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    Chapter 22 – Election Day


    Pierce and Dani had last minute information for Bette and a plan for the day to visit more potential sites for promoting her campaign. Dani had mapped out each site and assigned a key person to have visit and endorse Bette’s agenda.  Bette insisted on one critical change. Instead of Tina campaigning on her own for the day, Bette made it perfectly clear that Tina would be joining her for the entire day. Even though Bette had recovered from her misstep the day before with her overreacting incident, she wasn’t willing to risk letting Tina out of her site on the last day of the campaign.

    She wanted Tina’s company, her reassurance, her calm demeanor and her wit. Even though they would be meeting people, shaking hands and asking people for their support, Bette still wanted to spend as much time as possible with the blonde. Hearing Tina’s soft voice and her infectious laugh. Catching the glint in her sparkling hazel eyes whenever she looked in her direction. She just wanted to feel the security that Tina provided her. Most of all she just wanted to be with her soulmate and feel her comfort.

    Tina had chuckled this morning when Bette had told her the change of plan. But when Tina had looked at Bette as she put on her earrings in the kitchen this morning, she saw just how serious the brunette was. She immediately agreed and shared a sweet kiss with the brunette cementing her agreement.

    Once they convened for the short strategy meeting at the campaign office, Dani and Pierce directed a quick conference call with all of Bette and Tina’s friends and family to provide directions for them for the entire day. Each had a key role to play. Everyone knew their assigned task and the then day was on.

    But would it be enough to capture all the votes Bette needed?

    Tomorrow would bring that answer with it.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Election Day 


    Like the past two mornings, Bette woke up next to her once again love. She lay there beside a still sleeping Tina, Bette’s left hand tucked behind her head on the pillow. Tina was sleeping on her stomach with her right hand tucked around Bette’s right arm. Thoughts of the impending election surging through the brunette’s mind.

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    1. You are so right that this does seem so far in the past, but I’m a sucker for good Tibette writing!

      Now you know that I’m going to have to reread this entire story to get my Tibette fix!


        • Hey D,

          Yeah, wishin’ & hopin” just didn’t get it done for Maya. Like BP always says – ‘It just doesn’t compare.’

          Thanks for reading & taking the time to comment.

          See ya on the next posting!!

      • Hey,

        Thanks for the comment. I really didn’t expect any feedback since this chapter was originally posted a few years ago, but it’s so nice to know that readers still enjoy it.

        I know I have at least one more chapter to write on this story & hope to get it done soon.

        Thanks for the kind words & I hope you enjoy the entire story if you should choose to read it again in its entirety.

        • Yes, please don’t forget that last chapter or two!!

          I love Tibette in this story and how you’ve expounded on the GQ themes.

          I’m off a few days together this coming week and will be engrossed in this story. Bless you!

      • Hi JW,

        Thanks for reaching out.

        Remember, that the rest of this novel has already been published/posted.

        Please read on if you like & enjoy the angst & love story that will unfold.

        The last chapter for the sequel is on my radar to compose!!

        See ya on my next posting!!

    2. love these two women as you have portrayed them – such selfish love for each other. No one else will ever fill the need- desire in them like they both do for each other.

      I really like the family scenes, especially when Angie is finding her way in the world and her two mom’s are there guiding her along.

      Sweet moments.

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