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    Chapter 4 – Connections

    Author’s Note –  

    Hey folks, GQ 2 is only a few days away from its premier. Remember though that whatever may be portrayed on screen in this highly questionable reboot, Tibette will always be alive in our hearts and minds.

    JB & LH created such a complex loving couple that we all took them into our hearts and came to cherished them. What they came to represent to people worldwide will never be diminished or lessened. They gave us hope for love everlasting and pride in ourselves.

    Tibette will always be endgame for many of us.

    Long Live Bette and Tina Together.

    Please enjoy this chapter.

                                                                      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

    Previously from the Doctor of Hope Chapter 3 –

     “Uh, huh.” Tina muttered as she clicked from one article to the next on the website. She really wasn’t listening to Shane at the moment. Her attention elsewhere. “Sure. Sure.”

    “I’ll just jump off the hotel balcony when we get there.”  Shane looked at Tian for a response. “Um, okay?

    “Yeah . . . .    Sure. . . . .   Okay,” Tina replied, not taking her eyes off the computer screen. Her focus intense. “Sounds good.”

    “Now, I know you haven’t heard one word I’ve said” Shane laughed, finally breaking Tina’s focus.

    “Oh, shit.” Tina admitted sheepishly as she quickly looked up at her friend and business partner. “Uh, Sorry Shane. My mind’s all over the place this morning.”

    “It’s okay. No worries.” Shane said, leaning on the desk and looking over Tina’s left shoulder. “You would never approve of spending that kind of money on luxury hotel rooms. Totally unnecessary for business. I get it. I do.”

    “Thanks as always for understanding.” Tina nodded.

    “Sure thing.” Shane glanced over at the computer screen. “So tell me Tina, what has you mesmerized there?” . . . .

                                                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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    1. WhoooHooo so u’re leaving us to our own devices to see if we can fill in the blanks of this “meeting of the souls” . . . and long-ago break up.

      Hmmmmm . . . feels like Tina is guilt-ridden about their separation. She’s not sure Bette will want to see her . . .

      • Hey D,

        I’m still around tonight.

        You won’t have to fill in the blanks. I will do it for you in Chapter 6. Next chapter is about Bette & what is happening in good ole England at the same time.

        Chapter 6 & the next few chapters after that will be about their relationship & young love!!

        Thanks for sticking around & following.

        We’ll get to the angst too – just be patient.

        Take care !!!

    2. Wow, Tina is really a hard person to get any information out of. Poor Shane. Here she was asking all the right questions about who Bette Potter is and how Tina knows Bette. And Tina struggles to tell her “best friend” and buisness partner anything.

      So what do we know? Tina believes Bette and her company can help Ashley. So why not pick up the phone and talk to James or his assistant or to Bette’s assistant and arrange for an appointed time to see her when she comes to New York? Or request the assistant to arrange an appointed time to have a phone conversation about Ashley? If Bette or James have any humanity at all, they will arrange an appointed time for at least a phone conversation. Perhaps Tina could get things rolling without waiting the couple of weeks to actually see Bette or James at the convention. Tina is an executive for a successful advertising company. She should be well acquainted with techniques of getting the right people on the phone or in front of her to make her sales pitch. Assistance for Ashley’s medical care is no different than recruiting a new customer for the advertising buisness. Just a different contact person and a different set of goals…

      So why has Tina been so secretive and kept this information away from Shane? What could possibly have been so problematic that a six month relationship which occurred 15 years ago should not have been discussed with Shane at some point in their long friendship? And since Tina is obviously head over heels still in love with the idea of Bette, why has she never made an effort to communicate with her in 15 years? At least Bette made attempts in her life to move on as evidenced by the three different long term relationships she had in the past fifteen years. And Bette obviously told someone about Tina since her name does appear in her biography as having a prior relationship.

      In the end, Ashley still needs help to control and remediate her disease and Tina is no closer to making that happen than she was in the last chapter…. All I can say is: Tina use your phone and make things happen!!! Your personal relationship with Bette is truly secondary to Ashley’s health needs.

