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    Chapter 3 – Friends and Family

    Author’s Note –

    Hi Tibette Family – I know it’s been a while since there was an update to this story – Sorry about that. So here it finally is.

    It’s a bit of a shorter chapter but we get more insight into the relationship between Tina and Shane and then the path Shane’s life has taken. Little bit of background on Tina too.

    Hope you enjoy.

    Thanks so much 

                                                                   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Previously from the Doctor of Hope Chapter 2 –

    Bette felt the whisper of Tina’s lips on her own. Remembering her taste the deliciousness of the blonde’s mouth.

    Fuck – she wanted Tina.

    She wanted to be fucked by Tina.

    Bette reached further and entered herself, driving two fingers deep inside herself. Pumping quickly. Her breath hitched. Her other hand now moved to her mound and those fingers circled her clit and matched the rhythm of her pace.

    Oh, dear God.

    She imagined Tina hoovering above her, pressing her young, lean body onto Bette’s. Stroking the brunette to a higher level. Separating those silky folds and reaching deep inside her. Finding that G spot and applying just the right amount of pressure that Bette required.

    She arched her back.

    She threw her head back into the pillow.

    Her orgasm building with each thrust, each circle of her fingers.

    Faster and faster and then . . . .

    In another instant she came.

    Came hard.

    Shouting Tina’s name in the process.

    Over and over again.

    The orgasm ripped through her with an intensity she hadn’t felt with anyone else since Tina.

    No one could make her cum as deep, as powerfully and as passionately as Tina could.

    “Sweet Lord.” Bette sighed as she collapsed back on the bed. Beads of sweat on her forehead and body.

    Her hands falling away to rest on each side of her body.

    A brief grin of satisfaction on her face.

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    1. Great chapter – you were right – lots of insight.

      Liked the background on Tina and Shane’s relationship – you portrayed them as really close friends and now they are like family to one another. Happy for them both. I like both of their characters, but couldn’t image them together as a couple either!

      I am so happy you brought Carmen into the story s Shane’s wife. Jesus, that’s what should have happened in OG & now GQ. But I’m NOT going to talk about GQ anymore!!!

      Aw, and they have a little girl that Shane obviously spoils and is wrapped around little Vicki’s finger. How sweet. I always thought that in OG, Shane really wanted what Bette and Tina had – a loving long term relationship and a family. Maybe because of her own unfortunate childhood, she just wanted that security and love of her partner but was convinced she didn’t deserve it. So thanks for making her character not self destructive and giving her a chance at happiness. Hope to see more of them in this story.

      Seems like Tina just can’t shake Bette from her thoughts or heart. I so am waiting for them to meet up again in real time and the fireworks to explode!!!

      Okay – favorite lines this chapter –

      I liked the nicknames you gave Tina and Shane – ‘Fisherwoman and Shannova’ – so appropriate for both until Caren shows up for Shane. And Tina the ‘spitfire’ – wow – hope that’s a clue to what awaits us in this story with how she is with Bette.
      And Tina’s thoughtful warning to Bette – “Not this time Porter. Oh no. Not this time . . . . “ – go get her Tina!!!

      Thanks for the update.

      • Thank you so much for the lovely comment – glad that the chapter was well received!

        I thought it was important to explain the deep relationship between Tina and Shane – unusual since Shane is usually portrayed as a great friend of Bette’s. So I just switched it around for this story. Bette will have James and Helena on her end later in the story.

        As you know Carmen has long been a favorite of many readers & fans of OG & many wanted to see her return to GQ, but alas, that’s not going to happen. So we’ll just have to keep her alive in our minds & hearts in Fanfic.

        This story is going to be a slow burn of deep desire, longing and unforgettable love that exists between Bette & Tina. We’ll get to meet them the very first time they meet in a few chapters – fireworks to come!!!!

        Tina will indeed be on the move. Desire is a VERY hard emotion to ignore & Bette will definitely feel it to. Tina will definitely earn her ‘spitfire’ nickname!!!

        Thanks for reading.

    2. Thank you for continue this story!

      Well, so Tina and Shane going on conference where Tina hope to convince Bette to apply her sister in her program? But i think Bette already told James to do it?

      Interesting history about Tina and Shane history.

      Waiting for the next!

      • Hey Z,

        You are right that Bette has instructed James to precure a placement for Ashley, but Tina doesn’t know that yet.

        Next up you’ll learn more about how Tina & Bette met & what Tina knows about her.

        Glad you like the close relationship between Shane & Tina.

        Thanks pal.

        Take care.

      • Hi SG,

        Hope all is well across the Atlantic. Covid is on the rise again here in the states in people who aren’t vaccinated. Terrible situation.

