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    Chapter 33 – Let’s Talk Talent Agents

    Bette’s Kitchen

    When Bette felt the soft, supple lips brush gently against hers, she set her coffee cup down so she could free both hands. She placed them over Tina’s at either side of her on the counter.

    Tina wasn’t sure if she drew her newfound boldness from the phone conversation with Dana which reminded her of work persona or from Bette’s insecure apology.

    The kiss was chaste and innocent. Once the distinctive sound of a soft smack of lips signaled the end of the lingering peck, they both opened their eyes to look into one another’s.

    They inhaled at the same time. Both could feel their hearts pounding and wondered if the other could hear the echoing thumps that resonated through their entire physical beings.

    Tina smiled at Bette before breaking their gaze and slipping her right hand out from under Bette’s left. She traced her finger along Bette’s arm where her iPhone pouch had left an imprint from being strapped securely on the mocha-colored skin. The raised goosebumps caused by Tina’s sweeping, feathery touch made the blonde’s smile bigger and made Bette instinctively flex the muscle.

    “Am I tickling you?” Tina asked softly.

    “No,” Bette denied quickly with a crimson blush.

    It made Tina breathe a melodious giggle to see Bette start to unravel. Time to pour on the charm, the blonde told herself. “Well, to answer your question, a couple of dinners and maybe a lunch could persuade me to forgive you for your presumptiveness.”

    Bette grinned at the blonde’s forwardness. “That’s quite a lot of persuasion I’m going to have to undertake.”

    “I’m not easily swayed.”

    The brunette looked at Tina with a suspicious eye and one raised eyebrow. “My persuasion technique is pretty powerful.”

    “I guess you’re just going to have to prove it.”

    Oh, I will, Bette thought.

    Tina took a step back to gather her purse and shoes. Bette’s eyes followed her every move.

    “So are you saying I’m not forgiven yet?”

    Tina turned back around. She just looked at Bette with a hint of playfulness. Her eyes involuntarily traveled down the length of the well-maintained physique still propped against the kitchen counter.

    “You have my number, Little Porter. Use it.” And with that Tina began sashaying out the French doors they had entered from.

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    1. Hm, i think i’m with Alice in it (never think that i can agree with her in anything:)) – music group needs only one manager. Or Bette, or Jodi/James. I don’t think it good for Bette try to work in two different directions. Because in that case always has possibility that you failed in both because you just don’t have time.

    2. Yes, you are spoiling us :-) Thanks for the gifts!

      It’s interesting to see how the dynamics between Tina and Bette changes within seconds. Like a beautiful dance with neither one trying to lead but showing their moves to each other.

      Great answer to Bette’s “tell me about Jodie” question. Besides all the flirting Tina only needs a few words to show her work ethic. Nice and fair dig at Jodie.

    3. MeLL

      Sorry that your Holiday (hey, I’m English we don’t do ‘vacations’ :-)) is boring but delighted that you choose to post new Chapters for us to relieve your boredom!

      Seriously though thanks fore the regular posts which I am enjoying tremendously. Please keep them coming.

      I have had an horrendous 2018 and it does not seem to be getting any better. Your writing is an Oasis of pleasure for me. Thank you – I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year


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