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    Sequel Chapter 11 – The Best Holiday

    Author’s Note –

    Hi to everyone. Seems we have more holiday spirit here in the heat of the season once again! Sure hope you don’t mind – try to cooolllll off as you enjoy this chapter & imagine a chilly December day!!

    I ask your indulgence in my questionable photo attempt at Tina’s Xmas present to Bette. Unlike many of my fellow writers, I can’t quite meet their skills on photo chopping pictures!!! I just wanted you to get the idea of what Tina had actually had commissioned for Bette in her painting. You’ll just have to use your imagination on the names as they fit in the picture. Thanks for the indulging me on this!!

    Hope you enjoy the chapter.

                                                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Previously From The Sequel Chapter 10 –

    “Babe . . . No . . . Don’t babe . . . “Tina was laughing hard now as Bette swung her around and around as they burst into the living room.

    Angie had gathered each of their stockings and was waiting for them as she impatiently sat on the couch. She shook her head as she watched the antics of her parents.

    Both Bette and Tina were in a fit of laughter as they hugged/tickled each other once Bette put Tina down on her feet again. Both women telling the other to stop which only spurred them on more.

    “If you two don’t sit down,” Angie joked with her parents as she watched them with glee in her eyes. She was after all, extremely happy they had come back together. She knew they could both be stubborn and was overjoyed at their reunion. “I’m just going to keep all the good stuff in your stockings for myself.”

    Bette and Tina both stopped wrestling with each other at the same time and stared at their daughter like she had lost her mind!

    “Oh, I don’t think so young lady.” The parents said in unison and glanced at each other and then back at their daughter. “Not a chance Boo.” Bette added.

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    1. Hey Collins,

      Saw your new post. Super long – Yay!

      Am on my way to work so I promise to give this chapter the respect it deserves And will soak it up later this weekend.

      Can’t wait to read what you have in store for our couple.

      Thanks so much

    2. Hey Collins,

      Wow – what a chapter!! So sexy and HOT!!!

      Loved the chatting and backstories in this chapter. I really like how they interact as a family – you can feel the love jump off the pages. Angie is such a joy as a daughter and Tibette is blessed to have her.

      Your descriptions as super detailed and awesome. Like all the little touches you add and how thoughtful you portray the characters to be of each other.

      And the sex scene – well girl – that was just blazing HOT – just like Bette said! Well done! I had to take a cold shower after I read the chapter!! You have an excellent talent for writing these scenes. Please continue this in your other stories too. Glad too that the love is shared and they cherish each other. Their bond can’t be broken.

      I enjoyed how Bette and Tina will do anything for each other – both in and out of bed. But this really touched me deeply that Tina feels her love for Bette may be stronger now than at any other time in their long relationship. And that Bette feels totally at home in totally trusting Tina once again. They both know this time is for keeps.

      And geez, the gifts were just super. Angie with a car and Tina with a trip to Scotland. I wish Bette Porter would be my gift giver!!

      I enjoyed how you weaved some of the subplots from GQ this season into the chapter.

      I thought your inclusion of the DNA./Ancestry storyline was very clever. We really don’t know anything about Tina’s background or family from OG and your providing us some details here was great. Too bad GQ didn’t think to do that with Tina. It’s shameful that they didn’t. Tina’s half the show and so strongly connected to two major characters. I don’t understand that reasoning.
      So thank you for building a beginning of a backstory for her. Tina is the glue that keeps this family together and she does act as an anchor for Bette.

      But back to your chapter – I laughed when I read the part about Tina checking all of Bette’s boxes!! Take that MLR. You got me there- it was good.

      I found I liked a few phrases too – they were some of my favorite lines –

      When Angie tells Bette – ‘“Gooey eyed? Oh please.” Angie tutted at her mother and brushed Bette’s idle threat away. “Sparks fly when you two are near each other. And you know it. Everybody knows that you two need to get a room when you’re within 50 feet of each other.”
      That was the epitome of what we have been seeing since the very first episode of OG – them in love and not being able to keep their hands off each other.

      And then Angie telling Bette again about Tina’s actions – ‘All Mama has to do is kiss you and you’re a goner. All gooey eyed yourself. You’re so wrapped!’ That too is so Bette in a nutshell – so true.

      And as always the pictures fit the scenes so well and I relate to them as you make them part of the story you tell.

      I am sorry to read that this story will be coming to an end soon. I have really enjoyed the journey you have taken us on in this telling of your version of GQ and the mess they made with divorcing Tibette.

      So thank you so much for putting them back together and giving them the future together that they deserve.

      Well done Collins.

      And what question does Tina have for Bette???


      • Hey K,

        What a beautiful comment – I am humbled by your praise.

