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    Chapter 4 – Doin’ it in the Walk-In

    Bette and Tina cut through the kitchen to get back to their suite. Swinging their hands between them, Tina felt much more assured about the upcoming festivities. She had found the wedding planner, thanked Tess for saving the day, double checked with Alice if she was in fact ordained to marry them, and checked the reception area to make sure everything was where she wanted it.

    Bette watched Tina in reverence interacting with the different people that were putting the finishing touches on their special day. The many faces of Tina Kennard appeared that morning but Bette’s favorite was how she looked right now. Walking hand in hand, not knowing Bette was stealing glances of her radiance, Tina had her head slightly down, her hazel eyes cast just a few feet in front of her. Her blonde hair still in a messy bun, loose strands fell over one eye. The light through the open doors cast a golden glow over her face. Bette could see she was cheerful, her dimples stretching across her cheek. A slight blush cast over her chest under the emerald top. When Tina wore green Bette considered herself walking with sunshine personified.

    Bette lovingly rubbed her thumb over Tina’s soft hand.

    “And what are you smirking at?”

    “I was just thinking this must be how you are on set. Dealing with all different types of personalities but you’re all take charge and-”

    “And demanding?” Tina interrupted, stopping to look up at Bette’s reaction. “Am I being a monster?”

    “No, no. I wouldn’t use that word.”

    “We didn’t have a big wedding before, I just want everything to be perfect.”

    “I know.” Bette hesitated. “Are you sure that’s all it is?”

    Tina laced her fingers between Bette’s. “What do you mean?”

    Bette was aware of the scurry of people around them and contemplated if she should follow through with her question. But she knew it was now or never. She wanted to make sure she didn’t force Tina into this ceremony.

    “Can I ask you something?”

    “Of course baby.”

    “And please answer me truthfully. Don’t worry about hurting me. Please.”

    “Bette you’re scaring me.” Tina searched Bette’s face for any kind of tell as to what this was about.

    Bette’s posture straightened. She brought her free hand to her hip and released her fingers from Tina’s to scratch up the back of her head. Her eyes scanned the ceiling before they found Tina again. “Do you really want to get married?”

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    1. Really enjoyed the trip down memory lane with Tibette in the dance contest. Had thought some of the same things as they danced amid U have been the 1st to let the imagination explode.

      And being stuck in the freezer???? Those two would absolutely have been doing it in the freezer!! HeHeHE.

      Their creative shared passion for sex, loving/fckng each other would still be at maximum NO matter the age. In fact even better bc they really trusted each other in expressing the inner soul & body.

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