        Thanks for continuing to like the story & being patient with it. Lots, lots more to discover & learn.

        Promise to post soon.

        Take care & be careful.

    3. Hi, Collins

      Very nice chapter, Love the story of Shane and Carmen and their daughter.

      Tina is planning to ask Bette about her sister’s disease, But Tina says to herself, that this time she won’t let Bette say NO. How is the story of a former rejection from Bette, what was that about?

      Bette has Tina in her mind, apparently, she never forgot the blonde and still has feelings for her, how is it that she was involved (and apparently seriously) with that other woman that Tina saw on the web?

      Happy, you posted this chapter, very nicely written.

      Hope to read more of this story soon.

      Great job, my friend.


      • Hey P,

        Saw you posted too & I need to get to your update also,

        Thanks for tagging along & being patient with me to get back into this story.

        You’ll discover what Tina meant not this time with Bette a little further into the novel. Believe me – there is a story there!

        Remember, it’s been several years since they were together in England & even though the heart wants what it wants, sometimes it takes time & maybe a second chance to get it right. Tina feels the same way about Bette – she’s never forgotten her either.

        Thanks as always for your support.

    4. You won’t say no to me this time Porter. – If she is going to see Bette to get help for her sister, does she really think Bette would say no? Has Bette refuse Tina aid and assistance in the past for her mother or her sister? Somehow, this seems a very odd statement for Tina to be making to herself….refers to something which I know nothing about…

      Interesting synopsis of Shane and her life. We still do not know much about Tina…

      Thanks for the chapter…

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks for your thoughts & comment.

        I think in that moment Tina was feeling desperate for help for Ashley & obviously there is a story buried there between Tina & Bette that we will discover later in the story. You will find the separation that came to be between Bette & Tina was complex & far reaching. Patience my friend. All will be known – eventually!

        We actually did learn a few things about Tina this chapter as Leigh kindly noted below in her comment – If I may copy here –
        ‘ showing her continued compassion for her sister and her illness, her deeply felt passion for Bette that still seems to be burning, how she made a name for herself and her company in the advertising field, how her relationship with Shane came about and the foundation of their strong partnership. How their friendship grew over the years and they came to rely on each other both professionally and personally.’

        As always, thanks for your thoughts & continued support.

        Best regards.

    5. Interesting chapter. Still seems to be lots of mystery to still unravel. You are keeping us intrigued. Great job!!

      I suspect that something drastic happened in the past between Bette and Tina that Tina now vows that Bette won’t be able to say no to her in the present by helping Ashley with her illness. Wonder what happened?? Is that why they broke up??

      Nice info on Shane and Carmen – so glad that they are married and have a daughter. Liked the connection she has with Tina and that they support each other. They appear to be smart business women who are giving back to others – commendable!
      I too would like to read more about Shane and her family in the story.

      I actually think we got to know Tina a bit better in this chapter – showing her continued compassion for her sister and her illness, her deeply felt passion for Bette that still seems to be burning, how she made a name for herself and her company in the advertising field, how her relationship with Shane came about and the foundation of their strong partnership. How their friendship grew over the years and they came to rely on each other both professionally and personally.

      You are a great storyteller and I have confidence that you are weaving us a fabulous story – it already is!

      Looking forward to what Tina has to tell Shane. All about Bette??? Hint – hint!!

      Thanks for a great update.

      • Hey Leigh,

        What a wonderful comment – your observations are great & much welcome & appreciated!!

        Yes, we do still have some mystery to unravel & some connections to still make also. The next few chapters will continue to outline the background on Tina & Bette & set the stage for their first meeting which took place years ago in England.

        Agree that Shane & Carmen were such a popular couple & one that IMO should have continued in OG, but they didn’t. So we’ll just do it here in this novel instead.

        Thanks for your kind words & I am so happy you are enjoying the ride with this one.

        Until the next chapter my friend!

    6. What a great chapter! Collins, this story is a classic.

      I loved the details about Tina and Shane’s relationship – they make a great team as friends and in their business. KMC Designs is the perfect name for their company. And how enjoyable it was to see Shane and Carmen happily married with a family! What a great enhancement to this story.

      As always I love the interaction between Tina and Ashley, Tina the protective big sister, and Ashley calling her sis. Loved this.

      My favorite lines:
      “There was only one Bette Porter after all.
      There was no one that could compare to the tall dark haired British brunette.
      And Tina knew it in her heart and soul.”

      How true.

      Can’t wait for the next chapter! Thanks for this story, Collins.

      • Hey Westy,

        Thanks for the accolade – loved the classic!!

        I went round & round about the name for the advertising company. Wanted to try to combine their names somehow & just couldn’t find the right blend. So finally settled on KMC Designs – it kinda fit & left lots to consider.