        I think it’s so important to provide viable backstory for the characters in stories – to me that can’t all be told or conveyed by just the actions of the characters. The writer needs to spend some valuable time filling in the blanks & making the story believable for the reader,
        Almost all of Tina’s family history on OG & now GQ was never told. IC hadn’t planned on keeping Tibette together – so why bother with that story for Tina. So very happy that Tibette proved her wrong & has endured to this day.

        So in my stories – there will also be opportunities to fill in the blanks.

        It took me a while to write that sex scene & get it the way I wanted it. Think I might have had a cold shower or two myself!!! Glad it delivered the desired effect!!!

        Don’t know if you are watching GQ or not, but I just thought a few references to the many topics they are trying to cover this season needed to be flushed out a bit more. Especially since Marshit hasn’t had the dignity to do it herself.

        So the idea of ‘checking boxes’ was so bizarre to me – yet provided a fun twist in this story with Bette & Tina kinda laughing at the phrase. But THEY definitely check ALL of each other’s boxes!!!

        So for the DNA subplot – I also thought that GQ just ignored Tina’s contributions to Angie’s DNA & I wanted to correct that. Thus the Celtic part & Tina’s ancestry in Scotland & England. It fit & provided a great gift & little story to explain it. Happy to hear that you liked it.

        You hit on 2 of my favorite interactions between Bette & Angie – the teenager is so perceptive about her parents & has been for some time. I think Bette thinks Ang is too smart for her own good at times – but the love shines through. They play off of each other perfectly & are fun to write.

        Angie is right that Bette is ‘so wrapped’ – and Bette loves it & wouldn’t have it any other way.

        Glad the pictures fit this time too – I search SM for the current ones from GQ as you can see.

        Yes, one more chapter to go. It’s been a long time & they need to move on as we do to. There are more Tibette stories I want to tell & I can’t honestly keep judging them all.

        Thanks for your support & taking the time to share your thoughts.

        • Agree about Tina – she was the only member of the OG main cast that didn’t have a backstory. Shame on IC for that. Disgraceful on her part. So glad you are ignoring that bit of OG and giving us some insight into Tina – I am enjoying the slow reveal.

          You certainly did a great job with the sex scene – it was outstanding – like we were right there in the bedroom with them. I could feel the HEAT!!!

          I unfortunately am watching GQ – what torture!!! I keep waiting for TK(LH) to appear on the screen. It better happen soon.

          Make this last chapter the best – thanks.

          Any updates on DOH coming??? Hint!!!!

          • I always thought that was odd – that Tina never ever had an backstory. Even Jenny did & Max. Crazy stuff IC pulled. Exactly – shame on her.

            GQ is just sooooo bad. I don’t even like Angie this season either. Tina (LH) is the bright spot!! She’s a terrific actress & person. Just love her!!

            I honestly haven’t written the last chapter yet. I know what I want to happen in it & have notes, but only a very small part of it on paper so far. Too many other stories taking up my time at the moment. But rest assured, it will be good!

            Yes, DOH should have an update within the next week or so.
            Thanks for asking.

            Take care

            • OMG – Max and Jenny were the worst! Just like Finley is now.

              Angie is acting out and manipulating both her parents. I couldn’t imagine OG Tibette allowing that to happen. If is was their idea of a co-parenting storyline – I think they failed here too. There should have been some boundaries established and followed up on. Geez!!!

              So, could the last chapter have a wedding in it??? Tina keeps fingering her ring around Bette’s neck!!!

              I am so excited about DOH. It’s such a different type of story and it’s got me hooked!!

    3. Collins,

      Kira is right – what a great chapter.

      I know this has been a long and trying story – lots of angst and problems to be solved. I honestly really liked the platform on which you made this story a hopeful one. GQ started so horribly with Tibette divorced and the whole mess that decision by the showrunner caused. And I am so very happy you chose not to include Carrie in this story. All the other stories about GQ did, so I found that this story was more realistic in the fact that Tina would never consider marrying someone else besides Bette.

      This chapter was filled with lots of fun, merriment, love and yes – HOT sex!! That scene was long and much appreciated. I love any chapter that has a love scene in it and you did a marvelous job of setting the mood, conveying their feelings and thoughts and making them the great couple we know they are in our hearts and minds. The tenderness you describe with your words is so touching and heartfelt. Thank you.

      Bette gets so undone by Tina’s tone and southern accent – they way she talks when she’s aroused – so I have a favorite line or two also –

      “Oh honey.” Tina started a new trail of kisses down Bette’s chin and to the base of her neck. “I’m only getting started this mornin’ darlin’.”

      “I’m directing this here scene babe, so hold on.” Tina managed as she leveraged her weight on her two arms and held herself upright from the waist up.

      Tina just unravels Bette in these moments and it is so wonderful to read and imagine. Their images pop out in my mind when I read the words – so superb job. Much, much better than what we are seeing on GQ right now.

      So thank you again Collins for giving us hope and some well written pleasure.