      Thanks for the update…..

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks as always for your thoughts.

        It would be way too simple for Tina to just pick up the phone & call to schedule an appt with Bette or go through James for that. There’s no drama in that – no shock value. We need the drama & all those feelings & nervousness, etc How to act- what to say – how to feel. There has to be fireworks!!!

        The reasons for Tina & Bette’s lack of connection and communication will be made known a few chapters from now. You will start to learn about their relationship in chpt 6. Lots of answers still to come.

        Tina & Bette will make it happen for Ashley – but it won’t be easy for either of them to be around each other – angst will be huge & complicated.

        Have you ever seen the movie – An Affair to Remember with Cary Grant & Deborah Kerr? I will admit it is one of my top 5 movies of all time – just love the romance as well as Gary & Deborah. Anyway, there will be a twist of that situation from the movie of Terry being in an accident & unable to be with Nickie towards the end of the movie. But it will be Bette that makes the sacrifice.

        Just keep in the back of your mind – all my stories will ALWAYS have a Tibette ending – the angst along the way is where the true drama lies.

        Thanks for your following along – it means a lot.

        Until the next chapter – stay well.

    3. Hi Collins,

      What a great chapter and the photos, they are so well chosen!

      Tina opens up to Shane and now she knows why she wants to go to NY. Shane is a great friend and will never impose herself but knows more than Tina thinks. And Tina it’s about time you speak to Lynn ASAP and dump in a friendly way. Like Shane, I look forward to Tina’s story of how she met Bette, the time they spent together, and how it’s possible she hasn’t been in touch with Bette in 15 years. I suspect it has to do with Tina’s mother at the time and because Tina was only going to stay in London for half a year anyway, but even then they could have kept in touch. So the big question is: What happened 15 years ago and why does it seem that after all this time Tina deeply regrets what happened. Is she the one who cut off contact with Bette? It’s so obvious that they still love each other. I can’t wait for them to meet again!

      I also wanted to say that it has been a heartbreaking decision for both Tina and Ashley not to bear children in order to prevent this terrible disease from hitting them.

      I look forward to the next chapter!

      • Hey Lady,

        You are always so right on about the heart of the chapter – thanks so much for that. It means an awful lot to me!!

        Yes, Tina will have to have THAT type of talk with Lynn soon and get on with getting Bette back. It’s long overdue.

        You’ll find out in a few chapters about their relationship & why it eventually went in the wrong direction,

        Although it was a heart wrenching decision not to have children for Tina & Ashley – it was the right decision for them.

        Get ready for more of Dr Bette!!

        Thanks my pal.

        Keep safe

      • Hey Cathy,

        So glad you are still on this journey with us.

        Glad you liked the chapter & want more!!

        Dr Bette is up next – she & James do some digging & search for answers.

        Thanks for following along.

        Take care.

      • Hey Lady,

        I have the next chapter just about polished off. It’s good & full of James & Bette & their search for answers & how to help Ashley.

        Stay tuned in.

        You take care of yourself & your family.

        All my best my friend.

    4. What an insightful chapter.

      Loved the interaction between Tina and Shane. I think that Tina is just hesitant to talk about that period in her life and it’s obvious she’s still very much in love with Bette. I don’t think she was hiding that fact from Shane.
      Her relationship with Bette was over before Tina met Shane and she didn’t want to dwell on it.

      As always – loved the photos. They were great. I actually like the medical stuff you write about – it’s not too much and it fits the story. Great job on that part.

      So when Tina said to Shane about the ‘ then afterwards’ comment – Tina and Bette still must have been seeing each other after Tina left England after those initial six months. Right???

      Glad to see James back in this story – he was so underutilized in OG and deserves a bigger role in any story. I hope he can help Tina also. I’m sure he witnessed the love between Bette and Tina first hand.

