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    The Tibette Collection – Full Circle

    Author’s Note –

    Well this season of GQ could end any which way we could ever imagine. Lots of theories & hopes – but we just don’t know yet for sure.

    So here’s my take on what coming ‘Full Circle’ could mean for Tibette. I’m sure there will be several takes on this topic in the upcoming weeks. Please enjoy this one.

    Remember a few key points for this story –

    Blame for the demise of a marriage is shared.

    Chapter 1 is from one wife’s perceptive. Chapter 2 will be the thoughts, admissions and regrets from the other wife. The additional chapter will be about forgiveness and where their future paths lead – either together or separately.

    So give this one a try & let me know what you think.

    Thanks for reading.

                                                                 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Full Circle – Part 1 of 2

    The Art Gallery – Opening Night LA 2021

    Bette . . .  Pippa  . . . over here!” A reporter yelled out once again attempting to get Bette Porter’s attention. “Look this way . . .  This way!”

    There was a sea of reporters, journalists and photographers all gathered around the art couple on the outside of the massive gallery in downtown LA. The Zakarian Gallery was the most prestigious art complex in all of LA, if not the country. The press and media people pressed closer and closer towards Bette and Pippa. Everyone wanted a piece of the suddenly darling couple of the LA if not the entire USA art world. With Zakarian’s reputation and influence behind them, probably they would be the world’s favorite too. But fortunately for tonight, the jostling crowd couldn’t get within 15 feet of the women.

    Isaac Zakarian, the world renowned international art dealer and Bette’s newly recent boss, had specifically arranged for extra security for the gala opening tonight in anticipation of something such as this as happening. He knew Bette Porter was an influential player on the art stage and she was in high demand by many other enterprises for her expertise and business savvy. Directors and artists alike wanted to work with her.

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    1. Great to see new stories for you, thank you!

      I must say i love the first half – especially Bette’s part of thoughts why their marriage not worked out te way they hoped. I also hope we can read Tina’s side.

      On other site i read interesting thoughs from some person about what could happen between them –

      “When Bette is giving a lecturing TLW S1, Tina is told (by the guy they take home) that TiBette are really beautiful, she is able to accept what others notice. They are a beautiful and desirable couple. GQ Carrie tells Tina, Bette is in love with you. Tina doesn’t think Bette loves her anymore. Carrie tells Tina how incredible she is. I don’t think Bette told Tina that enough. TLW S6 Bette tells Tina I want to marry you, Tina replies, “Really?”.

      IMO Bette doesn’t tell Tina how much she loves her and appreciates what she brings to their relationship”

      And of course – waiting for the next part – who can it be?

      • Hey Z,

        So pleased you like this first part – i literally took me 4 days to write & proof. It was like the words just put themselves on paper & the chapter was written.

        We’ll get some of the other person’s perspective in the next chapter.

        I’ve been following the reactions on SM to these first 2 episodes of this season & saw that comment about Tina & her possible feelings over the years.

        Don’t know if I will use that in this next chapter – but it does have validity. Bette has that tendency to be self absorbed & blocks out anything & everything else.
        We’ll see.

        So who do you think is on that step??

        Thanks for giving this a chance.

        Until next time – stay safe.

      • I too raised an eyebrow that Tina was a bit surprised that Bette proposed to her. Those two were soooo in sync at that point they were finishing one another’s sentences and shaking their heads in agreement, often with the same ear-to-ear smiles! HeHeHe!!! Go back and watch TLW season 6.

        Tina was a “Rock Star” in Bette’s eyes and she was ready to follow Tina nywhere!!!

        Anywho! I think Tina is having a hard time believing that Bette could be “in love” with her in as pure a love as they once shared bc she’s STILL feeling guilty about failure to help Bette & Angie during Kit’s horrible auto accident, subsequent addiction to pain killers and eventual demise.

        To our knowledge, Tina has not, in any meaningful way helped the CRUSHED soul of Bette to heal from that loss. Short of being on her OWN deathbed she should have moved heaven and earth to be with her family. To attend the funeral at the very least bc she had loved Kit

        • Hey D,

          Yes, they were so in love in OG season 6. If only we could go back & see them get married. Right?

