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    Chapter 3 – The Gift

    Shane’s phone rang on the table while she tucked the last strands of hair into Angie’s high bun. Tina saw that it was Tess as she held up Angie’s shirt towards her daughter, examining it for any stubborn wrinkles.

    “It’s Tess-” Tina started to say before Alice knocked into her to pick up Shane’s phone, answer it, and put it to her friend’s ear.

    “Geez Al.”

    Angie chuckled catching her mom’s elbow as she stumbled into her lap. She tried not to full out laugh when she saw the irritation rushing over Tina’s face.

    Shane directed her phone conversation away from Tina’s suspicious stare.

    “Ok. Yes. Yup. Ok. Thanks. Yup. K. Give me ten minutes.” Shane secretly gave a thumbs up to Alice.

    Tina looked back and forth between her oldest friends, confused by their behavior. Nothing had changed between the two over the last twenty-five years. Their dynamic still being like a comfy pair of pants in the group, and their antics still unabashedly funny and endearing. Tina considered herself lucky that they didn’t disown her when she left Bette. She knew it would’ve been easy for them to do so, and she would’ve deserved it, but even as they grew apart a bit during the divorce, the women still treated her like family. She always appreciated how they made Angie a priority, and it still comforts her watching them each have such a unique relationship with her daughter. Tina couldn’t imagine this day without them. The way they always believed in her and Bette together, always saying how they belonged together, always their little cheerleaders even when it appeared hopeless. She likes to think they were the catalyst in their recent reconciliation, putting the universe’s plan into motion, rekindling the twin flames that never lost their final ember.

    Shane gave Angie another look over and winked at her in the mirror. “So, Tess is here. I’m going to go meet her and then I need to get dressed. I will see you all later.”

    Tina’s wide-eyed glare caused Shane to stop picking up her products and instead hurry towards the door. “I’ll just leave these here in case we need last minute fixes. Ok then. Bye!”

    Tina’s expression froze as she let too many thoughts escape her mouth at once without taking a breath. “Tess is here? I thought you broke up? You said she wasn’t coming. What if we have too many people and not enough dinners? We need to tell the caterer about the extra meal. Has the wedding planner even arrived yet?”

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