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    Chapter 5 – Across the Pond

    Author’s Note –

    This chapter is taking place on the same day as chapter 4 did – a Wednesday, but this time the setting is in England. This chapter will focus on Dr Porter and what is transpiring on her side of the Atlantic Ocean both professionally and personally.

    Thanks for continuing to follow along & your continued support.

    Hope you enjoy this entry.

                                                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

    Wednesday Evening -– Porter Laboratories – Present Day Downtown London May 2020

    The Doctor Bette Porter Connection

    Meanwhile across the pond –

    James!” Bette shouted as she stormed into her CFO’s corporate office, leaving his assistant to stare at the dear doctor in shock.

    “What the bloody hell is going on?” Bette was still in a foul mood from last night after learning of the massive misstep by Stonington Industries. Now she stood in the doorway of James’ office, one hand on her slim hip and the other holding a blue file. Sheer annoyance clearly etched on her troubled face. She continued to rail at James. “I’ve been waiting all day. I want answers. And I want them right now.”

    Dr. Elizabeth Katherine Porter was a slightly reserved and exceptionally skilled woman who rarely, if ever, lost her temper or showed any unhinged emotion in public. She was always the consummate professional towards others.

    Dr. Bette was routinely courteous and kind in her interactions with staff, the employees of the vast Porter Corporation she commanded, her patients and the public.  Hell she was even nice to the media. Dr. Porter was the epitome of reason, logic, clear thinking and scientific explanation. Emotions were something that rarely surfaced towards anyone outside her family and close band of trusted friends.

    Oh but don’t dare underestimate the formidable Bette Porter either. The dear doctor had a temper alright. And god help you if it was directed towards you for any reason. But Bette tried very hard to keep that part of her personality hidden away from her professional life. Those occasions of ill temper were usually reserved for private rantings. And behind closed doors.

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    1. So, this is very intriguing! I like the relationship between James and Bette. He is a calming influence and she is very much the Bette Porter we all recognise – quick-tempered, impulsive, stubborn. These can be questionable qualities in a doctor, and yet I get the feeling she has a good handle on herself professionally, so she’s a good person to have in one’s corner.

      I’m picking up the possibility that the rupture between B&T is to do with Bette’s health? Might be wrong about that, but there seems to be something going on with this Dr Warrington. Some kind of genetic issue??? Hmm.

      Nicole is bad news. I hope Bette doesn’t give in to her – and I do wonder if Nicole is going to somehow manage to derail Tina’s reconnection with Bette in NYC? She’s that sort of person!

      Well done, my friend. This is a good update giving us more of Bette’s background. And I have no idea how any of you manage one than one story at a time! Look forward to the next chapter.

      • Lar,
        Altho U sum up my thoughts pretty much, I have not been able to surmise what Bette’s death-grip hold on her secret is.

        I may need to start with chapter 1 and re-read, searching for clues . . .

      • Hey Largo,

        Thank you for the lovely comment. It warms my heart that you enjoyed this chapter & the novel so far.

        I’ve tried to broaden my writing and taking time to develop the feelings and reasons why the characters are behaving in the manner in which they are. As you can attest to in reading my posts, I am not a writer of a few words!!! I like to dig deep & focus on just a few people in my tales. For me, I want the focus to be on these characters & only them.

        As I’m sure you’ve found so far, this is a complex story with deep emotions on both sides of the Atlantic. With more to be revealed and thought on.

        James – I just love his character & he has so much to offer in his complex relationship with Bette. He’ll be in her corner the entire novel – Bette can rely on him. Tina will too!!

        No, the past rift between Tina & Bette had nothing to do with any health issue of Bette. But you did pick up on a health issue – several actually – more to come on that!!! So your “Hmm’ is right.

        Nicole – every story needs some drama right???!!! You’ll see her again in NYC – get ready!

        Thanks for continuing to follow along.

        Looking forward to your latest update too!!!

        Thanks my friend.

    2. What a strong chapter! Lovely to read about Bette and James and how they have always been there or each other all these years. He isn’t scared of Bette and that’s very good.

