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    Chapter 32 – More Packing

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 32 – More Packing

    The alarm rang at 4:00 am. Bette slapped it hard and rolled back over to her position next to Tina.

    Tina: Bette, sweetie, we need to get up. Got a big day ahead of us. The kids are going to be ready for their breakfast.

    Bette: I know. I guess I’m ready to get up. I think I got enough sleep. What time did we go to bed?

    Tina: It was about 9:00 o’clock. So, we got a good seven hours. Did you sleep?

    Bette: Soundly… I don’t think I moved all night.

    Tina: Why don’t we put off getting our shower until we start to get ready to meet Marilyn? We are going to be working in here. We can get a couple of hours of packing before we start to get ready. Then we can be nice and fresh for our meeting.

    Bette: That sounds good. I am in need of some coffee. Let’s get dress and get to breakfast. Maybe the kids will be ready by the time we are. I know Mary will be.

    Tina: I hope they went to bed at a decent hour.

    Bette and Tina went to the bathroom and washed their face and brushed their teeth and brushed out their hair. They then put on another jogging suit and their sneakers and went out to meet the kids. As anticipated the family was waiting for Bette and Tina to emerge. They then made the trek down to their favorite deli. They quickly had their coffee as they perused the menu and ordered their breakfast. Tina suggested that Angie order a mid-morning snack since they were eating so early. She ordered four mixed-berry bagels with some cream cheese. Mary approved her choice. Today, Tina indulged in her grits instead of the hash browns. But this deli had outstanding hash browns and the rest could not resist another serving of the breakfast standard. Tina grinned and stayed with her grits.

    After breakfast, the group walked back to the apartment and began their assigned duties. Mary, Angie and Daniel decided to start with the children’s lounge since there were at least two walls of DVDs, CDs and books to be packed up. They would later pack all the extra linens bedroom and bathroom supplies in each of the bedrooms. They would also move all the lamps and breakable knickknacks to the dining room table.

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