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    Chapter 5

    Chapter 5

    The boat trip to Cabrera is uneventful and surprisingly to Bette, quite fun. They move across the sea watching the island grow larger in the distance, though Bette’s eyes are rarely far from Tina, who sits on the opposite side of the small boat. She enjoys the way that Tina finds joy in the unexpected and finds her positivity both endearing and infectious. She watches her now, clearly in her element as she looks out over the water ahead, occasionally turning to Bette with a reassuring smile.

    They arrive at a jetty set amongst a small village. Lucia points out their hotel to them and they thank her and make their way there, on the way walking past a number of restaurants and bars along the beach, some set up with tables and chairs on the sand.

    (Bette) This is lovely. It’s more established than I expected

    (Tina smiles) You wondered what you had signed up for?

    Bette smiles at her with a shrug.

    (Tina) Well I’m glad you’re pleasantly surprised

    They share a smile as they continue on to the hotel.

    The hotel consists of private villas set along a steep stairway, each with a balcony offering a view of the coastline. They settle in their room and then having arrived late in the day they spend the remainder of it exploring the village and having dinner in one of the restaurants set up on the beach.

    They rise early the next day and set off to spend the morning exploring the island, hiking a trail tracking across the island and returning along the coast.

    They return to the hotel in the afternoon and spend time relaxing on their balcony, taking in the view and both reading while lying together on a hammock set up between two wooden posts.

    Bette comes to the end of her book and closes it, placing it to one side and wrapping her arm more tightly around Tina while tracing a finger along the length of her arm.

    (Tina) Mmmm, cut it out, I’m at a good bit

    Bette smiles as she plants a gentle kiss on the top of Tina’s head as her finger traces along Tina’s collarbone and down her chest.

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    1. Love this story!

      Hadn’t had the time to read it before but it was worth the wait for me!

      I like it’s a different kind of beginning for them and that Bette is acting out of the box because of Tina.

      Looking forward to read the next chapter!

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