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    Chapter 40 – Do You Wanna Come In?

    On Board the Yacht

    The sun had set and the water reflected the light of the half moon rising in the night sky by the time Bette and Tina had boarded the Dream On. The vessel had two levels for the dinner guests. The lower level was the main deck where the buffet and dining tables were set up, surrounded by windows for excellent views of the water. The upper deck was home to a bar and dance floor that was exposed to the elements of the evening sky, while the pilot house and small salon surrounding it were covered, half of which was glass overhead.

    Bette and Tina had selected a small corner table near the back of the dining area. There were less than 100 people on board which made for a quieter and more intimate setting.

    The waiter came by to take their drink order.

    “I’ll have a Pellegrino, please.” Bette ordered. “You want some champagne or something?”

    “No, thank you. Umm, can I get a pineapple juice please?”

    “Certainly,” the waiter said.

    Bette had a look of confusion on her face.

    “What? If I’m going to finish my test drive I can’t have any alcoholic beverages in my system.”

    “Oh, so you think you get to drive her back home, now?”

    “I thought it was part of the obligatory repentance package?” Tina asked flatly. “You know, because, this isn’t a date per se.”

    Bette smiled amusedly.

    “Are – are you a little bitter, Ms. Kennard? Because I could have sworn I just detected the slightest note of bitterness in that comment.”

    Tina gave Bette a mock smile. She wasn’t taking the bait.

    “I’ve never been on one of these cruises,” said the blonde, effectively changing the subject as she looked around the main salon. “And I’ve lived here for years now.”

    “Really? Carmen DJ’s the daytime cruises, so the gang and I get to take a few of these a couple of times a year since she hooks up the tickets.” Bette revealed.

    Tina narrowed her eyes at the woman sitting across from her. “So this part of the obligatory repentance was courtesy of Carmen?” she asked in a teasing voice.

    Bette laughed realizing Tina must be thinking she was cheap.

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    1. Thanks for the chapter!

      Bette, Bette, why don’t you come in?:)

      Ahh, and i forgot to tell something about references in past chapters – i just hate words “Spaghetti girl”. Maybe it’s because that originally they come from Jodi, but i just hate them

    2. Yeah, Bette, I had a wonderful time this evening, too :-) Thanks for this date … eeeh.. chapter, MeLL.

      You capture the chemistry between T + B really excellently. Sizzling hot already.
      Seeing how comfortable Tina is with teasing, innuendos, holding hands and kissing Bette, you’re definitely showing how Tina is Bettesexual.

      You really know a lot about music, don’t you? Quite the aficionado, I’d say. :-)
      The Easter egg..hmm… the name of the Yacht? Dream on by either Nazareth or Aerosmith?

      Thanks for spending some of your lazy time for us by posting!

      • Remember, it wasn’t a date, it was an obligatory repentance ;-)

        And thanks so much for the warm words.

        As I suspected, you found that Easter egg with no problems (Aerosmith)! And yes, like Tina, I am a huge music aficionado. My library is so eclectic. Every time I play a game called Song Quiz with my friends who have an Amazon Echo (Alexa), I always kick their ass because I know the most obscure titles and artists. I pride myself on my musical knowledge.

        See ya Sunday!


    3. Hi MeLL

      Happy New Year – you just made it better with a new Post.

      Thanks for the regular posts.

      Loved this and look forward to more.

      So love the Bette and Tina in this Story, more please.


    4. Hey MeLL. Finally caught up with your story. I very much love the updates from the original. Love the interaction between Bette and Tina and cant wait to read your next posts! Thanks!!

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