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    Chapter 28 – A Day of Errands 

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 28 – A Day of Errands 

    Bette woke up and could found herself still on Tina’s chest. She began to massage the abdomen of her wife. She pulled away and looked at Tina sleeping on her pillow. She looked rather angelic in Bette’s eyes. She was just missing the wings, but the golden glow was definitely there. Bette decided she could not resist a kiss that glorious face. She moved on to her lips and other cheek.

    Tina: Morning.

    Bette: Good morning my angel. Sleep well?

    Tina:  Oh yes… is it time to get up?

    Bette:  Depends. It is if we want to swim before breakfast and fulfill our other family obligations.

    Tina:  Yeah… we don’t want Mary to wonder where we are.

    Bette:  She knows very well where we are. As to what we are doing? Well, that is another matter.

    Tina:  Ummm. You feel so good. But I need to get up…. I have to go pee.

    Bette:  Okay… are you coming back to bed?

    Tina:  I think we need to get up and get going.

    Bette:  Yeah, you are right. I have to pee too. So, hurry up.

    Tina went straight to the bathroom and Bette got up and began to make the bed up and then locate her swim suit and jogging suit. She rushed to the bathroom once Tina emerged.

    Tina:  Oh, I didn’t get a chance to tell you last night, but I talked to Angie about buying that bike for Suzanne. It seems that she was afraid that Suzanne would be wanting to borrow her bike whenever she could and Suzanne does not have the resources to purchase her own bike. In fact, Suzanne would not have much of the things that Angie is bringing to the dorm room. No fridge, no microwave, no hot plate. She never considered that there might come a time when food service was not available. She is in the process of applying for a job on campus for extra spending money and her parents will be giving her some money, but she simply has no way to have something like a bike. So, Angie decided to give her one rather than contend with her borrowing hers from time to time.

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