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    Chapter 36 – What Do You Want?


    “I listened to your CD twice this morning and I have to say, I think you guys bring the goods.” Jodi said as she kicked her legs softly in the water of her infinity pool. She was sitting on one side of the pool with her legs draped over the wall as the Stouts, with the exception of Angus, were sitting on the wall at a 90 degree angle with their feet also in the water.

    Angus and Bette occupied the lounge chairs just behind Kit and the other band members since they were the only ones in pants. They both had removed their shoes after returning from their stroll along the shore.

    “Of course, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you guys that, you’ve got a legend at the helm.” Jodi said as she smiled over at Kit.

    “Why don’t you tell us a little about your experience as an agent?” Bette asked. Everyone, including Alice, remembered what Bette had said about letting her do the talking.

    “Well, let’s see. I guess the most recognizable client of mine would have to be Brittany Clearwater.”

    “No shit? You’re Brittany’s agent?” Alice gasped.

    “I was. Before she was declared incompetent by the Courts.” This piece of knowledge quirked Bette’s eyebrows but Jodi was too busy thinking about the rest of her clientele to notice. “Umm, I’ve got Mnemonic Plague, The Stethoscopes, Tilted Kilts, Jeremy Sayer, Dirty Muggles, The Bootstraps, Jet Black Hair, Fearless Sweet…” she took a breath before continuing. “DJ PeeJay, Frank and Beans, Startle Reflex, Beagle Bailey, Charlie Kaplan Five, Yoda’s Revenge, shall I continue?”

    It was Shane’s turn to be impressed. “Yoda’s Revenge? They rock!”

    Jodi smiled again. “Yes, they do, Shane.”

    “What’s your role with regard to these artists? I mean, what are your duties to each client and what do you set out to accomplish?” Bette inquired.

    “I believe I have many roles in the development of the careers of my clients. Specifically, procuring jobs for them whether they be in the form of booking them as entertainment, negotiating contracts with labels, production companies, concert promoters, product developers, radio stations. You name it, I’ve done it.”

    Jodi had the band captivated by her knowledge of the industry. Bette listened attentively.

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    1. So much about this chapter. In true Jenny Schecter form, can anyone name the thinly veiled famous solo artist I based Jodi’s most famous client on? Bonus points coming your way if you can.

      I’m not sure if my references to Taylor Swift and Beyonce were the original artists I had mentioned in this chapter when I first wrote it back in early 2010.

      And how about that list of bands Jodi represents? LOL. All of them are fictional. But if there are actual bands in real life with any of those names, that’s rad and a complete coincidence.

      Thanks for reading!!

    2. Thanks for posting, MeLL!
      Jodie knows how to impress the band. They are so lucky to have Bette to ask the right questions and to evaluate this offer. I like Yoda’s revenge :-) What a name for a band!

      And my try for yor bonus question: I’d say it’s Ms Oops-I-did-it-again Spears. The court thing and the roadie i.e. dancer?

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