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    Chapter 41 – Nice Visual

    Streets of West Hollywood

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Bette slapped her steering wheel as she continued her drive home. Shaking her head at herself, she couldn’t believe she had actually resisted a sure thing. Tina was so ready for the taking. Of all times for her common sense and conscience to take over, tonight had to be the night they colluded against her physical desire. She felt cheated, but at the same time, she was proud of herself.

    Admitting to herself that she started to like Tina was difficult given the circumstances.

    What are you thinking, she’s straight for Chrissakes!  Bette was trying to talk herself out of her feelings but to no avail.

    In the past, being a straight girl’s experiment was a welcomed endeavor for Bette. It was a symbiotic relationship which provided her with a quick and dirty lay while at the same time providing the experience that those straight girls were seeking in one form or another. No strings. No feelings. No problem.

    Except where Tina was now concerned, it could be a problem. A huge problem. Bette knew that they needed to have a discussion about where this thing with them could go. It was scary, but so very necessary. She resolved to talk to Tina about their potential at lunch tomorrow.

    I get to see her again tomorrow.  The thought made Bette smile again.

    Pulling into the driveway, Bette could hear the familiar sound of Alice’s guitar coming from the backyard. She rolled her windows up and killed the engine. She walked towards the back and saw that all four of her neighbors were in the studio. Tayo and Alice were standing side-by-side playing together and Shane was just behind them tapping the bongos as they all stared at the Macbook Pro set up on the table.

    Carmen had her headphones around her neck but sat on Tayo’s bed listening to her fellow band members as they played. She noticed Bette walking up the driveway.

    “Hey, Little Porter!” she greeted their manager.

    “Hi, Carmen.” She stood at the doorway of the studio. The other three looked at her and smiled as she nodded at them.

    Bette saw Angus on the laptop screen through the FaceTime window. He was playing a few guitar licks that were unfamiliar to her. She stood by and watched the virtual jam session until Angus cut it short and looked back up at the camera.

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    1. Bummer, my comment got not through😐

      I wish you a Happy New Year MeLL!!!

      Love the interaction between Bette and Tina, they are both honest about what they want.

      Please relax and enjoy your birthmonth!!!

    2. New chapters! Yeah! Thanks MeLL :-) And happy New Year to you too. Take it easy with the hangover. Birth month? Congrats! So you’re partying throughout January? Nice concept…have to keep that in mind ’til April ;-P

      I have an early day tomorrow so I’m off to bed (it’s 11 pm over here) and won’t comment on your postings today.
      See you tomorrow and take care

      • Several of my friends and I have birthdays over the next few weeks. We used to call it birthweeks, but have just upped the game to birthmonth. My liver will hate me by the time it gets a reprieve on Ash Wednesday. 😜

        And yes, you should party the entire month of April. We celebrate a little thing called 420 over here around that time. I’ll let you Google it. 😎

        • LOL, 420… haven’t heard of it until now. Have to keep that in mind.
          So I’ll start April, take a run-up to Good Friday aka Bday and then end with a full blast 420 the next day. :-D Besides, several of my friends share my birthmonth too, I guess I’m going to let them Google 420 as well 😎

          Anyway… nice chapter, MeLL! The phone conversation is great. Oh, to be newly in love again…

        • I don’t have choise)

          I’m not from US and start to watch your football (our football it’s soccer for you) only because in serial “House M.D.” some of his co-worker in one of episodes mentioned something like – “Working after House it’s like go and playing on field after Brady”. So, i decided to watch – who is this Brady?

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