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    Chapter 34 – New Haven to Redondo Beach

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 34 – New Haven to Redondo Beach

    The next morning, Bette and Tina got up and showered and packed their bags and readied themselves for their long journey back to the west coast. But before that was to start, they needed to return Angie and Suzanne to their dorm at Yale.

    Bette and Tina checked their purses to make sure they had their identification and wallet as well as their airline confirmation numbers. Their cell phones had been on their chargers all night and were ready for use. Bette went and pulled Tina into a long and loving hug.

    Bette: How are you doing this morning?

    Tina:  I’m a whole lot better than I was last night. I’m ready to face this day and deliver our daughter to Yale University and then go home.

    Bette then kissed Tina and held her for a few more moments. They then headed for the hotel restaurant. They found a table which would hold the six of them and asked for coffee immediately.

    Bette: The food we had last night; it was rather good wasn’t it.

    Tina:  Yes, it was. I thought the broccoli was exceptional. We have had several really good meals on this trip. Everything was good in New York. And look how much we accomplished.

    Bette: Yeah. We got the apartment packed; we closed on the sale of our New York apartment and we have moved our daughter into her dorm room.

    Tina:  And we managed to go to the theater, have a picnic in Central Park, see one of the best art museums in the world, visit the Statue of Liberty and the National Memorial to 911.

    Bette: And we did it all with our children and Mom.

    Tina: Well, I’m ready to get back to Los Angeles. I’m ready to move into the next phase of our lives. I’m ready to move into our new home and start working in my new studio.

    Bette: Yeah. Work for me starts day after tomorrow. When is Daniel’s first day of school? Wednesday?

    Tina:  Yeah. I guess he and I will spend the day together. I plan to get in some of my supplies to start my work on Tuesday. It is supposed to be move in ready.  Jim is supposed to have finished moving in all the furniture. I think the computer equipment will delivered and installed on Tuesday.

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    1. I hope I’m reading this story years into the future. Bette and Tina as grandparents, three generations living together, where Daniel will go to college, the scenarios are endless. Thanks for your dedication, Martha.

    2. Fans,
      Thank you for commenting. There are only a few more chapters in this Volume. I have completed a Volume 3 of this series … and will continue to publish on a regular basis. This volume starts to address the raising of a boy and the onset of puberty and adolescence. These are the challenging years in a persons life and even more so for the parents going through it with them. Now that Angie is away at Yale, she doesn’t have much of a role in my stories until she returns home.

      I know that this is not the normal fan fiction. But what I want to show is how important communication is between Bette and Tina. I want to show how important it is for parents to communicate with their children and how important it is to realize that the objective is raise children to be independent, healthy, happy individuals. And so much goes into that. To have a child go from childhood to adulthood is difficult for parents… probably more difficult than the child themselves will ever realize. To come to the realization that you (as a parent) will not be there to give just the right advice and to object to the wrong decision is a tough bridge to cross. That has been a subplot of most of this story… I hope that has come across in my writing. Bette and Tina are strong parents but its not because they hold tight reigns on their children. Angie and Daniel are unique individuals… at least they are in my story.

      Thanks for reading and commenting… stay tuned for more…

      • I alway shook my head while watching the parents of my kids’ friends hold a tight reign and made choices for them which nearly always backfired. Made for quite the lesson in our household.

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