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    Chapter 5. Breakthrough

    After leaving Peggy’s office, Bette and Tina sat in silence on the drive back to Tina’s house. Tina glanced at Bette occasionally trying to decipher what she was thinking..It was odd seeing Bette in a contemplative mood..Not whipping out her jokes or come on lines. The Bette she was witnessing now seemed….real.

    “Do you want to talk about it?” Tina asked as Bette stared straight ahead..Her hands fixed on the steering wheel.

    “I just can’t believe I was so stupid Tina…Getting involved with her like that..And there is no telling how many like Helena and me she played”

    “It isn’t your fault Bette..I mean you couldn’t help following your heart” Tina says sincerely

    Bette sighs “That’s just thing..I followed it and got it broken..I mean after that I put up this wall and hid behind my player persona..Like I joke around and have my come on lines but really it’s all a front to protect myself..I’m not good at letting anyone in”

    “Bette you don’t have to hide behind any front with me..I’m only here to help you..I’m not out to break your heart or use you..I’m doing all of this to help you..You don’t need to act around me” Tina says honestly

    “Why though?…Why do you want to help me?..You didn’t even know me?..Yet you were willing to sacrifice your time and your image, I might add, for me…I honestly don’t deserve it” Bette sighs

    “Well it’s no secret that part of me is doing this for Peggy..But the other part also saw someone struggling and maybe our circumstances aren’t the same but I see a little bit of myself in you”

    Bette scrunches her face not following “What do you mean?”

    “Well for one..We both come from a place of great expectations..Pressure to be on top of our game at all times…Our careers demand it…And I know it’s not the same but feeling helpless and everyone is against you I’m very in tune with that as you know”

    Bette nods in understanding and glances at Tina “Thanks Tina..Really….And you know besides comedian you should maybe think about becoming a therapist”

    Tina laughs..”I’ll pass”

    Bette chuckles

    “You know you really are genuine and you have a sweet caring nurturing side..It’s nice..I can see why they call you America’s sweetheart..” Bette says honestly and Tina felt her heart swell that maybe she had broken down at least one of the many walls Bette had built up. She was being real and confiding in her and it felt…. nice

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    1. The plot thickens. Helena is easily distracted – by Alice. Plus Peggy is not too thrilled with her daughter. Step up Helena and focus. And whatever you do – not a word to Alice. Bette and Tina are talking more which is good. Tina is seeing another side of Bette and Bette adores Tina. Which is very good. They were becoming very sweet and caring towards one another which is the best! Just waiting for the other shoe to drop with Carol. Suspect she may try to after Tina in some way? Not sure what that could be. But Tina got in her way big time. Curious as to what Carol had expected Bette to do. Paris is going to be quite exciting.

    2. Alice and Helena, who would have thought that! Let’s hope Helena doesn’t get distracted and move along with the plan to catch Carol.

      Bette and Tina really grow closer. Bette shows her real side and not just the sexy and flirting side.

      It started as a fake relationship but they are both interested in each other and really want to get to know each other. Bette really didn’t act on the talk show, she’s really happy to be with Tina and thankful that Tina wants to help her improve her image. And Tina, she falls for Bette, especially now that Bette shows her real self more. Can’t wait for them to get to Paris and see what’s going to happen there. Let’s hope Carol doesn’t show her face and if she gets there, Helena sticks to the plan. And don’t let Helena say anything about this to talk-mouth Alice.

      I truly enjoy this story!

    3. Looks to me like Bette is beginning to trust Tina some. They are talking more and revealing more of who they are. They are getting more comfortable with each other – listening more and making this fake act look even more real. Sooner or later it will cease to be an act now that they are getting to know one another more.

      Now, where did Peggy sit on this flight? If she were in the rear cabin, I would assume she would have heard Helena and Alice having their encounter. Not much escapes Peggy’s notice. Leave it to Peggy to get Helena back on her mission.

      I am assuming that the seats convert into some kind of bed so that the passenger can sleep in a prone position rather than sitting up. A flight from Los Angeles to Paris would be a horror if you are in a sitting position the whole way.

      Good chapter…. everything is going well except for Carol. She is the big unknown factor. Of course Helena is somewhat an unknown factor as well. I just cannot imagine what Carol hopes to gain from her stunt. She really isn’t interested in Bette…. there must be something else.

      Thanks for the posting…. ready for another…

        • You will find out where Peggy was during the Alice/Helena encounter in the next chapter..

          And Martha3128 of course the chairs reclined..the seats are close together so Tina just happened to have been resting her head on Bette’s shoulder..I mention she shifted in other words turned to and lay it against the pillow..I have been on long flights in the regular seats and they aren’t fun

          Thanks so much for the comments!

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