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    Chapter 4 – Day 3 at Beach

    The next morning, Tina was trying to rouse Bette. It was already 6:30.

    Tina: Bette, wake up. We got to get up. We have 30 minutes before we need to be downstairs.

    Bette: No need for a shower until after we have our run. Except I feel a bit sticky in the netherlands. I’ll just use a washcloth. What about you?

    Tina: Same problem. Very sticky. Okay. And I owe you some attention when we get back.

    Bette: Silly girl, you owe me nothing. I had a very nice orgasm and it was so much fun for me. Were you okay with it? Did I get too rough?

    Tina: You were a very considerate stranger. And your antics really got me hot. And you fuck good with your dick.

    Bette: Doggie style generally hits all the right places but doesn’t allow penetration not too deep to cause injury. And there is built in padding to absorb the thrusting as well.

    Tina: It was spectacular. And you playing with my breasts! Oh, I thought I going to cum right then. It was a real turn on and that voice and your dialogue was really sexy as well. Of course, knowing that you were behind it all, well that was what made it so enjoyable. Play acting is fun. But of course, if it was a real break-in, there would be an entirely different reaction.

    Bette: If I had been a real man, you would probably kill me.

    Tina: Oh absolutely. No one touches me without permission and Bette Kennard Porter is the only one who has my permission!

    Bette pulled Tina to her and kissed her passionately. She then turned over and jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. She picked up the dildo and put it in the sink. She then peed and then got out a clean washcloth and started to run the warm water on the dildo and on the washcloth. Her hair was still in a pony tail and the hair was still in place. She wrung out the cloth and began to wash her twat. She looked at her bush.

    Bette: Looks like I’m due for a bit of maintenance.

    Tina: If you don’t go with the girls shopping, I can do it for you. I brought the beard trimming kit.

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