      Waiting impatiently for the chapter when Bette and Tina finally meet back up after all these years. I saw you mentioned to Dumplin that the next chapter will focus on Bette and and then chapter six will begin to explain their relationship form the beginning. So looking forward to that.

      It’s a great story and I am totally loving it.

      Thanks for another awesome chapter.

      • Hey K,

        Thank you for your kind words & encouragement. It touches my heart!

        Good to hear that the dynamic between Shane & Tina rings true. Even best friends don’t know every single thing about each other. Maybe if they grew up together from being kids, but not later in life. Everyone has a past that you may not ever want to share with someone else that didn’t experience it with you at that time.

        Pictures are a go!! Thanks

        So their relationship will prove to be complicated & as Tina refers to as being the – ‘then afterwards’ part. There’s a good deal of story in that line – we’ll get to it eventually. But we have to meet them first in college & then as a young couple & then ?????

        Yes, you’re so right in that James is one of the few people in the story that did witness Bette & Tina together early on in their relationship & how they were with each other. That will play a critical part of their story in present time.
        I liked him in this story as a strong male gay man that loves his family – both his husband & son as well as his extended family – The Porters.

        Sparks will fly when they meet for the first time & fate has a way of showing up too!!

        Thanks for continuing this ride with me.

        Be safe.

        • So James will be critical to the present day story line. Cool. I can see him swaying Bette & pushing her to be with Tina again. He probably knows she still loves Tina and will get her to consider a reconciliation. I hope – I hope!!

          Sooooooooo, any clues as to how long Tina and Bette were together after Tina returned to USA???
          Throw us a bone won’t you????

          Think we are all waiting for the sparks to fly high when they meet up again in New York.

          So looking forward to that chapter.

          Thanks Collins

          • Hey K,

            You are so paying attention to the clues in the story – good for you!!

            You are right, James will be a great ally to both Bette & Tina as the story rolls on. He wants them to be happy too.

            You will find that their relationship lasts longer than the 6 months!!!

            Thanks for your faith in the story.

    5. Hi Collins,

      Super chapter. Shane is such a great friend to Tina – never pushing or judging her. And Tina is little Vicki’s godmother – sweet.

      And Shane knows the sorrow in Tina for this love that she can’t have right now. I hope she can help Tina win Bette back Seems like they both still love each other very much – just need to get back on the same page.

      I love your writing and how you are weaving the story along. Piece by piece. I love all the details and bits of information you leave along the way. I enjoy that in a story – it gives me a full picture of the action and what they characters are thinking and feeling.

      I love too that you have brought back some of the OG characters – James and Carmen.

      As the others have said – looking forward to when Bette and Tina meet up again in the present time and how they will react to each other. I’m sure there will be a lOT of electricity in the air!!

      Thanks for this update.


      • Hi Leigh,

        I liked that about Shane in OG – she was never judgmental – only of herself – but not of others. She’s the best kind of friend – loyal, honest & trustworthy. Glad I was able to make that point stand out in her character.

        This will prove to be a very involved story that has twists & valleys. Like the quote – the course of true love did never run smooth. So be it in this story too. There are quite a few surprises in store as we continue to truck along.

        So glad too that you like the way the story is playing out.

        Stay tuned for the next chapter with Dr Bette & James & then the biggie with Bette & Tina meeting in London.

        Best regards.

    6. Catching up on this story, Collins, and thank you for continuing it. I feel a bit guilty about it, but I do like this uber-rich Porter family you’re creating. I don’t like the 1% in real life but there’s no denying the fascination with extreme wealth and what it can tell you about what people do with it. I mean, Bette isn’t firing rockets into space, is she? No, she’s trying to cure sickness, so that makes her more appealing.

      I agree with others who are intrigued about what on earth caused the rupture between B&T. Thinking about the timelines, I wonder if it has to do with Bette’s children? That she never told Tina about them or something? We shall have to wait and see!

      Thanks again for keeping us entertained! I hope you are staying well, my friend.
      Take care

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