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    Blueprints-Chapter 3

    “Clamps” Tina says holding out her hand and immediately feels the instrument in her palm.  She places the clamp and removes her other hand. “Suction” she says pulling her hands out briefly and watching as the nurse beside her suctions out the area she had spent the last 3 hours repairing. “Sutures” she says and watches the nurse place the material in her hand. She masterfully weaves the material and  makes several looping motions at the end then stops.  “Scissors” she calls out holding her hand out once again feeling the instrument hit her palm and quickly snips off the material at the end of the knot and hands the instrument back to the nurse.  She removes the clamp also handing it back to the nurse and lets out a small sigh after checking her work.  She looks up and sighs heavily “Alright. Everything looks good. Let’s close him up and get him to recovery”

    She steps away from the operating table leaving the resident assisting her to finish. She enters the next room pulling off her cap and removes her mask and surgical attire placing them in the disposable hamper. As she begins to wash her hands a woman that had been assisting her in the surgery enters.

    “It has been one long day” the woman says throwing her surgical attire in the hamper and walks over to the faucet next to Tina who is still scrubbing her hands

    “That’s definitely an understatement. It’s after midnight. I have been here for 12 hrs and that was my third surgery. That pile up on the 101 overwhelmed us. Luckily I didn’t lose any patients today” Tina says gratefully

    The woman nods “Thats definitely the upside to all of this. This was my fourth of the day.  I must say I was surprised to see you when you entered the OR. I thought Dr Madison was taking this one”

    Tina shrugs “He was still elbow deep in a patient in OR 2. I had just finished repairing a ruptured artery in OR 3 when they paged me here”

    She nods and they both exit the room and began walking toward the staff locker room

    “General better not steal you away from me” Tina chuckles shifting her eyes briefly to the woman

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    1. Things are progressing….nicely. Alice and Dana will have their first date and Bette and Tina will be working closely together on the construction of the cancer research center.

      But I do see a time factor problem in both of their lives coming up… Particularly in the newly dating stage and the falling in love stage. They both are attracted to one another, but they have yet to see the possibilities of a real relationship.

      Peggy is better from her last treatment and is to be treated later this week. I hope that Tina can pull a miracle out. I would hate to lose Peggy.

      Thanks for the update… very nice story….

    2. This is a really good story. I love your Tina and your Bette. They are already able to talk together so easily. Alice and Dana will make some mischief to be sure. And Peggy is a real spitfire. Looking forward to Bette and Tina meeting again. Nice job!

    3. Just wanted to briefly comment that any romance is possible when two people work at it. It seems right now there is no room for a relationship to blossom for Bette and Tina but just hang in there and you will start to see how it evolves. This story is called Blueprints not just because Bette is an architect but because the plan for a romance is laid out and all they have to do is construct it piece by piece building it into something solid as they go along

    4. Great story and chapter!

      So Alice &Dana are on a mission, To get Bette and Tina dating each other. That would be fun to read!

      Tina is busy trying to stop Dana from talking to her about Bette and Tina’s atraction to her, saying she wants to keep it strictly business. They are both very busy busy and married to their work. Bette constantly saying to Tina she doesn’t have to apologize because she understand. I really hope they will eventually explore their atraction and work out a way to find the time to develop a healthy relationship.

      I am happy Peggy is doing better, she is a fantastic woman, i love her!

    5. “It’s strictly business. That’s where it needs to stay.” Ha! Can’t wait to see how long that will work for Tina and Bette. There is already some very friendly touching going on. Niiice.
      Looking forward to the next part.

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