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    Chapter 38 – Straight ‘Til Wet

    Bette’s House

    Never had Bette gotten home from the office as fast as she did after getting off the phone with Tina.

    Scouring her closet for the perfect outfit, she found a nice pair of creased, gray slacks that sat just below her waist. She accentuated the pants with a black belt and a tucked-in, white button up dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up about a quarter-length. For added sexiness, the white shirt was thin enough to reveal the black bra underneath.

    Leaving the top two buttons undone so the slightest hint of cleavage was visible just below the black onyx circle pendant with a single diamond inside hanging on a sterling silver chain, Bette finished the outfit with a pair of onyx teardrop earrings and black peep-toe heels.

    The advertising executive pinned her hair in a messy up-do in order to draw attention to her inviting neck and she straightened her long bangs to sweep left, across her forehead.

    Once the right shade of lipstick was applied, Bette took one last look at herself in the full length mirror in her bedroom. Satisfied with the final product, she pumped two sprays of Versace Versense, and was on her way out the door.

    As she strutted to the car, Shane was standing on the sidewalk with a cigarette in her mouth going through the mail she had just retrieved. When she saw her neighbor, she gave her the once over before pulling the cigarette from her mouth.

    “You got a hot date or what?” she asked as Bette opened the driver side door.

    Avoiding eye contact and with a blushing smile, she responded. “Actually I do.”

    She looked back at Shane who was nodding slightly with a smirk.

    “Good for you,” Shane watched as Bette got into her car.

    “See you later, Shane.”

    “Hey Bette, wait up for a sec.” Throwing her cigarette into the street, Shane jogged up the drive. “It’s Tina right?”

    The blushed returned and the smile grew. “Yes, we’re going to have dinner on one of those yacht cruises in Marina Del Rey. Please don’t tell Alice.”

    Shane laughed. “Nah, I wouldn’t do that. I did want to let you in on a little piece of information that you might be interested in.”

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    1. I didn’t know the spaghetti girl expression before reading your story. Did you come up with ‘straight ’til wet’? Or maybe I have to brush up on my (English) lezzie lingo ;-) Anyway it’s terrific.
      And yes, I’m with you, with spaghetti girls heartache is to be expected.

      • No, I did not come up with that. It was actually a line from the show. Remember when Shane and Jodi are riding bikes to train for the Pink Ride and are sitting on the bench discussing Shane’s crush on straight girl, Molly? Jodi suggests that “Maybe she’s a spaghetti girl…straight ‘til wet.” I thought that was a brilliant line. So I co-opted it.

        Only, I think in Tina’s case, she’s straight ‘til Bette. ;-)

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