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    Chapter 5 – Day Four at the Beach House

    Sometime around 4:00 am, Tina began to wake up. She had been having rather erotic dreams which had not completed themselves. She looked at Bette who was sleeping with a strange little smile on her face.

    Tina could not resist stroking her hips and arm as she lay sleeping. She suddenly flipped over and Tina could see her nipples protruding through the fabric of her top. Tina then stroked Bette’s abdomen and arm. Tina then began to stroke Bette’s breasts through the shirt and she heard her make a slight moan. Tina then decided to put her hand up under the shirt and felt her perfectly formed breasts.

    Bette’s breathing began to show signs of arousal. She pulled the shirt up so her breasts were exposed and Tina began to kiss and suck on the nipples and areolas.  Bette’s eyes sprang open as she began to feel the caressing of her breasts.

    Bette: Oh Tina, my god that feels good.

    Tina then raised herself and kissed Bette and then kissed her with her tongue sliding in and out of her mouth.  Bette was moaning with pleasure. Bette then flipped Tina on her back and began to kiss her face and neck. Tina feeling already arousal from her dreams was now feeling more aroused. Bette then slowed down and started to play with Tina’s breasts.

    Bette:  Good morning T. Are you trying to tell me something?

    Tina:  Uh sort of.

    Bette:  Are you horny?

    Tina:  Somewhat?

    Bette:  Let me see.

    Bette slide her hand down the front of her pajama bottoms and felt her wetness. She began fingering her clit and inner labia and the mouth to her honey pot.

    Bette:  Yep, your horny alright…you want to tell me how this happened?

    Tina:  I was having a dream and I woke up before I came.

    Bette:  So, you want a little assistance in that area, do you?

    Tina:  Oh Bette, you are driving me crazy.

    Bette (in a whisper): Well dear, if I’m going to fuck you, I want you naked first. I want to see your body.

    Tina:  Help please?

    Bette took her hand out of her pants and grabbed the sides of her shorts while Tina raised her hips to get them off. Bette the stared the Tina’s hips and removed Tina’s tank top. She then removed her own top and lay down on Tina and began to smother her in kisses and licks. She put her fingers in her hair and massaged her scalp as she rubbed her body on Tina’s body. She then rolled over to her side of the bed and removed her pajama shorts.

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