          Tina not willingly realizing that Bette is still so much in love with her could be a factor to the here & now, but not what drove them to divorce.

          Agree that she should have returned for Kit’s funeral. But remember, this is GQ where NONE of the characters that we KNOW & care about are acting normal or logical.

          In a normal world – sane – realistic storyline – Tina would have been there for her FAMILY.

          Thanks for sharing.

    2. You had me hoping Tina would show up. My heart hurts for Bette. I don’t watch the show anymore. Not a fan of Rosie. Just viewing the pictures on Facebook, and how old and frumpy looking they make The Tina character, hoping she will fit with Rosie’s Carrie.

      I hope Tina comes to her senses and realizes their love and passion for each other is enough. You don’t need another person to make you whole. Settling for someone because they give you the attention you crave just shows you lack self confidence. Poor communication and sometimes bad timing was definitely one of their downfalls.

      Looking forward to reading Tina’s thoughts on her part of the demise of their marriage.

      • Hi Cathy,

        Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your thoughts. I appreciate the gesture.

        I here you about not watching the show. I’m only doing so because I was able to get Showtime for free for 3 months with a promo from by provider. Otherwise I would not have paid Showtime for it.

        It is disgraceful how they are portraying Tina – Marjshit!! should be ashamed – but she’s not. Ugh!!!

        We’ll see in them next chapter what Tina thinks & feels.

        Have hope!!!

        Thanks so much & please take care & stay healthy!

    3. Collins,

      Wow, you took the bull by the horns here. Love the story idea. This is certainly better than what BS we are getting with GQ2.

      Thought your musings about Bette’s thoughts and feelings were spot on. Like you were inside her head and taking a long walk and pointing out pieces of her life along the way. If only we could have gotten just some of this in OG and GQ. But that would be asking for too much! The writers and Marja just aren’t up to the task.

      Really liked what you said about Tina after Angie was born. About her possibly suffering from post partum depression. IC had a perfect opportunity to delve into that and didn’t. She took the cheap/easy way and just had Tina think that being normal would be able her being in a hetro relationship. That was just so ridiculous.

      Like you noted, there are many reasons why a marriage doesn’t work and both partners play a role in its demise. I am really looking forward to how you present Tina’s point of view.

      Think we all kinda know who’s on that step!!!

      Thanks for giving us this slice of hope.

      • Hey K,

        So glad you like this take on season 2. Anything could be better than the mess on Showtime.

        As writers, we try our best to get inside the heads & hearts of our characters & convey those impressions onto the written page. Some are more successful than others, but the intention is always to enlighten the reader to possibilities that they may not have considered before.

        This idea of the depression as a contributing factor for Tina’s behavior & actions in OG has been in my mind for a long time. It will play a role in the next 2 chapters also. You will see a wide range of issues that Tina will expose & discuss & muss about to. Like I said, it takes 2 to make a marriage & 2 to break a marriage.

        Agree with you about IC – she certainly missed a huge opportunity.
        So we have fanfiction to correct those mistakes!!

        You’re perceptive – you should know who’s on those steps!!!

        Thanks again & be safe.

        • Totally agree with you about the depression.
          My sister in law suffered from it after her first child was born for several months. I felt so bad for her. But she got help and with the family support has been a great mom and person.

          Definitely believe it takes two to tango as in all things.

          Thanks for your honesty and explaining your thought process. I love to read what authors’ think and how that influences their work.

          Yes, please continue on with the fanfiction. It’s great!!

          Yeah, I guess I do know who’s on those steps. Better late than never.

          Thank you for this.

          • Sorry to hear about your sister in law. That’s a tough t situation, Glad that she was able to seek help & improved.

            I think having been an original fan & reading so many great stories about Tibette over the years has definitely helped in my writing style & abilities.

            I am working on the follow up chapter as we chat. Thinking there will have to be a chpt 3 also because there is so much to be said & for them to have to work out.

            Yes, you DO know who is on those steps!!!

            Take care my friend.