      Looking forward to the last chapter and all the stories you have yet to show us.

      • Hi Leigh,

        Thanks for taking a few minutes to comment – it means the world to me to read what you think.

        You are right in thinking that this wasn’t an easy story to tell or continue – but one I think needed to be told & an attempt to make sense out of the mess of GQ.
        As I said in the beginning of the novel – I didn’t believe that Tina would get involved with anyone permanently & even consider marrying in the 2 years since their divorce. Not when you consider that Tina wanted to work on herself & her issues. So no Carrie here. I think in this situation for this story – it was the right choice, I felt Tibette had enough to work on without having the unnecessary complication of Carrie too.

        This story was also one in which I also wanted to show the love that Tibette had & still has for each other. So through their words, actions & thoughts I wished to convey just that. I hope I have succeeded in doing so.

        Tina and that Southern accent get to Bette every time & its all good.

        As I explained to Kira in my comment to her, I had a few favorite lines this chapter too – Tina & Angie know Bette so well & they play off each other so well also. So the chatter between them is easy to write.

        I appreciate your comment & thoughts.

        Last chapter coming soo.

        Thanks so much & take care.

    4. Great chapter, they are all three super spoiled.

      Your photos are great, they always embellish your story. One little thing though, as belgian I’m a little disappointed in your choice of chocolate … ;-)

      • Hi Izzie,

        The super spoilt Kennard Porters – could be a new TV show!!!

        Thanks for reading & taking a few minutes to comment.

        A while back I had an internal discussion with myself if I should continue with using the photos to help tell the story. Then I reviewed a great author that I enjoy & she also has used photos in all her works. I think they enhance the story & naturally add the visual effect to the tale you are telling.

        Sorry to disappoint with the choc choice!!!! Ha!!!! I don’t think I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy Belgium chocolate – I’ll have to source some!!!!

        Thanks again & see you soon on my next post – still working on the 2nd chapter on Full Circle & DOH chapter 6 will post soon.

        Take care & be safe where you are.

    5. Hi Collins,

      What a beautifully written chapter! One of the best!
      You’ve gotten better and better at writing on this trip you’ve taken us on and I’m sad it’s almost coming to an end!

      I wouldn’t know what else to add to the comments already written, these are so worth reading again!

      I always love to read about the past , the memories and my god, the intimacy you describe in this chapter, so well done! And of course the gifts that each one has received, so much meaning and valuable!
      The family moments are so fun to read, funny and loving!

      You can tell you put so much time and energy into this story! Really as well written, detailed as ever.

      Thank you so much for this story!

      • Hi Bibi,

        Thank you for your comment. You know how much they mean to us writers.

        Thank you too for your praise & kind words – this chapter took a lot of time & energy.

        So happy you enjoyed the chapter & their holiday.

        Last chapter will be special too.

    6. Collins,

      What a great chapter! Great choice of pictures throughout the story.

      I so enjoyed Bette & Tina and Angie opening their presents – so much fun. They loved “being home together as a family” and I loved it too.

      The Christmas morning lovemaking – what else is there to say but that it was HOT HOT HOT. so well-written…

      How fitting that Tina’s name meant ‘Royal Protector’ because Bette and Angie just can’t live without her warm nurturing strength.

      Absolutely loved the line about them checking each other’s boxes – hell yes. Any of us still watching GQ feel the same way I’ll bet.

      This chapter made me happy. It was made clear that despite their past issues like ‘non-communication’ “Their souls were bound together for eternity” and “we have always belonged together.”

      The ending was the best part – first, last, forever.

      Looking forward to the final chapter of this story, and to all your future stories.

      • Hey Westy,

        Thanks for checking in & I’m pleased you enjoy the chapter.

        We saw so little of any holidays in OG – if I recall correctly it was only that first BD party for Angie & Alice when Ang turned 1 year old. Oh & the recall of a NY’s Eve party at Bette & Tina’s – think it may have been for the year of the millennium – 2000.
        So I try to include them in my chapters – they show us a different perceptive of their lives & how they interact with each other.

        Yes, lots of comments about that love scene – not I have set the bar high – I need to do this on every scene now!!! Ha, Ha

        Well you know the DNA/Ancestry references came from GQ & the awful manner in which they are telling that story. As the morn, nothing about Tina or her family. So I attempted to create one for her & Angie. It fit right in with what I had told in the chapter when Tina explains to Bette about her family & brother. I just put a positive/happy spin on it this time.
        You are right in Tina being the tower of strength & nurturing to her 2 gals.

        Yes, they absolutely check each other’s boxes – ALL of THEM!!! As if WE had any doubts!!!

        I’m glad I could bring some sunshine into your day with this update.

        1 more to come on this story & then moving on to more tales.

        Thanks for all your support on my writing.

        Take care & stay safe always.

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