      And I did catch that you mentioned that James was nothing like Bette’s actual older brother. So I expect a mystery will unravel there I suspect???

      Collins – I have to say that you are laying down a fabulous storyline that builds on each chapter. You definitely have me hooked and waiting for more.

      And as Largo asked, who is this Dr. Warrington??? What role does he play??? What kind of doctor is he??? And he has his team working around the clock??? Hmm, something’s up Collins and you are not telling!!!

      BTW – great pictures of Dr Bette!! She’s hot in that lab coat. Where did you find photos of JB in the lab coats?? Was it for her show – Proof??? or another role she played?

      So Bette’s been keeping her eye on Tina all this time – and helping her with business behind the scenes. Wish we all had someone like that. Super.

      And this actress – Nicole – what a piece of work. Hope Bette sticks to her guns & doesn’t allow Nicole to have a presence in her life again. That would not be good. Especially with Tina in the wings with their meeting in NYC.

      I liked all the little details and Bette’s thoughts. She’s a goner for Tina still – she needs to get her back ASAP. NYC here she comes!!!

      Thanks for this great update and keep them coming.

      Looking forward to Tina and Bette meeting for the first time.

      • Hey K,

        What a beautiful comment – thank you for your trust.

        The relationship between James & Bette is being set up as one of the best for them – it goes back to their childhood & has endured over the years because of their deep affection for each other.

        You’ll learn more about Bette’s older brother later in the story. He’s a piece of work!!

        Dr Warrington – interesting character & he works with Bette. So his research – you’ll learn about that later. I can’t provide any other details without revealing the plot – sorry! You’re right – I’m not telling!!!

        Bette’s been a very good benefactor – contributing in her own way the success of Tina & Shane’s business & careers. Gotta love that.

        Yes Nicole – as I said earlier – every story needs a twist or two & she’ll serve that purpose here.

        Bette’s devotion to Tina goes deep & will continue. The NYC reunion will be intense!!

        Young love is next up.

        Thanks for continuing to chuck along with this novel – I appreciate your interest.

        Be safe.

          • Hey D,

            So your suggestion is to have Bette not see Tina & then Tina sneaks up on her & gives that special command – ‘Bette – Turn Around’ like in the stir fry scene in OG???

            Maybe – I’ll consider

            But I had been thinking that that longing in their eyes would be good too. Thoughts???

            Or Tina could see Bette without Bette seeing her. The long ago regret

            I’ll have to think it over – but thank you so much for your suggestion. Let me know if you have others. I only have the outline for that chapter done. No actual dialogue yet.

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      It’s hard to comment any Tibette content after 204 of GQ and Bette and Pippa scenes, but i have a feeling that this Nicole could be a very annoying in NY, we’ll see. Also – what wrong with Bette now, why she seeing that doctor?

      Yeah, looking forward for Tibette first meeting

      • Hi Zhenya,

        You are so welcome. This was a great chapter to write – a lot of fun to build this bond between Bette & James.

        Like many of us, just ignore GQ as not canon – it’s like a very bad fanfic novel that on one wants to read!!

        First meeting is coming up very soon!!!

        Thanks for your support & interest.

    4. Agree with many of the comments already posted here.

      This was such an extraordinary chapter. It really spoke to the essence of Bette, who she has been these last years since she meet Tina and all the years since in her career as a doctor, research scientist and long time suffering ex – lover!

      She and Tina just HAVE to get back together Collins!!! Don’t let us down like Zhenya said with the God awful GQ!!

      I haven’t had the chance to watch ep 4 yet – but from the comments on SM – I may not want to.

      Anyway, back to your masterpiece here –

      I really like the bond with James and Bette. I hope we will see more of him as the story continues to unfold. And Bette’s brother – have a feeling there is a big mess there that Bette had to deal with or maybe clean up???

      Bette is soooooooo sexy in that doctor coat – Tina could do a lot with that prop!!!