    4. Wonderfully current is this story Collins.

      Like how U’ve blending current GenQ reality with the filler of Bette’s revelations about her impact in the love relationship she had with Tina. Specifically, I really like how she finally came to realize that “saying I love you” withOUT the corresponding ACTIONS to demonstrate was probably a big contributor as to whether Tina had “forgiven” her to the point of relinquishing her whole life to Bette’s care

      Also like how you reminded us that, in all likelihood, Tina was suffering from post-mortem depression and was finding it EXTREMEMLY hard to believe that Bette loved her, her body, after the C-section birth of Angie. After all, if at (what seemed) the drop of a hat, Bette ran off a Fu*kd the carpenter, and STAYED with her for a spell (having a difficult time deciding if she wanted to try and make things right with Tina, what could Tina do that would keep Bette’s interest??

      Angie was anxious about wanting Bette to open the letter she left in her office to the point of reminding Bette about it and had been checking her phone for a “text” and “scanned the front entrance for the 5th time in two minutes”, my guess, was expecting Tina to appear (even if the opening was all but over”.

      I’m thinking that Tina has gifted Bette with the earrings that she had “accidentally” lost that 1st night of their meeting in the gallery, 20yrs earlier . . . . And I definitely, feel like Tina is at the door of her office . . . . . We’ll see

      • Hiya D,

        Thanks for the kudos – appreciate your support.

        People enter into marriage with lots of different expectations & hopes. I’m sure even Tibette had things they wanted differently in their marriage than they had in just their relationship. But as the years slide by & we get deeper into ourselves, we sometimes stop doing the little things we did when we were younger & wanted to demonstrate to our partner just how much they mean to us. Not being present in a relationship can eventually lead to its demise. I think that is partly what happened to Tibette & we will dig into that in the next chapter.

        I tried to leave little clues along the way in the chapter to hint at the reason for Bette’s hallow feeling this evening – that something is just missing. The love of her life.

        Ah, yes, the earrings – we’ll see, just another hint.

        I’m sure in your heart you know who’s on that step.

        Until the next chapter, thanks so much for commenting. It means a lot.

        Take care of yourself & family.

        Forever Tibette!!

    5. I love the way you have laid this out, The flow was excellent. I can envision Bette throughout the entire chapter in her retrospective frame of mind. Yes, it should be one of the top highlights of her career, but it seems hallow because the love of her life isn’t there.

      Like DumplinT said – Bette’s realizations are on point. If we are to believe that Tina needed space from their marriage, Bette is partially to blame. Did she not demonstrate to Tina enough that she cherished and loved her beyond measure during their marriage? Did she unconsciously make Tina feel like she was an afterthought at times? Why was Tina afraid to voice these concerns?

      We’ve seen that communication on both their parts ad been horrid through the years. Did it get worse in NYC to the point where they both stopped telling each other their troubles? Looking forward to Tina’s thoughts and how both of their actions lead them down the path to divorce.

      I too picked up on all hints you left about Angie and her role in the opening event to keep Tina at the forefront of Bette’s thoughts. I like that you provide us with little tidbits of information too about how Bette and Tina have acted with Angie over the years. This is a really good device you use in all your stories to tell the backstory and I treasure those moments.

      Like in this chapter, the side story of Tina teaching Angie about unconditional love for someone else with all the gifts for the openings for Bette. Tina wanted Angie to appreciate everything that Bette did for them professionally to provide for them as a family. And Angie demanding Bette’s attention when she was younger. Angie leaving little clues along the way the night of the event about Tina. Her giving Bette the earrings for the opening – I saw that right away as foreshadowing – cleaver Collins! Then Angie wearing the same perfume as Tina to give Bette the impression Tina was near. Then Angie looking for her Mama T and checking her phone – she knew Tina had told her she was going to be there no matter what. Angie Angie growing anxious when Tina didn’t appear. Suspense!

      Like Kira and DumplinT have noted too, that real possibility of Tina suffering from depression after giving birth and all the other stresses that she had, truly was awesome. I think we were all cheated in OG by IC not taking the time to develop those parts of their story. We only saw pieces of actions or reactions – never the reasons why situations sprung up or how each partner was feeling about the situation. IC was too focused on just throwing anything on the screen to shock us. GQ has done the same. Jennifer and Laurel made this couple so fabulous ins spite of the shit show they were given.

