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    Chapter 5 – Home to Santa Monica

    Ten Years After – Volume 3 – Home Sweet Home

    Chapter 5 – Home to Santa Monica

     The next morning came early. Bette and Tina scurried around the hotel room packing, and doing their morning grooming routines, until the breakfast arrived. Everything was ready to go. Bette had the tapes of the conversations they had recorded from Gabriel Scott and Harriette Myers. Since she had gotten a complete nights’ sleep, she wanted to listen to the interviews again on the way home. She then decided that she would write a report much in the format of a term paper and make copies to present to Paris, Kit and Mary.  She would have them over for lunch on a Saturday while Daniel was out and go through her findings. And hopefully, the major questions would be answered for everyone.

    At breakfast, Bette looked and Tina and asked if the trip had been worth it. Tina looked at Bette and asked “What do we know that we didn’t a week ago?”  When Bette began to put down the bullet points, she realized that yes, the search had very much been worth it. Some of the things which they had guessed at, turned out to be true. But some of the assumptions they had made did not hold water when compared to the evidence. They had assumed that Melvin wanted to separate Mary from Paris. But that was not what was on his mind. It was the tax implications of giving a scholarship. They had assumed that Melvin had withheld the information on Mary as some kind of vendetta against Mary. But that did not appear to be the case either. Paris had ended up in England due to a misunderstanding of the tax law. They had assumed that Melvin thought of his children as property or symbols of his own accomplishments. But that did not appear to be the case either. He just did not know how to be vulnerable with his children. And thus, he missed a lot of closeness and understanding of who his children were. And they never understood the man that Melvin William Potter was.

    Bette then realized that for once she really thought she understood the man who was her father. He was not a perfect man, even though he tried very hard to portray the perfect man. He had his own weaknesses and strengths. And whether his girls knew it or not, he always loved them and wanted only the best for them.

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