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    Chapter 35 – Dizzy Up the Girl

    Tina’s House

    The warm, pulsating jets embraced the blonde’s shapely body. Submerged up to her neck, Tina realized how achy her back was from sleeping on Alice’s couch. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the massaging blasts of water relieve some of the tension stored in her muscles.

    She hummed along to the lyrics of “Black Star” as Thom Yorke’s voice poured out of the speakers. This was Tina’s ideal state of relaxation; hottubbing to Radiohead in the middle of the day.

    A soft drone caught the blonde’s attention and she opened her eyes. She saw that her phone was vibrating against the acrylic shelf of the spa. She reached for the towel to dry her hands before picking it up.

    Tina checked the display and saw an iMessage alert from a 310 area code that wasn’t stored in her phone. Instantly, she felt the butterflies awaken in her stomach as she eagerly sat up to open the text.

    When she saw the beautiful photo of the ocean waves against the sandy beach she smiled wide. Scrolling down, she saw the words beneath the photo. “Would it be presumptuous of me to think that a beautiful scene such as this would be appreciated by someone just as beautiful? I’ll call you later to get my answer.”

    Tina couldn’t stop smiling at the sweet words that accompanied the gorgeous picture. She gasped when she saw another incoming photo of a breaching whale.

    “Oh my God, that’s so incredible.”

    Tina wondered which beach Bette was at for the meeting with Jodi.

    “You certainly know how to dizzy up the girl don’t you, Little Porter?”

    The music executive quickly added the number to her address book with a smirk.

    “There’s no escaping me now.” She warned, laughing at her own stalker-like statement.

    Before she set the phone back down, she read the words Bette had text again and took a huge breath. Expelling it with a dreamy moan, she again immersed her body beneath the water’s surface.

    She closed her eyes once again and her smile was bigger than it was before she received the message. Her thoughts rewound back to this morning. Images of Bette in that tight running outfit, sweating and breathless, began affecting Tina’s own breathing.

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    1. Hi MeLL,

      Don’t know the musical, but maybe this is the reference: ” You certainly know how to dizzy up the girl don’t you, Little Porter?”

      About the views, a good story doesn’t need NC-17, allthough i don’t mind reading them 😉

    2. Dizzy up the girl? Like the album by the Goo Goo Dolls? That was quite some years ago….previous millennium (I like how that sounds ;-) )….mid ninties maybe? Can’t remember when the movie “City of Angels” was released but I remember that “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls was all over every radio station.

      As for your rating, I’m with Bibi. A good story like yours doesn’t need NC17. But you sure do know how to write those scenes :-D
      At least Tina is already having fun – with Bette in mind.

      Thanks for posting, MeLL

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