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    Chapter 5

    I feel the bedside me move and a little body curling up into me, I open my arms and hold him close.

    “Mommy, too new,”

    “What is buddy?”


    “I know it’s going to be okay,” I kiss the top of his head.

    “Sleep here,”

    “Sure buddy,” I whisper as he snuggles deeper into me. I felt another arm come around my waist. I tensed slightly, even knowing it’s Bette. I still get scared of physical touch. I’m hoping this will pass. I open my eyes and see Bette’s hand gently rubbing Noah’s back, just reassuring him with her touch. This woman is remarkable.  I look down at Noah, his head resting against my chest. Making himself comfortable.

    “Do you have enough room?” Bette asked softly.

    “Could use a little more,” I say softly.

    I feel her move and I can move in the middle of the bed, Noah comes too, so he isn’t falling of the edge of the bed. The feeling of love and support is amazing too me. I’ve never felt this happy.




    I move around the kitchen making breakfast for us all as Noah sits at the island watching me.



    “What we going to do today?”

    “I thought we could go and explore, maybe get you some new sneakers. You’ve got a hole in those ones,” I point to his feet.

    “Yeah, they broken.”

    I shake my head at his words as Bette comes down the stairs and joins us, she looks stunning.

    “What’s broken?” Bette asked, taking a seat next to Noah, he grins at her.

    “My sneakers. Look,” He shows her the whole in his sneakers.

    “Well that’s no good we will have to get you some new ones.”

    “You’re not working today?” I ask, knowing it’s Monday and she would have work.

    “I’ve taken a day off, its fine. Right we will have breakfast then we will head into the city how does that sound,”

    “Are there trains underground here?” Noah asks. I smile at him. When I decided we were moving to New York I’d got him a book on the city to help him.

    “There are, would you like to go on the subway? It can get very busy.” Bette asked

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    1. UK. You are a very good writer with great imagination. Please continue and don’t ever give up. You have many fans who enjoy your stories. I look forward to more chapters. Thank you for your hard work. You go girl!

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