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    The Tibette Collection – If Only

    Author’s Note –

    Hi Fans & fellow writers. While strategizing for the Sequel to Forever Means Forever, I stumbled upon an idea for a few short entries to entertain you folks with and keep our Favorite Couple front and center.

    So I will be posting some short entries here and there for your enjoyment. They are all one shot postings under the title of The Tibette Collection.  Some will be short one chapter stories while others will be short essays. These short musings are not meant to solve all of Tibette’s problems or assess blame to one party or another – ie. Bette or Tina. They are simply meant as a moment in time to enjoy this great couple as they navigate through their lives.

    There are all just some observations from years of watching this marvelous couple evolve and love each.

    It’s my interpretations of some of their random moments and thoughts along the way.

    Hope you’ll continue to follow along for these short rides and glimpses inside this courageous and beautiful couple!!!

    This one is an alternative ending to the GQ Tibette mess.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.

    Please, please, please stay safe & support each other!!!!

    Best wishes to all!!!!!!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                                                                          If Only


    November 2019 Silver Lake, California, Porter Residence

    The election was still a few days away, yet here was Bette and Angie this very evening tangling with each other on exercise mats on the patio in their home in Silver Lake.

    As was their custom established after Angie moved to LA to live with Bette, mother and daughter spent one evening together each week doing whatever they wanted. Bette had made that promise to her daughter that late summer evening when Tina had brought their daughter from Toronto for the opportunity to better her education in the California school system. Both parents thinking that it was a wise move educationally for Angie.

    To her commitment to the teenager, Bette was not going to allow the election or anything else to stand in the way of fulfilling that promise to her daughter. Some evenings were spent just watching a movie or video, hiking in a nearby park, cooking dinner together or gazing up at the stars on the patio.

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    1. Hi Collins,

      Love to read short stories of our couple Tibette!

      About this one off, i love it, the fun and playfulness between Angie and Bette, that they have a bonding time once a week.

      YouTube, the perfect way to find out about certain things or in this case the feelings of someone you also love.

      How Tina saw red with jealousy because Dani looked lustfully at Bette. Again indicates that Tina was a fool for walking away from Bette two years ago. They should have worked out whatever went wrong.

      Carrie proposed to Tina while Tina saw it as a comforting relationship, she settled for something that she knew wasn’t going anywhere in the future and she never was in love with Carrie either, seems to me that Tina still couldn’t be alone and just wanted some company and someone to hold her at night.

      It’s just a shame that Tina herself couldn’t think that Bette was still in love with her even though they had been divorced for two years, but that she needed the video for that or maybe that was the final confirmation for something she already knew. We all know that Bette was and has remained hopelessly in love from their first meeting.

      One thing that really captured my attention is this one made by Tina:

      “Thank you.” A smile creases Tina’s lips. ”You always did provide me with the best.” and yet Tina forgot that Bette still would have moved heaven and Earth for her in all the time they were together and beyond that and would always be in love with her.

      Don’t get me wrong, it seems i blame Tina, okay a little bit, but i blame the writers of GenQ that they divorced Tibette, it still hurts.

      What does it matter anymore, eventually Tina asked for confirmation from Bette and now they will finally have a lifelong happy ending!

      Thanks for this one of!

      • Sadly it does matter. Three breakups. My question is how could Tina divorce Bette and then just want her back like nothing had happened based upon viewing a You Tube video? Divorce takes time and intent and deliberation. Tina needs to own her actions. I feel really bad for Bette. Personally I would not trust anything Tina was saying. Want a realistic lifelong happy ending. To truly stop holding my breath for the next exit.

        • Hey Billy,

          Thank you for taking the time to read this short story. It was meant to be just that, a short look into a moment in time for our Fav couple.

          GQ was a huge disappointment to most Tibette fans & heartbreaking to see that Bette & Tina had broken.

          This was another attempt to get past that ridiculous storyline & Tina’s proposed marriage to Carrie.

          Since it is just a short one chapter story, there isn’t a lot of time or action to rectify all the mistakes of their past for both of them. Yes, they both have made mistakes & need to fix themselves to move forward. Tina wants to attend therapy together & finally resolve all those issues.

          Love doesn’t solve all problems, but it sure as hell makes them far more tolerable & the people involved more invested in resolving them once & for all.

          There will be other literary types of writing in this collection as well & not just short stories. Some will be just my musings, impressions & wishful thinking.

          Perhaps I should make an additional comment in the author notes & emphasis that these are meant to entertain and not solve all the problems of this couple at this time. Enjoy them for just that moment in time & be happy for their reconnection & love for each other.

          Hope you will read the rest of the collection.

          Thanks for your point of view.

          Stay well this winter & be safe.

          Best regards


      • Hey Bibi,

        Thanks so much for your thoughts on this new series. Glad you liked It & want it to continue.

        Tried to infuse some playfulness in the story with Angie & Bette. That was one of the good moments in GQ – when Bette & Angie interacted & had scene time together.

        Tina is very perspective – especially when it comes to other women showing interest in Bette. All her radar pinging & alarms going off when Dani throws those looks Bette’s way.!!!

        This was another attempt to explain the awful GQ storyline & kiss Carrie goodbye before we ever meet her.

        Another shot at happiness for them & they’re going to take it & run.

