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    Chapter 5 – Naked heart

    Today was election day, and today Tina was flying to Toronto. Or thought it would. She woke up in the morning and her first thought after waking up was that she didn’t want to leave. There was a lot of work to do, people were waiting for her, but she felt physically unable to leave, at least until the results of the mayoral election were known. She wanted to be here to congratulate Bette personally if she won and support her if she lost. On the other hand, she wondered if her ex-wife needed it now. Yesterday, she was very closed and distant, no doubt Tina understood her behavior. She felt guilty about Bette, and she wanted to fix it somehow, so that their relationship would at least be less strained. At least we’re back to the level we were when Tina came to LA.She thought about how to explain this to Carrie. It would look very strange if Tina delayed her return. It is unlikely that her fiancee will take it calmly and without questions. Carrie missed Tina and waited for her to return.

    Tina called her assistant to say that she would be staying for a couple more days. It wasn’t a big problem because Tina was doing her work remotely, but in a few days, she would have to be at the Studio in Toronto anyway. She was engaged in a large project, the production of which was already coming to an end and there was really a lot of work.

    Tina packed up and went to ”Dana’s” for breakfast. Alice suggested that we meet before Tina’s scheduled departure. She didn’t know yet that her friend was planning to stay. You can’t say that Tina and Alice have been very close lately, but they certainly were and will be a family. They might not be able to communicate for a while just because of the work and employment of both, but they still loved each other and knew that they had each other.

    «Wow, T! It’s nice that you stayed! I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you earlier. The show is being filmed, kids, wives, you know” Alice was happy to see her friend, she spoke quickly and ate her salad at the same time

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    1. Great chapter!

      I want to take Bette in my arms and give her a good and long hug. She needs to rest, take her mind of everthing, maybe a vacation will do her good.

      Even a little bit drunk she told Tina how she felt and yes Tina can be very cruel but is also a very loving, caring person.
      It is sad that she is always hurting Bette the most.

      Carrie just jumped on the plain to see Tina
      She doesn’t deserve the way Tina treats her too. She knows that she is already losing her. She was bold in the restaurant, good for her. Shows she has a backbone.

      Tina, please stop hurting the people who love you. Go to therapy and sort your self out. Don’t string Bette and Carrie along.

      Did i say i want to hug Bette?!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. Sorry, but not sorry for Bette. I always wondering which Bette are more real – selfish, ego-centric and hypocrite Bette from s1 TLW or much better her version from s5-s6 TLW. Well seems that Bette from s1 are won in NY – Bette who always take Tina for granted, for whom her work always was more important than her partner.
      So i’m not blaming Tina for leaving that Bette – i would leave her too and left her with her most important thing for Bette – her work.

      P.S. Maybe it’s not Tina but Bette need to therapy – to understand what really important to her?

      • It seems to me that Bette in s1 and s6 is still the same person, only in different ways. Like all of us, she has several aspects of her personality, and they manifest differently at different times. Selfishness, and then full involvement of the partner. As for therapy – I think if they want to repair their relationship, they will need therapy for both of them, because it is always a two-way job. Thanks for your feedback and for reading the rest of the story!

    3. Personally, I am crushed for Bette. She is at this moment in a very low place. She has lost everything but Angie. Her ex-wife shows up and falls into bed with her and gives her hope that a reconciliation is possible and the next morning proclaims to Angie and to her that it was all a big mistake. Bette senses that Tina is on the verge of making a commitment to Carrie and when that happens, all hope of a reconciliation will be done and dusted.

      Tina is not ready to talk to either Carrie or to Bette as those conversations will require Tina to announce her intended path forward. And at this point, Tina does not know what her path forward is.

      Bette has in her drunken state revealed how she feels about Tina. I am surprised that Tina sees this as the first time Bette has open her heart to her in their entire relationship. If the original TLW is the basis of this story, there have been multiple times that Bette has opened her heart and told Tina how much she loves her, depends upon her and needs her. And when there are problems, most of the time the root cause is not from one party. The solution is will not be from just one party either.

