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    Chapter 39 – Obligatory Repentance

    Tina’s Porch

    It wasn’t until the third knock that Tina casually answered the door as if she had been doing something more important than impatiently waiting for her dinner escort.

    A feeling of serenity washed over her as she found Bette standing on her front porch step wearing a sweet smile. There’s that head tilt. God, she’s breathtaking, Tina thought.

    “Hi.” Bette was the first to greet this time.

    Tina returned the smile. “Hi.”

    They remained motionless, studying each other.

    “Wow…Tina, you look…fantastic.” Bette said allowing her eyes to wander the length of the blonde’s shapely body. Tina felt her temperature rise after being caressed by Bette’s big doe eyes.

    “Thank you.” She said quietly. “You look really good too.”

    The brunette just nodded.

    “You know, that shade of purple really brings out the green in that beautiful pair of eyes you have.” Way to pour it on thick LP, you’ll be eatin’ spaghetti before you know it, Bette’s self-confidence was amplified by Tina’s demure reactions.

    Tina breathed a small laugh, knowing that Bette was swinging for the fences. Stepping backward, she motioned for the striking brunette to enter. “I just need to get my purse real quick and we’ll be ready to go. Would you like to come inside?”

    Bette briefly quirked an eyebrow at the question posed. Don’t say what you’re really thinking, don’t say what you’re really thinking! “I’d love to come inside. Thank you.” In more ways than one.

    As she walked in, moving closer to Tina, she leaned over to place the softest kiss on Tina’s cheek. Tina immediately felt the deep red blush surface in the spot that was blessed with such a gentle gesture. Bette entered the front sitting room and was taken by the atmosphere in Tina’s abode. Decorated in natural tones of bamboo green, light tans and creams, the room had a warm, cozy feel to it.

    Hearing the door close behind her, she turned to her hostess. She caught Tina taking advantage of the opportunity to briefly run her eyes over her own body as she walked in and surveyed the first room of the house. “Come on back, I’ll be just a minute.”

    “Okay,” said Bette. She followed Tina through a small hall and further into the house. The brunette then had her own chance to examine the blonde’s figure-flattering wardrobe choice for the evening.

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    1. Aren’t they just cute together? Nice prelude to T + B’s first date.
      Thanks for posting, MeLL. Those chapters sweetened my last day of 2018.

      Happy New Year to you, too! Lots of love and happiness for 2019.


    2. Happy New Year MeLL, i wish you a fantastic year, full of love, health, happiness and for us readers a lot of inspiration to write more stories. Cheers my friend🥂,

      I hope to read the updates tomorrow and maybe leave a comment.

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