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    Chapter 26 – INTERVENTION

    Author’s Comment –

    I changed up the chapter events a bit. This is a short chapter between Bette and Helena in which the heiress talks with Bette about her upcoming meeting.

    The next chapter will be with Bette and Tina talking

    Thanks as always for reading . . .

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 25 . . .

    “I can’t go back and change any of it. I would if I could, but . . . I can’t.” Bette stated coldly. She looked away, afraid to look James in the eye. Afraid that he would see the desperation in her eyes. “I . . . I did what I had to do. I . . . I wanted Tina to have a chance at a normal life without having to deal with all the Porter family drama and problems and wait more years to be together.  I . . . I just couldn’t ask her to do that any longer. I couldn’t ask her to sacrifice more for me. To put our future together on hold once again. It wasn’t fair to her. It wasn’t fair to her then and certainly not now.”

    “I still say you’re making a mistake by doing that.” James rarely disagreed with his mentor, but on this, he did. “Just like you did all those years ago. Talk to Tina. Explain what happened, how you felt pressured with what was happening and all your new responsibilities. Tell her what your medical condition is now. Do it today before you leave New York.”

    “No, James.” Bette reached up and placed her hands on his arms, finally looking him in the eyes. She saw the raw affection he held for her. “I know you care. I do. But . . .  its better this way.”

    “Better for whom?”

    “Tina of course.” Bette’s voice was low, all the fight now gone from her. It was almost as if she was losing the beautiful blonde all over again. She barely managed to endure it the first time. She didn’t think she could endure it a second time.

    “I was just a kid all those years ago when you made me promise not to explain to Tina what happened.” James squared his jaw. “I felt terrible not being able to tell her everything about the whole situation.”

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      • Yes, you are correct – Helena did take the right action and proved to be a true friend.

        Well – you’ve asked the big question – What WILL Bette do???

        You’ll find out very soon.

        Thanks for reaching out.

    1. Hey Collins,

      Hope life is treating you well!

      I saw the commercial and it was funny and i really would have loved it if JB was a bit more in it but she was great in it. Does she ever age, she looks more and more beautiful. A classic beauty.

      Waiting for my wife, she has an appointment and I’m her driver, gave me the chance to read your update.

      James and Helena trying with gently force to get Bette to see sense and talk with Tina honestly about the events years ago.

      I truly understand Bette’s hesitation, especially since she was and really is genuine in her way of thinking to not bother Tina, to wish her a happy and loved life, a life Bette knew she couldn’t give her due to what happened with her father and brother and the responsibility to take care of the business and her now adopted children and now because of her own health issues.
      On the other side, i think Tina should have had a chance and a voice all these years.

      At least Bette will talk with Tina.

      Great update my friend, don’t wait to long for a new chapter!

      • Hey Pal,

        No, JB doesn’t seem to age at all. Lucky woman!!

        Hope all is well with your wife.

        Bette’s character here is very stubborn & protective. All that’s she’s done the last dozen or more years is to help & protect Tina in her own way. It may not be the way that you or I would have done things, but it’s what she thought she HAD to do at the time & in the following years. I think Helena’s provided the necessary push to get Bette onto the right page and move forward. But you KNOW that won’t be easy for Bette & there’ll definitely will be angst.

        Yes, Bette did deprive Tina of her voice in these matters – and she regrets those actions. We would all probably do things a little differently if we got to do things over again – those second chances & all.

        So, we’re now set up to get to the next step – hope all goes well!!

        Stay well my friend.

    2. So glad you portrayed Helena as a great friend to Bette in this story. RS is a great actress and was perfect for Helena in OG. Hopefully, she’ll be back in TLWNY full time.

      Like Izzie said – hope Bette keeps her promise!

      Loved the picture of JB!

    3. Ok, we are primed for the big confrontation and conversation between Tina and Bette.

      Who will crack first???

      Good, good chapter. Glad Helena is such a great friend.

      Now, let’s get to the meat of the situation.

      Can’t wait!

      • Primed huh??? And you wanna get to the meat of the matter?? Ha!! You make me laugh!!

        I’m aiming to make their meeting as good as I can – I want folks to be satisfied with what happens.

        Thanks so much for your faith in me & Tibette.

        See ya next time!

    4. Interesting chapter and good insight into the relationship and feelings between Bette and Helena.

      Seems as if Helena’s patience with Bette about Tina has worn thin.

      Hopefully, Bette will take her good advice and act on it.

      • Yeah, I think after all these years, Helena has grown tired of fighting with Bette over how she treated Tina and her stubbornness about them.

        We’ll see what happens – but the answer is near.

      • Hey pal,

        Thanks for reading & checkin’ in. Seems like I’ve been writing this story forever!
        But the end is in sight in a bit as Tina & Ashley go to London & Ashley starts her treatment.

        Yes, Helena is a great friend & she NEEDS to listen to Helena. I’ll see if I can make that happen!! Ha!!

        Best regards.

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