      So Dr Bette just be a major player in the medical field and has all the power and influence of her company behind her. She and James have just got to help Ashley and Tina. Get personally involved Bette and make those sparks fly again with Tina.

      And this Nicole – reminds me a lot of Jodi – selfish, manipulating, obsessive, egoistical. God I hated Jodi and taht whole storyline with Bette. Hope Bette drops her again like the hot potato she is. Like James said – trouble!!!

      Bette just rambles on in her fury and James just calmly takes it and sees right through her. Excellent.
      So Bette’s been helping Tina all this time – interesting. Wonder if Tina will find out somewhere down the line???

      And like the other folks that have commented here – What’s up with Bette and this Dr Warrington??? Don’t let her be sick too!!!

      I can’t wait to meet Tina in London – here we go!!!

      Thank Collins for this bright spot in our day.

      Appreciate you girl.

      • Hiya Leigh,

        You’re so sweet with your praise – thank you.

        Tibette’s path will be complicated & take some time to traverse. It won’t be easy or normal or smooth. Drama ensues & some curve balls get thrown too!!!

        Last year when I was considering this SL & plotting the novel. I pitched to a friend the idea of Bette presented as a doctor & she was all in!!! So Dr Bette Porter was born!!

        Wow – you brought up the Jodi character – Nicole is not modeled after her – but I do see your comparison. Rest assured there will never be Jodi in my stories, It was bad enough we had to suffer through that SL in OG.

        Dr Warrington- a new character that has gotten a lot of attention. Another research scientist – a specialist too. We’ll see – he’ll be around again for sure.

        London – here we come!!!

        Thanks so much.

    5. Hey Collins,

      Great chapter!

      You already know my thoughts about this chapter.
      I would like to join the other readers and their comments
      I will do my best to leave a comment on the next chapter.

      • Hey Bibi,

        Yes, my friend, we’ve talked about this chapter before & I thank you for your support with it and so much more.
        You are a great friend & cheerleader!!!! I am truly grateful for your help.

        As you know, there is sooooo much more to come for our fab couple & getting to know them from the start.

        Thanks pal.

    6. Hey Collins,

      Another great chapter! Full of backstory and intrigue. My favorite thing is how as soon as I read a chapter I can’t wait for the next one.

      I love Bette and James’ relationship, her “younger brother”. He’s giving her good advice about talking to Tina. Looking forward to finding out more about Jeremy.

      So, Bette has kept an eye on Tina all this time. The love of her life. A highlight for me was how you wrote out Bette’s conversation with herself about Tina.

      What’s up with Dr. Warrington?? Is Bette OK?? We will find out…

      I am loving this story.

      • Hi Westy,

        Good to see you here.
        If only the chapters were that easy to write & then edit & publish!!!

        Jeremy – a true Porter, Bette’s older brother. A man of some complexity & mystery. Bette will reveal his character & place in their family. He makes 1 positive contribution that will affect the future & foundation of the Porter family for years to come.

        Glad you liked Bette’s internal convo with herself. It was much longer & I had to scale it back a bit. But in the end, I’m pleased that it came across as positive.

        Yes, the great Dr Warrington – more to come with that sub-plot.

        Thanks so much & be safe in your neck of the country.

    7. So, Bette is ill and she didn’t want Tina to know … classic Bette !

      Am I wrong or am I wrong when I say there will be an unpleasant meeting between Tina and Nicole in NY ??

      Can’t wait to read next chapter. Awesome story, bravo Collins !

      • Hi Izzie,

        Thanks for your taking the time to check out this chapter.

        There is something going on with Bette – not ready to say exactly what just yet!!!! Too early in the story for that yet. Ha, Ha.
        And yes, you are right – Bette is being gallant & shielding Tina as she always does.

        Yes, Tina & Nicole will encounter each other in NYC. That will be some fireworks there for sure!!!

        Thanks for your kind words, they mean a lot.

        I am enjoying writing these stories more now that we have such a mess of GQ. Escaping into fanfic is the only way to survive this awful show!!!

        Take care & see you in England for the next chapter!!!

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