      In a story on this web site, a writer had Shane tell Tina a bit of wise advise which was: People treat you in a manner that you allow them to. I think that is true of almost everyone. If Bette was being the all self-absorbed, dominating figure in the relationship, its because Tina allowed her to be that way. Its up to Tina to make Bette aware of her behavior and hold her accountable for it. Its up to Bette to acknowledge what she is doing and make adjustments. But if Tina allows it to go on day after day and never say anything until one day she packs her bags and leaves, then this is Tina’s fault as well. In this story, we do not know how that played out prior to their separation and divorce. Breakups are almost never one sided.

      And a true reconciliation can only occur when they can see the faults, the problems from the other’s point of view then to make the adjustments and communications to keep it from happening again. And both parties need to desire a reconciliation and commit to working on one. Or you can choose just to leave and put the relationship in the rear view mirror and allow the chips to fall where they may.

      Actually, I thought this was a very good chapter. I think that Bette expression of her feelings what very necessary. Unfortunately, I do not think she is in the right frame of mind to hear a response so it really was not a conversation but more like a pronouncement. But that’s okay. Tina now knows what Bette is feeling at the moment. Perhaps this will be helpful for Tina to make her way forward.

      As to Carrie? I am surprised that she showed up unannounced. From the phone conversations, it is obvious that Tina is not ready to talk. What would give Carrie the inspiration to get on a plane and travel 2000 miles to see Tina unless she thought that she was about to lose Tina.? This move could be the final straw that pushes Tina away from her. That is a high risk move for Carrie to take. Carrie should gleaned from the fact that Tina was not bubbling over with joy to see her at the door that this trip may have sign their relationship to the trash heap. Tina was irritated that she was there not happy and grateful like you would expect a newly engaged couple to be.

      Thank you for this chapter… look forward to more…

      • Thank you for reading this! As for Bette’s revelation to Tina – yes, she often talked about love and was sincere in TLW, but Bette always tried to keep her weakness to herself. And even in front of Tina, it used to open, but something was still hidden, and this is normal. In this chapter, I tried to show how every last drop of her feelings came out. It may not be exactly what it looked like in my head, but I don’t discount the way Bette was shown to us in the original TLW. In addition, drunken revelation is also something new for Bette, if we remember her in previous seasons. ❤️

    4. I also liked this chapter. Bette has suffered a great deal. Losing both Tina and Kit is almost a bridge too far. And losing the election and being told her night with Tina was a mistake and sensing even more is coming from Tina – Bette – once again feels like a total failure. This is not the first time we have seen a broken and shattered Bette. It is not surprising that she turns to alcohol to numb the pain and find the courage to express herself to Tina. Bette needs help. She has always been harder on herself than is deserved. And I think she is willing to take it because Tina is her soul mate. Sadly, Tina is also both her blessing and her curse as this chapter reveals.

      In reality, the Bette and Tina we got to see together over the span of the original series does not add up to much actual screen time. Lots of little scenes with minimal dialogue. That is how the show was shot. That is what we have to work with. So assumptions are made. And we know nothing about the last 10-11 years. And even more assumptions are made. Adding one more into the mix: one has to assume that over the course of two decades Bette expressed her feelings to Tina. Sticking with the original show: Consider the back porch conversation in which a crying Bette asked Tina to tell her why she was difficult to be in a relationship with and the elevator conversation when Bette said she was afraid to try again and explained why. Is that all there was? I think not. But these are two mere snippets of dialogue that were shared with the audience. We the viewers saw much longer segments of a totally broken Bette in season 2 and Tina was not present. We know Bette contemplated suicide and drank heavily. The Bette in this chapter of your story is very similar to the Bette Alice and Shane had to put to bed in season 2. Too often Bette is caricatured as the driven character in season 1 of the original series. Bette is so much more complex than that snapshot in time. Your story is showing us that deeper character. I am interested in seeing where you take us.

    5. They always say that alcohol is liquid courage. I feel like Bette is involuntarily her most vulnerable when she’s been drinking. That’s when we see the real Bette. This was the manifestation of that. We finally saw Bette admit that her weakness is Tina. Having Tina come home, sleep together, then deny the feelings it brings up,, and then to lose the election, final breaking point for anyone.

      Tina needed to hear the realness of Bette even if she was drunk. She’s hurting both Bette and Carrie. Neither deserve that from Tina. Tina needs to do as my grandmother used to say, put on your big girl panties and take a stand.

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