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    Chapter 4- Home/ How they met

    -WHAT? Tina started yelling 


    Because Tina was yelling Kelly quickly came to Bette’s bedroom and opened the door. 

    -Wait, you two aren’t fighting? 

    The two shook their head

    -But I’ve never heard anything this loud come from Bette’s room that weren’t loud moans, or ‘FUCK’ 

    The look that Tina gave Bette after Kelly had said that made Bette blush. 

    Then Kelly left 

    -You’re that good huh? 

    -Sadly you’ll never know 

     Unless.. Bette said slipping her hand around Tina’s waist 

    -I don’t think so, said the blonde

    Bette tried to take her hand back but Tina had stopped her

    -Wait, I actually do like it when someone holds me, would you mind spooning? 

    -Spooning? Bette asked smiling 

    -What, you’ve never spooned with anyone? Tina asked

    Bette shook her head

    -Well no I haven’t, didn’t I just tell you I sleep with women, but not actually sleep with them.

    -OH MY GOD, you poor baby. For tonight I’ll be the big spoon, I’ll hold you and you’ll notice how nice it is to have someone close to you, how nice it is to have someone hold you, come on turn around 


    -Don’t you T me, come on, however next time I get to be the little spoon. 

    -Next time huh? 

    -Shut up, if we really are that good of friends, you know we’ll hang out a lot more, which will result in sleepovers. 

    -But not the kind of sleepovers I want huh? 

    -Bette Tina said, stretching out the older woman’s name. 

    -Hey T? 


    -What about Kelly’s room?

    -What about Kelly’s room? 

    -You could take it. 

    Tina looked up, over Bette’s shoulder. 

    -Think about it, it’s off campus, you have a lot more room. And you have a kitchen entirely for yourself, because I don’t cook. 

    -So you want me here, so I can cook meals for you? 

    -The company would be nice too. 


    The next two weeks Tina had stayed over at Bette’s or Bette had stayed over at Tina’s place. They had told themselves it was because Tina was packing and changing her address because she decided she was actually going to move in with Bette, and take Kelly’s old room. 

    The first night Tina had finally officially moved into, now their apartment, she had asked for a sleepover. 

    -We’ll have a sleep over now every night T.

    -Yeah but can we like, just share this again, I mean, I have kind of gotten used to having you sleep with me.

    -Yeah, and I can’t believe I’ve slept with you so many times and have kept my hands to myself, can’t believe I sleep with a woman that doesn’t want me and doesn’t make any moves herself. 

    After they had eaten their pizza, which they both felt really deserved after unloading the final of Tina’s boxes, Bette walked towards Tina’s room. 

    -What are you doing? Tina asked

    -You don’t want to go to bed yet? 

    -I do, but I don’t understand why you’re going to my room. 

    -You have a double bed T. 

    -I know, I just 

    Tina didn’t know what to say. Bette noticed and quickly said: ‘I’m just going to get that blanket of yours, because it’s way bigger and so we don’t have to fight over it during the night. 



    Just when Tina was looking back at their memories together, now noticing how Bette might have shown a bit more interest than just friendship, the blonde’s doorbell rang. 

    She walked towards her door and opened it. 



     Can I come in?



    1. These two are just not right… starting a friendship when one wants more than and continuing this relationship without sex for a decade? A severe mental deficiency in both of them….

      Thanks for the chapter…

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