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    Chapter 34 – Strike One


    When Bette and her caravan arrived at the address she had scribbled on the back of Jodi’s business card, they proceeded up a narrow driveway shrouded by thick brush and small palm trees.

    As they drove further onto property, the asphalt stopped and a textured gray-tiled pathway led to a parking structure underneath the residence on the right. To the left was a rounded parkway beneath an awning at the front entrance which encircled a twelve foot long, eight foot high, tempered glass water panel framed in black and etched with a design that resembled tree roots. It was a work of art.

    Bette parked her Cadillac and Angus parked his van directly behind her underneath the awning.

    When they emerged from their vehicles, they took in the pricy property and were impressed with the tranquility that was only heightened by the sound of the trickling water wall.

    “What, no valet service?” Alice remarked sarcastically.

    “Shut up, Al.” Shane said as she shut the passenger door of the Caddy.

    They turned at the sound of the large white front door of the beach house creaking open and Jodi appeared from behind it.

    “I’m so glad you all could make it.” She said with a smile.

    Bette was the first to greet her.

    “Nice to see you again, Jodi.” They shook hands and Bette could feel Jodi’s eyes caressing her body in predatory fashion. She held onto her hand just a little too long for Bette’s liking.

    “And it is just wonderful to see you again,” she winked at Bette as she let go of her hand. “Ah, and the remarkably talented Kit Porter, it is such a pleasure to meet you!” Jodi complimented Kit as she shook her hand enthusiastically. “I’m Jodi Lerner.”

    Kit laughed at Jodi’s display of enthusiasm. “Pleased to meet you, girl! And thank you so much for inviting us to your fabulous home out here.”

    “Oh don’t be silly, all I had to do was open the door, you’re the ones who had to make the drive. But welcome, welcome.” Everyone else introduced themselves and she showed them all inside.

    As they stepped into the front entryway, they were awestruck by the overpowering bright white of the interior and furnishings to match. The house was a modern loft-like three-story home. Complete with bridges and glass floor catwalks, the design was straight out of an issue of Architectural Digest.

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    1. Funny how a new love can occupy one’s mind. Tina is really having it bad :-)
      Good for Bette that she doesn’t take the bait with Tina’s alleged ex lovers. At least not now in front of Jodie.

      It’s great how you take forward the band’s story as well as the T + B story.

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