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    Chapter 3. Confirmation

    Tina looks around as Bette leads her down the hallway into the living room. It had a log cabin look from the inside. It was cozy yet had a aesthetic appeal to it. It lacked much of the modern amenities most homes had today but Tina guessed a vampire wouldn’t have much need for such things. She scanned around for light fixtures and electrical outlets but did not see any

    “So you live off the grid so to speak” Tina asks

    Bette turns around and smiles. “How peculiar of you to say. That’s exactly what I am doing” she says giving Tina a sly wink

    Tina slightly chuckles amused that the vampiress just teased her “Very funny..I meant not using public utilities like electricity”

    Bette looks at Tina and gestures nonchalantly with her hand

    “I guess it’s because I have no use for it..My vision allows me to see perfectly in the dark. These candles are to provide you with light. And as far as the gas stove”…She pauses and points at the mini stove/oven combination next to the refrigerator ”…… I have no need for it as I do not require food. I however used it to heat the water for your tea” Bette explains and opens the front door stepping out onto the front porch and waited for Tina to step out before pulling the door shut.  The sounds of crickets and locusts harmonized a delightful melody to her sensitive ears

    “So you drink blood right? I mean that is what vampires do” Tina asks as she followed Bette down the steps and the two started on a path that lead behind the cottage. Tina could see a lighted gate in the distance

    Bette nodded “Chief Benally keeps me supplied”

    “Wow….Really? How?” Tina says and catches Bette glancing at her as they walk side by side

    “Well I’m not sure you would want to know”

    “It’s ok..You can tell me” Tina says encouragingly

    “Very well then..There is a slaughterhouse on the reservation and..”

    “Ok!…Nevermind” Tina interrupts not wanting to hear the rest and inwardly winces at the jolt of pain that hit the hip she landed on when Uta threw her in the alley

    “I knew you would not like the answer” Bette says apologetically and stops as they approach the gate “Are you ok?” Bette asks concerned

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    1. Thank god Kit is on Bette’s side

      This must be all very confusing for Tina, but she is beginning to accept she is Bette’s Tina who returned to her

      I hope Carmen is a friend for Bette too, hate to see her as one of the enemies.

      Thanks for the update!

    2. so rarely has a story captured my attention and the beauty of two “lost loves” in it’s simplicity and visualization. When i read the first chapter, i knew this story would be a wonderful journey through the eyes and lives of two powerful women stepping back to right their own history take so soon and so quickly from them.
      Each chapter brings the two lovers back to each other thru shared memories, baby steps and the connected bond between them, that can never nor will ever be broken. As mentioned, these are two powerful women stepping back to right their own wrong and tragic history to be reuited with each other and back to each other.
      as we all know, there is a purpose for this; perhaps the purpose is that they are the true leaders of the coven.
      Reading the first chapter, my silly mind could not help but resemble bits of sentences and the story as a cross between the (god forbid) “twilight” series, underworld and this story in its originality.
      I can see in this latest chapter kit has maintained her loyality to Bette by meeting with her in the woods, which concerns me. kit “loves” her sister but does she “love” being immortal more and how loyal is Kit to Helena? will she reveal her loyality lay with immortality and she will resort to betting her loyality aginst that of her own sister?
      As i have said, rarely has a story captured my attention and need to sit and convey my thanks, appreciation and genuine interest in being able to say i cherish and appreciate any continuing chapters you may decide to submit in the future.
      This time of the season, stories of difference are appreciated and make being in lock down due to the ensuing pandemic worth the read. Thank you from taking the time to share and capturing the simplistic essence of who two bound lovers are and who will stop at nothing to be reunited again after time.
      This wil be an interesting adventure and journey, and i look forward to when Tina really returns, I cannot wait to see how more powerful she is above the Cooven itself, Helena and any other other other world’er who may try as they might, come between her and her Bette.
      Fingers crossed hoping Helena gets her comeuppance soon and Selene (UNDERWORLD??) has a chnage of heart and “see’s” the coven under Helena for what needs to be changed. thank you again also for staying true to the story and the characters in their quest to reunite against all odds they encounter.

      • Thank mm for your thoughtful comment.

        I first in no way wanted this story to resemble anything close to the Twilight series although the similarities that are there are very brief in comparison as this story really takes a completely different path. The main focus is bringing Tina and Bette together again. To tell their love story through memories and how it develops in real time. You as the reader will see their love story relived the same time Tina will. It’s very sweet actually even when danger is lurking in the present for them

        Kit is very much on Bette’s side. You will see her loyalty to her sister throughout the story

        As for Selene. It was not to reference the character from the Underworld but from Greek Mythology. The store of Ambrogio and Selene. Pretty fascinating as I used the basis of that story to develop my story around

        Thanks so much again for reading and commenting!

    3. So, Kit on Bette’s side – it’s good. But seems that Bette underestimate the danger from Helena’s attempt to find Selena. And i don’t know – but i don’t like idea about turn Tina into vampire – i prefer that Bette could became human

      • Zhenya,

        Thank you for your thoughts.

        In this story Bette will not become human. It remains to be seen if Tina will be turned or not. However, if a sequel is warranted I wouldn’t be opposed to writing such a way for Bette to find a cure depending on if she survives in this story or not. ; ). She has made it obvious she does not care for the immortal life although the abilities she carries allows her to do good for mankind which you will see in this story. So at some point I will see where readers would like me to take a sequel if the demand exists


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