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    Chapter 30 – Saturday with the Extended Family

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 30 – Saturday with the Extended Family

    The next morning, Bette felt a hand massaging her scalp. She opened her eyes and saw the that the sun was rising and a there was hand on her breast. She turned over and kissed Tina on her forehead and then quickly got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. She finished up and washed her hands and then walked into the bedroom and was almost bowled over by a hurrying Tina to get to the john. Bette searched for her swim suit and a fresh jogging outfit. She checked the time and noticed that it was 6:45. She then began to make up the bed.

    Bette: Tina?  Are you okay?

    Tina: Yes, sweetie. Just trying to get rid of some of that food, I have consumed in the last day or so. Don’t come in here. I’m a little gassy too.

    Bette:  Oh god… Anything I can get for you?

    Tina:  No sweetheart, I am just getting my system back into its normal routine. I think it was all good. Everything is normal.

    Bette: Okay, I’ll get your clothes out. Why don’t I go down stairs and start the breakfast? If you are not down in 30 minutes, I’ll be back.

    Tina:  Yeah, that’s a good idea. Wash up some potato and make some hash browns. Get a couple of packages of bacon and get Sonny or Shane to start cooking those on the grill. Get the kids to start peeling some oranges about 20 of them. And put someone on making some toast – about 40 pieces. I’ll start the eggs once I get down stairs.  Thanks sweetie.

    Bette: Are you sure you’re okay?

    Tina:  Yes, I’m fine.

    Bette went down stairs and turned the coffee pot on. Some of the early risers had brought some of their sheets down and there was a load in the washer. Bette then went to the supply room and found the potatoes and put twenty of them in the sink and began to wash them. Paris showed up and asked if she could help, and Bette put her on making the buttering the bread and putting them on a cookie sheet. Bette found the meat grinder and began to make the hash browns. She found a small white onion and chopped it up and put it into the huge piles of raw shredded potato.

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