      So – who’s on those steps??? You know who I’m betting on. It might be Mama T to Angie, but to Bette – it’s the sultry Tina Kennard – back to claim her woman!!!

      Make it come true Collins!!

      Thanks and can’t wait for chapter 2.

      • Hi Leigh,

        What a wonderful comment – thank you.

        Bette’s not totally to blame 100% for their divorce – Tina has faults too & we’ll explore them in the next 2 chapters. But them finally talking about those issues & how to fix them is critical to their success.

        Happy to still like the throwback side scenes that fill in the blanks of their backstory. IC rarely showed Tibette parenting in a meaningful way – she probably thought it wasn’t important. But it really is in that it demonstrates to us what kind of people Tibette were & are today. That they took the time to teach Angie about life & relationships & how you thank the people you love for the sacrifices they make for you. Those are the types of stories I want to tell – get to the bottom of the feelings & actions that drive the characters.

        Tina’s response too will be multi layered & just as honest & heartfelt.

        So glad you liked the story. Working on the follow up chapter now.

        Thanks so much & be safe.

    6. Great writing…..setting up what hopefully will be Tina walking towards Bette’s office. I am no longer watching Gen Q because I am forever a Tibette fan. Very disappointed in the casting of Rosie. As an out female Rosie has always been a polarizing personality for me. In a difficult time, years ago, for LGBTQ people fighting for acceptance and equality, I felt, her aggressive, divisive, and argumentative personality as a visible out lesbian created obstacles for me in my local community. We were polar opposites. That is my choice, not to watch,and by way I am not discouraging others from watching and loving the continuation of a series that meant so much to me a decade ago. With all that being said, Collins, thank you for continuing with stories like this that are feeding my old fashioned romantic heart that believes in the power of soul mates!

      • Hey Finn,

        Thanks for taking the time out of your day to comment. It means a lot – tells me my efforts were worthwhile.

        I certainly understand your not watching GQ – it is hard to accept & difficult to watch.

        Like you, I’ve watched ROD since she first hit the scene back in the late 80’s & very early 90’s. Early on she was funny, then she became politically motivated & changed her delivery & message. She was nasty to colleagues, rude & disrespectful to staff that worked for her. She became a diva in the worst way. And I absolutely hated her obsession with Tom Cruise – I’ll leave him for another day as someone else I don’t like.
        But back to ROD – feel like she’s playing herself on GQ & getting away with it. She obviously didn’t help the ratings for the 1st episode. I find her disgusting & vulgar. Not a good fit. And her being cast as Carrie & poor LH having to work with her – double cringe!!!

        Anyway, so glad you were happy with this 1st chapter. Yes, the romantic lives inside of me & I do believe in soulmates!!

        See you on that first step in the next chapter.

        Thanks again & keep well.

        • I’ve purposely kept my comments to a minimum bc I’ve struggled to articulate my angst in my own noggin!!

          Reading comments of the PasionateFaithful about how better served in the orig LWord we would have been with even a modicum of background filler on the characters, especially wrt Tina. She remains a mystery to me . . . a frickin’ hotttt, sexy riddle.

          I may need to re-watch what’s been offered in the form of childhood/adolescent years thus far in GenQ on quite honestly, about “anybody”. Know what I mean?

    7. Everyone has expressed their opinion of this story and I would only be repeating them if I left my opinion. I am enjoying this story very much. It’s intriguing. I just hope that the mysterious visitor is not Candace Jewell or Jodi Lerner!

      • Hi Jane,

        Thanks for checking in and letting me know you are in favor of this story.

        I had to dig deep & in many ways the issues I addressed here I have believed in through the years with Tibette. Much more to come.

        Curious though why you would think of Candace or Jodi?????
        Neither character will ever appear in any of my stories. I despise both of them. I like MM as an actress & have great respect for her. But not as Jodi – she was a total B & had no regard for anyone else.

        And Candace – no comment. Pure disgust.

