best my friend.


      • Hi Cathy,

        So glad to know that you enjoyed this story & how it tried to correct the awful storyline in GQ.

        We can only HOPE & PRAY that when GQ starts production next month, they have LEARNED their lesson & get Tibette back together as ENDGAME!!!!!

        Much more to follow so stay tuned.

        Thanks so much.


    2. What a wonderful chapter and an incredible story. You have restored my faith in true love and these two lovely women. I just love this story and am so happy that you are going to continue it. Thank you for that.
      I thought the scenes with the three of them were sweet. We all need family moments these days with the world the way it is. Thanks for making that special.

      And then Bette being depressed about Tina leaving and seeing that suitcase that she thinks Tina has packed. Her insecurities popping up again. Glad that Tina could talk her down. I would be missing Tina too if I was there.
      Can’t wait to see where you take these two.
      Thanks so much and have a happy holiday.

      • Ms K,

        happy to hear that I have helped restore your faith in out 2 gals – Tina & Bette. I have admired JB & LH from the beginning of OG. They presented such terrific characters in Bette & Tina & it is an honor to write about them & put them back together forever.

        You can tell with all the family scenes I’ve written that family is important to me & was the so very important to Tibette too. Bette just wanted a family to love & Tina wanted to give it to her.

        I’ll explore Bette’s insecurity issues as I move forward with the epilogue & sequel.

        Have a happy holiday too!!!

        Best regards.


    3. I have truly enjoyed this wonderful journey. I love the way you filled in so many missing pieces between OG & GQ and you awesomely captured the essence of these belbeloved characters. I impatiently await what’s next

      • Hi Sharon,

        I am thrilled that you enjoyed this story. And thanks so much for all your comments along the way.

        Like so many of us fans & Tibette followers over the years, I have also wondered too about so many of the loose ends that OG left us with. Still to this day I find it hard to believe that we got so little of the Bette & Tina story from their past while we had to endue some of the other hairbrained s that IC tried to saddle us with!!!

        So, I think I’ve answered some questions & filled in some blanks & provided some much needed R&R for Tibette fans.

        Epilogue is in process & will be posted soon, hopefully before the December holidays.

        Wishing you all the best & be healthy.


    4. WOW the end of a long, beautiful journey. You must be emotional, you have put a lot into this story and tackled a tough subject head on. Well done. Feel proud of what you accomplished here. Writing these stories are not easy and require a lot of work and openness. SO glad you are not leaving the story completely, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Now that all the missing pieces are filled in, it is like having a blank canvas to write on. Thank you!

      • Hey BK,

        Actually 8 months ago when I decided to write this story, I never ever thought It would turn out the way it did. Oh, I had a plot & chapter notes & an outline. But the story & Bette & Tina came to life in my head & they kinda led me along the path they wanted. It takes on a life of it’s own.
        I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar when you write your stories as well.

        I am proud of what I’ve posted & the story I’ve told. All total words written -179,805!!! Who knew I could say that much???!!!!

        I totally agree about the writing process & how much actual work & dedication goes into writing a believable story.

        The keep on giving part is sure to follow as the rest of the story takes shape & the future is bright.
        You are right about the blank canvas – I’ll fill it up with Tibette forever!!!

        Thanks so much for your kind words & awesome support.

        Until the next time my friend.


    5. Thank you for a fabulous story and characterizations. Bette and Tina jumped off the pages for me and came alive. I want a new chapter from you every week Collins.

      I look forward to reading what comes next in the epilogue and sequel. Thank you so much for doing that. Over the years many of the writers on this site haven’t finished their stories. So happy that you have chosen to do so. Can’t wait for it to happen.

      • Hello JW,

        You are so welcome for this story & the way Bette & Tina have come back together. I can’t promise a new chapter every week, but rest assured that much more is yet to come.

        I will give you a hint, the epilogue will be close in time to where we just left our gals off in this last chapter. You’ll get a tour of the Toronto area & some sights along the way. Have some adventures planned for the Porter family.

        The sequel will probably start a few months down the line as they are working on their relationship & Tina has gotten back to LA full time for those 6 months.

        I also find it frustrating to get invested in a story & then for whatever reason, the writer doesn’t finish the novel & just leaves it !!!! Argh!!!!!

        That won’t happen with my stories!!!

        So thanks again & take care.

        Until the next posting.


        • Wow, thanks for the info and update. Glad to know you are a true Tibette fan in your heart.
          We’re going to Canada! Yessss! I’ve never been to Canada so I’m looking forward to that part of the story.
          Anxious to see how Bette and Tina work out their relationship.

          • Hey JW,

            True Tibetter from the very beginning. Also been following JB’s career for since Flashdance !!! & LH since she starred in Incredible 2 Girls in Love & Angel.

            I’ve never been to Canada either, but we can visit virtually & thru writing – so let’s GO!!!!!!

            We’ll have more relationship stuff & naturally Bette gets herself into hot water!!! She just can’t help herself sometimes!!!

            Take care & stay safe.


    6. Collins

      Wow, what a ride. The airport, held my breath. Can’t wait for the epilogue.

      What a journey for sure. The divorce just doesn’t work especially for the fandom. But lucky for the fans, there are writers like you that are willing to take on the challenge of dealing with the deep emotions that motivate a divorce especially when the love still exists.

      Hats off

      • Hi SK,

        Where have you been lady??? Miss your writing & come back soon!!!

        I toyed around with a few different ideas for how Tina left, but finally decided on the one that was posted.
        I have some chapters almost complete – sooooooo posting could be soon!!!

        I SINCERELY HOPE that GQ rights their wrongs for Tibette in season 2 – if they don’t I highly doubt their will be a season 3.

        Thanks for the vote of appreciation.

        Take care & see you soon on the written page.


      • Hi Izzie,

        Thanks so much for your comments along the way. I warms my heart to know you’ve been following & cheering me on along the trail.
        So glad you liked my slant on this storyline and their journey back to each other.

        So much more to tell about these two & their future.

        See you on the next posting.

        Please stay safe & be well.

        Best regards.


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