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    Chapter 29 – The Leaving the Nest Party

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 29 – The Leaving the Nest Party

    It was Friday morning at 5:30 when the alarm went off.  Too early for both Bette and Tina. But Tina struggled to free herself from Bette’s legs and arms to slap the alarm off. She quickly went to the bathroom to pee. She came back into the room dressed in her robe and carrying Bette’s robe.

    Tina:  Bette, sweetie… time to get up. We have to get moving. Up and at ‘em girl.

    Bette:  I’m not ready to get up… Come back to bed, please?

    Tina:  No can do… Come on, let’s go have our swim. Here is your robe. The bathroom is waiting on you.

    Tina quickly put on her swim suit as Bette struggled to get out of the bed. The moment Bette was in the bathroom, she quickly made up the bed and then put on a jogging suit over her swim suit. Bette then came out of the bathroom and stumbled to her chest of drawers to search for her swim suit. She found her black one piece and quickly put it on. She barely had her eyes open; more like sleep walking through the motions. Once she had on her suit, she stood up and Tina walked over to her and gave her a warm good morning kiss.

    Tina: Did you sleep okay sweetheart? We were in bed for seven and a half hours. You should be well rested.

    Bette: Oh, I’m fine Tina. Yes, I slept well. I don’t think that I moved all night. I’m just not awake yet. I need to drink some water and some coffee. Then I’ll wake up. Good morning, T.

    Tina: Let me find you a jogging suit. I love that suit on you.  Shows off that wonderful body you have.

    Bette: Let’s get going before I decide that you and I should go back to bed and fool around a little.

    Tina: With you and me, we never fool around a little. You and I enjoy it too much to be just a little. And I love making love with you. Oh, god… let’s get out of here. I need to get into the pool so I can cool off.

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