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    Chapter 37 – A Wet Theme

    Tina’s House

    The music executive was curled up on her couch wearing a comfy terry cloth robe with her hair wrapped in a towel. Once Tina had finally emerged from the hot tub she jumped in the shower to rinse off the chlorine smell and was able to achieve her second orgasm of the day by utilizing the removable shower head. Rather than getting dressed, she decided to lounge the rest of the day while waiting for Bette’s call. It was now 3:15 and she had yet to hear from Bette.

    She smiled to herself when she thought about the message she had sent to Bette before she got out of the hot tub. It was killing her to know what her reaction was when she opened the message. Hoping more than anything that she opened it in front of Jodi, she planned on asking the hot business manager what she thought when she saw it.

    The boldness with which she operated when it came to Bette felt empowering. The more she thought about it, the more comfortable she felt in her own skin.

    She really was okay with this same-sex attraction. It surprised her how casual she was being about it, but she wasn’t going to second guess herself there. The labels were meaningless. She had always been the type to go out and get what she wanted. And what she wanted now, was Bette. Unequivocally. Irrevocably. Without question.

    Tina had made the conscious decision to apply the full court press in pursuing the object of her desire. There was an undeniable connection between them. Bette verbalized it the first night they met. No way in hell was she going to let this connection go unexplored.



    KDG Offices

    After Bette dropped off the Stout ladies at home, she went straight to the office to finish up the quarterly reports for Monday’s creativity assembly.

    Once she had completed them, she picked up her iPhone and took another peek at the message she had received from Tina.

    It was a selfie taken from bird’s eye view with her left hand. It showed Tina looking up at the camera with a lifted eyebrow, the tip of her right index finger strategically placed between her teeth as her elbow rested on a bent right knee. The bubbling water surrounding Tina’s submerged body blurred any view of parts below her shoulders with the exception of the little exposed skin around her knee that was above the water’s surface. But the most telling sign of this provocative photo was the small bikini that was strategically placed on the side edge of the hot tub and captured in the shot.

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