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    Chapter 4 – Doin’ it in the Walk-In

    Oh how Tina loved when Bette begged. She didn’t hide her satisfied smile when she pushed her hand back between the long legs thrusting two fingers deep into Bette. Bette screamed at the swiftness putting Tina’s ferocity on pause.

    “Do you want Alice to hear you and come running?” Tina held her fingertips on Bette’s edge, flicking them lightly. Bette’s eyeballs rolled back, her eyelids fluttering.


    “Can you be quiet for me?”

    “Yesss, baby.” Bette’s throaty whisper sent a new flood of wetness to Tina’s pants.

    “Good girl.” Tina increased the urgency of her thrusts.

    Bette’s features became more angled with each twist of Tina’s fingers. She lifted her head and focused on Tina’s staggered breathing. She reached down to slow the penetration again.

    “I want you to come with me. Show me how wet you are.” Bette undid the button of Tina’s pants and quickly pushed her hand in.

    “I’m so fucking wet baby.” Tina’s fingers were slowly curling in and out of Bette.

    “Who else ever made you this wet, Tina?” Bette’s finger slid easily into her. Her thumb thumping Tina’s clit.

    “Oh my Beh…Shit…I…can’t…breathe. Fuck me!”

    Bette stood for better access to Tina’s pussy. Tina tried to shimmy her pants down a bit so Bette could fit her whole hand in her ruined lingerie.

    Their bodies pressed together, moving together in a rhythm they had perfected over so many years. An impassioned undulation of give and take, life and love.

    “Tina, I’m so so close.”

    “Me too. You feel so good.” Tina knew she would scream so she buried her head in Bette’s neck, filling her mouth with the collar of Bette’s shirt.

    Bette wrapped her free arm around Tina, holding her close as they rode each other’s fingers into a mind-blowing orgasm. They fell back together against the shelf, Bette’s legs quivering as she stared up at the harsh walk-in lights trying to catch her breath.

    Tina dropped Bette’s shirt from her mouth and rested her head in the crook of Bette’s neck.
    Her body still unconsciously writhing against Bette. “You ok?” Tina’s voice was hoarse from the gag.

    “Wow, woman, you are…I need to fucking sit down,” Bette admitted as they both slid to the floor.

    “I am…” Tina continued Bette’s thought. “…yours. Forever and ever. Only. Yours.” Tina intertwined their hands and kissed Bette’s cheek.

    “I love you.” Bette rested her head against Tina’s as both women’s chests rose in search of even breaths. “Um, T. What did you do to my shirt?”

    The striped blouse had wet stains across Bette’s chest and one side of the collar looked like it had actually been chewed.

    “Oops.” Tina scrunched her nose as a cute apology. “Can you stand up yet?” Tina helped Bette up as she redressed before reaching for the box of saran wrap.

    “What are you going to do with that?” Bette looked at Tina incredulously.

    Tina’s mischievous smile returned as she responded, “I’m going to wrap you in it.” She tilted her head flirting with her bride. “Just to cover the wet marks.”

    Tina spun the box around Bette a few times being sure to cover any evidence of their lovemaking.

    “I can’t really move my arms.”

    “It’ll stretch a bit. Hopefully we’ll be out of here soon. It’ll look like we were keeping you warm since I have your sweater.”

    “Tina?” Bette’s voice sounded coy with a tinge of hope.

    “Yes?” Tina pulled Bette’s pants up, buttoned them, and started to loop her belt.

    “Have you been thinking about fucking me only in saran wrap?”

    Tina’s eyes darted over Bette’s as she bit her bottom lip, the belt dropping back to the floor. “Is that an option?” Without waiting for a verbal answer, she promptly unzipped Bette’s pants and slid her hand inside.

    Bette bit the inside of her mouth when Tina hooked her finger under her sodden thong.

    “Again?” Tina asked with an unquenchable fire burning in her hazel eyes. She could feel Bette’s clit responding under her knuckle. “I could fuck you all day, baby.”

    “Pleeeaasse…quickly.” Bette’s black eyes never left Tina’s as Tina gave Bette her final orgasm as her ex-wife.

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    1. Really enjoyed the trip down memory lane with Tibette in the dance contest. Had thought some of the same things as they danced amid U have been the 1st to let the imagination explode.

      And being stuck in the freezer???? Those two would absolutely have been doing it in the freezer!! HeHeHE.

      Their creative shared passion for sex, loving/fckng each other would still be at maximum NO matter the age. In fact even better bc they really trusted each other in expressing the inner soul & body.

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