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    Chapter 3 – Day 2 at the Beach

    Bette awaken early in the morning. Tina was asleep on her chest and shoulder. She began to play with her hair and stroke her arm. Tina began to respond to Bette’s attention. She barely awakes rolls off of Bette and faces the windows. She is sensing that Bette needs to get up but she is not ready to leave the comfort of their bed. Bette chases Tina across the bed and kisses the back of neck and sends her hands down her body to her thighs and legs.

    Tina: What time is it?

    Bette: It’s 5:45. We need to be downstairs just before seven.

    Tina: That feels good. Are you wanting some more attention?

    Bette: No, not at the moment. I just want to take advantage of being able to touch and enjoy your body. I’ll stop if you just want to sleep.

    Tina: No Baby. I love the way you touch me. It makes me feel so good. It’s so relaxing and soothing.

    Bette: I love you T. Sorry I woke you. Just go back to sleep for a while.

    Tina: ‘kay.

    Tina doses off and Bette smiles and moves into a spooning position with Tina. Bette continues to stroke Tina’s thigh and buries her face into her hair. After a few minutes, Bette leaves the bed and begins her morning grooming routine. Sensing Bette leaving the bed, Tina gets up and finds her robe and then makes the bed. She hears Bette in the shower, so she goes and selects her clothes for the day. She also selects her swimsuit as Bette had announced that they would be playing water polo after breakfast.

    Tina then gathers Bette’s clothes which she had strewed around the room. She smiles as she remembers last night and it begins to arouse her a bit. She immediately decides to join Bette in the shower.

    Bette was turning the water off when Tina joins her in the shower. Tina then moves toward Bette and begins to passionately kiss her and fondling her breast. Bette breathing quickens as Tina kisses and licks her neck, and upper chest. Tina’s hand finds their way to Bette’s bush and honey pot. Tina straddles Bette’s thigh and allows her clit to rub against her thigh. Tina teases Bette’s clit and then inserts her fingers and begin the thrust them forcefully. Bette is moaning with pleasure. Within minutes Bette and Tina have reached their climaxes and are holding each other up. They are kissing and holding each other under the warm shower.

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