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    Chapter 6

    Noah is happily building his Lego airport on the coffee table as I’m sat at the island in the kitchen, my laptop open. I’m filling in the third school application form of the day. My boy needs friends and a life away from me. I want him back in pre-school. He was doing so well in LA. I hear the front door open and close and then I hear him running, in the week we have been here he has got used to Bette coming home and he liked to grate her. as the week went on, it went from running to her, to jumping into her arms as soon as she came in within three days. Tonight is Friday and I know we’ve got the weekend together.

    “B,” Noah yells as he jumps into her arms. she kisses him and puts him back on his feet as she takes off her jacket.

    I look up as Bette as Noah goes back to his building. She walks over and wraps her arms around me. Gently placing her head on my shoulder.


    “Hey,” I smile,  “I see Noah got his hello as usual,”

    “Your boy loves to meet me.”

    “He does, how was your day?”

    “Good, the floor is being laid in the main gallery space.”

    “That’s good,” I smile, as I look at the fees page for the school. I don’t really understand the full workings of how to run a gallery or how to create a show but as long as Bette wasn’t overly stressed and I know she makes good money.

    “What are you doing?”

    “I’m applying to schools for Noah,” I explain, as I finish the last bit of the form,

    “Going Private?” She asks, seeing the name of the school, which was expensive but had small classes and was known for encouraging children with creativity. I know Noah struggles with his reading and writing and I need somewhere he can get all the help he needs to ensure I can get him the best education he can get.

    “Yeah he was at a private school in LA, I want him to have the best education, he is very bright but struggles in some areas, I think smaller classes and a more personalised teaching method will be good for him and I want him to find the things he loves.”

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    1. Thanks for this chapter. Noah was so sweet asking Tina if she loves B and if B loves her, and then saying he loves them both. Tina is waiting for something to go wrong – hmmm, is there drama ahead??

    2. Great chapter, Bette is doing all she can to reassure
      Tina of her feelings for her. I hope Tina can come to terms with the fact that actions speak louder than words. Let Bette keep showing her love for Tina until she starts to feel safe and confident in their love. PPS

    3. agree with all the comments. Noah is a doll, I want to scoop him up and squeeze him. I hope Tina can start to trust that what Bette is showing her is real and that she deserves all that and more. Looking forward to a new chapter.

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