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    Chapter 33 – Days of Fun and Then New Haven

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 33 – Days of Fun and Then New Haven

     The alarm had not been set, so Bette and Tina had slept a little later than usual. It was 6 o’clock when Tina began to stroke Bette’s arm to arouse her from her sleep. Bette awoke with a smile as she gazed into the sparkling hazel eyes.

    Bette: Good morning, Sweetie. Did you sleep?

    Tina: Good morning, Babe. Yes, I did. Very well. I think I ate too much at dinner. But we did have a good time with Marilyn and Mary, didn’t we?

    Bette: Yeah, we did. Too bad Marilyn and Mary live so far apart. I think those two could become friends or even traveling companions.

    Tina:  You’re not seeing something romantic between those two, are you?

    Bette:  Oh heavens no. I learned a long time ago that you just need to let Cupid do his own thing and the interference or push by humans toward romantic goals on behalf of others is generally self-defeating. If there is going to be any romance there, they will seek and find it for themselves.

    Tina: That’s good. I always got the impression your mom was straight. I would think that Marilyn would not be her type.

    Bette: Well dear, remember, you were straight until you met me.

    Tina: Yeah, that’s true. And no one pushed us together. I guess if the person is right for you, it doesn’t matter what gender they are. If you had been a man, I still would have fallen in love with you. But because you were a woman and my experiences prior to knowing you, it just took me a little longer to give in to my deep desire to be with someone whom I loved and who loved me with every fiber of our beings. Once we had been intimate, I wondered what on earth was I thinking. It didn’t matter that you were a woman. In fact, I believe you had a few qualities which enhanced our relationship simply because you were a woman.

    Bette: Yeah, like what?

    Tina: Your knowledge and familiarity with the female body for one. You had one and was very familiar with how it operated. And you had a little experience with other female bodies as well. So, all that experience accrued to my benefit from the get go.

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