        Super that you liked Carmen being in the story too. They were so perfectly matched in OG – I just had to bring them back as I wanted Shane to have a different type of life & not be the rover she was portrayed to be in OG & now GQ. She deserved so much more than that.

        The bond between Ashley & Tina is just so strong – due to the circumstances of their childhood & mother’s illness too. Tina will do anything for her & will go to the ends of the earth to save her life.

        Yes, we all know there is only one Bette Porter.

        Well see a lot more of her soon!!

        You’re welcome for the story.

        Take care of yourself & smile every day!!!

    7. Hi Collins! *waves* I’ve read all the chapters in this story thus far but thought I’d only post on this one, to save you having to track back. :-)

      So, this is a very interesting set up you have here. I really like the opening, with all the distance between our girls – physical and temporal and emotional. There is hardly anything I enjoy more than Tibette yearning! It’s so fun to write. I love reading about their wistful longing and, like everyone, I want to know what happened!!

      Bette as a rich English doctor is *very* good. Yes, I like that a lot. Tina is closer to her L Word character, I feel, with the creative industry career, but it’s interesting that you’ve given her a more ‘varied’ love life than usual. I like this Shane, with Carmen and a kid. That’s sweet. James, too, is good to see.

      I think the only thing I’m really puzzling over is Bette’s children. Even if she donated eggs to someone else to fertilise and/or carry, shed only be 14 or so, which is presumably below the age of consent? So her father would have to sign off on that, which I guess he might, but it’s a pretty far out thing to do. Still, it’s your story and I have complete faith that all will become clear and make sense. :-)

      Just on that score, I really LOVE seeing Bette as a mother to grown-up children. I think that’s lovely. And I really loved Bette’s Wikipedia page. That was fantastic, and very funny that Tina was on there! Can you imagine what that would feel like, for real, to see yourself listed on the Wiki of someone you had that history with??? Make your head spin, that would.

      Thank you, Collins. I love this story and I hope you update it soon! Look forward to some English locations too!

      Take care, my friend

      • Hey Largo,

        Thanks so much for reading the entire story thus far!
        I am overjoyed that you like it & find it refreshing!!

        Definitely lots of angst in this story – longing, feelings & sexual frustration. You are so right – LOTS of YEARNING going on!!!!

        They have always loved each other & continue to now as well. But circumstances got in the way & unfortunate things happened – you’ll learn more about that as we get further into the story.

        You are right in that Bette’s character is quite different from how she is usually presented in fanfic. A bit of a twist too with her English background. We’ll meet Helena a little later in the story too. She’ll be closely connected to Bette this time around.

        Tina’s character is creative again – but a different discipline – advertising.

        Glad you like some of the other golden oldies too – Carmen & James. Unusual too for Shane to have a family – so another twist.

        You all will find out soon the mystery of Bette’s kids – I promise it’s nothing kinky!!!! Actually another reader actually guessed the answer to the mystery in an earlier comment. It will all work out in the end. And the kids are so much better for Bette being their mother.

        I thought the WIKI page was another unusual addition. I researched many other people’s WIKI pages – many of them medical doctor’s. I had some fun doing the research. Happy you found it entertaining.
        I added Tina for effect & as a shock factor for Tina herself.

        Again, your praise means so much & I am honored you like the tale as it’s been laid out.

        Look forward to much more to come.

        Thanks my friend. You take care as well.


    8. Hi Collins,

      it took me a while to find the time to read your story. But I know you forgive me, maybe sending a new picture of my niece will help?!

      The background story about Tina and Shane, nice to read and especially the nicknames they gave each other, Fisherwoman and Shannova, well found!

      and Shane, happily married to Carmen and mother or three-year-old Vicky, who ever expected that! She deserves to be happy! Now to bring Tina together with her great love Bette. I’m really curious why she said she won’t let Bette say NO again?

      I look forward to your new chapter. A really interesting story!

      • Hey my friend,

        Pictures of new nieces are like aces in the hole – use them anytime!!! Wow – a new family member & a little girl no less!!! Awesome for you & your family. You all must be so thrilled!!! Enjoy her & give her all the love you can. Sweet!!

        A little fun loving with the nicknames & Shane this time around having a family – she deserves it. She always seems to play the lonesome player in most stories – so a loving family was in order this time around.

        The scene where Bette & Tina first met is coming soon – so it’s happening.

        There’s a story there about why Tina said “Not this Time’ in reference to Bette – the reveal is coming – but all in good time.

        So get ready for some London love & a trip across the pond – or for you – just across the channel to good ole England.

        Take care & give that baby girl a hug for me!!

        Thanks pal.

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