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    Chapter 32 – Are We Still Talking About Coffee?

    The Stouts’ Front Porch  – Tina’s Point of View

    As I watched her turn away from me for the second time in less than 24 hours, my body’s urge to follow her this time to prevent this exchange from ending overpowered all rational thought. I felt the cool, hard concrete underneath my feet once I stepped out onto the porch step. I placed my hands on the large stucco pillar at chest-height to the right of the front door leaning my body weight onto my arms.

    My eyes were drawn to the firm gluteal muscles shifting in those tight, teal runner pants. I drew in a breath for strength before calling out to her. 

    “Bette?” she stopped mid-stride as if trying to decide between bolting or facing what I had to say. I made the decision for her.  “Turn around.”

    It was torturous the way she gradually circled her way back to face me. Her nervous demeanor was revealed in the wide-eyed stare that engulfed me and was contagious.

    I didn’t even prepare what I was going to say to her once she had fully turned towards me. Think! Say something you idiot!!

    “Look, I – I…” I like you! I need you! I want you! I could fall in love with you! WHAT?! 

    She took a step closer to me and it made me feel better that she was at least being attentive. It did nothing to cure my moronic stammering.

    “I, uh, I’m not sure what time to expect them up. Do you have any coffee at your house?” Did I just invite myself over to her house? Christ.

    Deep breath, okay, she’s smiling, good sign.

    “Yeah, I have some coffee. Come on over.”

    How can I resist that head tilt? Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

    “Awesome! Let me just get my shoes and stuff,”

    Did I just say ‘awesome?’ What am I, 16?

    I jumped back into the living room and searched for last night’s silver high heels. I wasn’t going to put them on just to go have coffee. Where were my flip flops when I need them? I grabbed my purse. Okay, I was ready. Don’t fuck this up, T, last chance to get this woman to fall in love with you. There’s that fucking ‘l’ word again, I’ve just gotta stop thinking.

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    1. Yeah, Bette in sweaty runners outfit would do something to me too. It’s too funny how Tina is checking her out.
      I love Tina’s inner dialogue. How her heart seems to feed her mind with l-words and to ask for the bedroom tour. :-)
      It’s getting better and better.

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