        Thanks for following along.

    8. Collins,

      What’s in the box?? Who’s on the stairs?? I can only hope. I wish you were a writer for GenQ because this is what should happen.

      It’s what full circle means – Bette back in the art world, but not just that – as you wrote ‘So why did she feel so hollow inside?’ Bette & Tina simply belong together.

      I love your thoughtful descriptions of all their problems through the years. how Bette cheated on Tina and didn’t fully address it; Tina’s lack of communication and you make a good case for her suffering from post-partum depression.. All leading to Tina needing to leave Bette for her own emotional well-being.

      ‘Who was she to interfere?’ Interfere, please, lol.

      Great chapter. Can’t wait for the next one.

      • Hi Westy,

        Thanks for your kind words. You know as writers, we live for the feedback from our readers.

        I wish I was a writer on GQ too & get the storylines right & back on track. I mean, do I really want to know that Micah sleeps with Maribel!!!!!!!!!!

        Anyway, I will do my very best to present the other person’s view point in the next chapter.

        Thanks for your support – it means a lot.

        Be safe.

    9. Hi Collins,

      Back from my Birthday break and it’s a pleasure to read your take on this GQ mess that messed up with our Tibette.

      I read all the comments and your answers and i have to admit that i couldn’t add more than already is said.

      I look forward to read the next chapter!

      • Hey Pal,

        So the birthday girl is back in the real world. Hope you had a fun time & enjoyed yourself.

        Glad you liked this twist on some of the things that are happening in GQ this season. I felt compelled to right the wrong storyline that has been shoved down our throats.

        Will do my best the next chapter to give the other’s point of view & make this work.

        See you on the next post.


    10. I’ve finally had the time to read that first part and I find it full of hope which is what we really need right now !

      By reading the comments on the net, we realize all the inconsistencies of the writers.
      In my opinion, the outcome of the show will probably not be what we all expect.
      I might be pessimistic but I think what JB meant with her “It’s all coming full circle” is that Bette, once again, finds a new love in an art gallery …

      Anyway, as I said a few weeks ago, we have wonderful fics to continue to bring this mythical couple to life !!

      Thank you, I look forward to the next chapter.

      • Hey Izzie,

        Thanks for the kudos on this first chapter. I had hoped that you as a reader would see the hope I had prayed would shine through in this short story. Because it is of hope, trust, forgiveness & true love.

        Agree about GQ being trash & all over the place – but then look who’s running the show. Whatever the final outcome of the show, I’m sure we will all be surprised & shocked. Disappointed – think we are already at that stage now.

        Rest assured I will continue to bring you thoughtful stories of Tibette hope & love.

        Thanks so much.

    11. C my friend,

      It has been awhile, life and all has gotten in the way of reading.

      Aways, nice introspection by Bette. Gotta love Angie.

      So very difficult to figure out what the heck is going on with GQ. Sigh… Glad you made this effort. A new version of our efforts to make sense out of the separation of our beloved Tibette.

      Looking forward to the next chapter.


      • Hey K,

        Was reading Largo’s newest update/recap on the GQ mess this season & saw that you left a comment here.

        Yes, It has been a while & I hope all is well with you.

        I just had the URGE to write this when GQ started back up this year. I think I wrote it in 4 or 5 days.
        But I will admit I am struggling with the 2nd chapter – so much to unpack. But I’ve made some progress on it this week & it should be ready to post within a week. But it will be a 3 chapter story – there’s just too much to fit into 2 chapters & the last one will be how they ‘fix’ this mess from GQ.

        Thanks for reading & as always, I love your thoughts.

        Be safe out your way & take care my friend.

    12. Collins, please update this story when you can. I know some of the authors appear to be having some difficulty posting. I keep coming back to this entry hoping for an update. Miss your entries!

      • Hi Finn,

        Thanks for reaching out – appreciate it so much.

        I actually have an update almost ready to go. Honestly, the GQ final episode got me thinking that I needed to add a little more to the chapter update & I’m working on the revision now.

        Look to see the update posted in a few days.

        Take care my friend & again, thanks so much for your thoughtfulness.

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