        Thanks so much for reading & commenting.

        Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

        Stay safe.


      • Hi K,

        Glad you liked the idea & this story. Just a little somethin’ to enjoy as the winter settles in to kick your feet up, grab a glass of wine or somethin’ else & relax for a bit & indulge in some Tibette time!!!

        More to come.

        Thanks so much & take care.


      • Hey BAT,

        Thanks so much for taking the time to read this story. I certainly know how busy it can get trying to write your own story & then catch up with all the other stories on the site.

        I am enjoying the updates to your story too. So nice of you to fill in so many blanks in the OG storyline about Marcie & the adoption. That was definitely one of the big drawbacks of OG & IC – introducing too many storylines & never, ever resolving them.

        Be safe yourself & thanks again.


    2. Lady Collin,
      Your short stories means we get to eat dessert FIRST as far as I’m concerned!! Oh I luv ya!!.

      What’s more this scene is all the bloody Writers of TLWGenQ had to do to deal with the Bette-Tina relationship. Gawdd, is there any way to get them to read some of the masterpieces????

      • Hey Pal,

        Thanks for taking the time to reach out & let me know your thoughts. I wasn’t sure how this would be received, but it looks like a lot of fans liked it, so I will continue.

        Sure, we ALL like LONG chapters that seem to go on & on but short can be very sweet too!!! Especially when the resolution is as nice as this one & our fav couple gets together in the end.

        We can only HOPE & PRAY that GQ gets it right this season & brings Tibette back together!

        I agree that many of the writers on this site could do sooooo much better than the writers on OG & GQ.

        See you next post!!!

        Thanks so much.


      • Hey my friend,

        Hope you are keeping well this December.

        Glad you liked the first short story. More to come in the following weeks. I am encouraged by the response thus far & will continue.

        You stay safe over in the great UK.
        Hopefully a vaccine will be available soon & our lives will return to a more normal flow.

        All my best.


    3. Bravo! Collins loved the short sweet cut to the chase one off. Of course I’m gready and want more because it was so perfect, so what we who love these characters want for them. Thank you stay safe

      • Hi Sharon,

        Short, sweet & to the point. Love is all around & they have it in buckets!!!!

        I really felt that Tibette & Angie made a great family in GQ. All 3 actresses interacted so well & convincingly together. I’ve tried to carry that over in my novel FMF & then in this short story also,

        We can forgive Tibette anything as long as they are endgame in any story or show.

        Be well & stay healthy.

        Until the next time.


    4. Collins,
      This was sweet! Perfect for a cold Saturday. Like the short story idea – very clever.
      These two have such a long history and any opportunity to reconnect is great.
      Liked that Angie was there with them and can celebrate their getting back together.
      It is such a shame the way the writer’s on Gen Q wrote their relationship and broke them. Can only hope that it will get fixed in season 2.

      Please continue – this was fun & made me smile.

      Thank you.


      • Hey K,

        Yes, curled up in your favorite place with a cup or glass of your favorite drink & read on!!!!! Perfect for a Saturday or any day really!!

        Tibette will always be the perfect couple for their fans & Angie makes them the best family. Both parents have an amazing relationship with their daughter as we would image they would. Both Tina & Bette so wanted that family & they have always put all their personal issues with each other aside to the benefit of the family.

        Now that GQ is into production for season 2, we all need to continue to pray & hope for a true Tibette reunion & reconciliation.

        Will definitely continue & thanks for your comment.

        Stay safe.


    5. Good idea Collins. It’s nice to have good stories to read by the fireside (like I do now) when the weather outside is freezing.

      In addition, it will give us balm in the heart because I fear that we will be immensely disappointed with the new season of GenQ.

      Fortunately we have you, writers, to cheer us up !

      • Hi Izzie,

        Glad I decided to do this little experiment – it worked!!!

        Sounds like heaven with a drink of choice & setting in front of a fireplace. Cool!!! I will be using a particular fireplace in another short story I’m writing. I think you’ll like it – it will get very hot!!!!

        I think we are all worried about GQ season 2 & what mess they are going to dish out. I am just hoping that JB learned a valuable lesson in season 1 & will get our Tibette back together ASAP.

        You are so welcome – it’s nice to escape every once in a while.


    6. Collins, you warm my heart with this new series! So glad to see you posted. I really like the idea of little snapshots in their life.
      I like tuning onto the site after a hard weekend of work and finding great stories to take away the stress.
      We all know that the writing in GQ is horrible and the story with Bette and Tina is ridiculous. Like really???
      so, thanks for this little reprieve from that reality joke and telling those writers that – Nope – that ain’t happening.
      Don’t forget we are waiting for the epilogue to your other story which I love.
      Thanks for making my day!

      • Hi JW,

        So happy you liked this slant on stories & how to present them. Sometimes a long chapter just isn’t in the cards for any reason & you just want a little pick me up with our fav couple!!!

        Sorry to hear that you’re a hard working gal, but thanks for whatever it is that you do.

        How true that the story’s title is If Only!!! I sure hope that the powers at GQ learned that Tibette rules & they need to fix it like quick silver.

        And yes, I am working on the epilogue chapter & the sequel. It should be ready really soon.

        Thanks again for taking the time to comment & share your thoughts.

        Take care.


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