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    Chapter 4- Home/ How they met

    Chapter 4 – Home/ how they met 

    Tina had been laying awake the entire night, twisting and turning, repeating what her friend and her friend’s girlfriend had said. Well, girlfriend? Tina didn’t even know Bette was dating Jodie. But that didn’t matter right now, did Bette love her? Of course she knew Bette loved her, she had been so kind and nice to Tina ever since the two of them had met in their college class room. Had Bette made a move on her then? 

    12 years ago 

    Bette was sitting on the right side of the classroom, somewhere in the middle, next to the window looking outside. She felt the end of summer rest on her face and heard other students laughing outside. She loved this feeling. She was a bit nervous for her next class. She took film history as extra credit thinking it could help her when she entered the art world. Definitely when mixed media had become the next big thing. She would take the course with first year film students who were three years younger than her, so she wasn’t planning on making friends. 

    Surprisingly the class started to fill up, which Bette hadn’t expected considering they got a classroom and not an aula. But she knew this would dial down when the weeks would progress. Bette would definitely keep attending classes, her father already didn’t like the fact his daughter was doing something with art, so the least she could do was excel. 

    15 minutes after class started there was a loud knock on the door, and it immediately opened after the knock and a kind voice said: ‘Sorry, I didn’t know it would be so loud, can I come in?’ 

    Their professor had just waved at the right side of the classroom where a couple places were still vacant. Bette tried to not focus on the blonde walking straight towards her, but she did. 

    The blonde took the seat next to her and took her stuff. Bette couldn’t quite grasp what the great smell was that was coming from the blonde, but it reminded her of fresh cut grass, the summer feeling, sunscreen and ice cream. The smell was life bearing. The blonde kept keeping stuff out of her bag, Bette was impressed by how much had been in the blonde’s tote bag. 

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    1. These two are just not right… starting a friendship when one wants more than and continuing this relationship without sex for a decade? A severe mental deficiency in both of them….

      Thanks for the chapter…

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