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    Chapter 4. The Secret Weapon

    The next morning Bette is awoken to her phone ringing. Without opening her eyes she fumbles around until her fingers graze the phone and quickly grabs ahold to it..She opens one eye and presses a finger on the screen to answer it

    ”Hello” Bette answers groggily

    “I see you charged your phone..”

    Bette’s lips curled up into a smile upon hearing Tina’s voice

    “Of course your Highness..But you missed me I see” Bette smirks and rubs her eyes

    “Yeah..You wish” Tina says and chuckles “Anyway change of plans..Instead of meeting at Peggy’s right now we are going out for breakfast then we will head over to her office”

    Bette opens her eyes and chuckles “I like a woman that takes charge..Someone wants to spend time with me”

    “You know I see why you can’t keep women out of your bed..But nevermind that…This is part of the deal..I figured we would make a show for the paparazzi and get them questioning the validity of Carol’s statement.  Let them get pictures of us having a cozy breakfast and we can have some fun..Let me take the lead in answering the paparazzi questions ….Of course you know we can just meet at Peggy’s office if you prefer”

    Bette chuckles  “You just want an excuse to take me on a date”

    Tina scoffs “Well it is a fake date Porter”

    “Face it..You want to spend time with me..This isn’t part of your contract your Highness” Bette could feel Tina rolling her eyes

    “You must have failed to read the part on the last page that stated I had the right to choose at my discretion where and when interactions other than those listed would take place” Tina states coyly

    “Well it was a 20 page contract..At the end I just said whatever and signed..My life along with my body are yours right now”

    “You are incorrigible..Anyway pick me up in an hour…Now get that ass out of bed and get ready so we can play” Tina demands causing Bette to raise an eyebrow

    “Well if I didn’t want to get up and get a shower before you called I definitely do now…It just got hot in here” Bette says throwing the covers off of her and sitting up in the bed

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    1. This is such a cool story! I know – dumb thing to write – but it really is. Peggy Peabody is an absolute joy. Bringing Helena in as a secret weapon is just brilliant. Should have expected Helena to enter the story. Helena and Peggy are hysterical in their interaction and very easy to visualize. So funny! Helena’s arrogance is just what the doctor ordered to deal with Carol. Poor Bette though – she really does feel badly about being used by Carol. And we know Tina has sympathy and is developing a major soft spot for Bette. And other things. Bette is already smitten and is beginning to think Tina feels the same. Of course she does! No Helena distractions, Tina! This story gets better and better. And by the way – Tina – you so loved that kiss. Yes Tina it WAS hot!!! Fake girlfriend – not for long – Vegas oddsmakers are currently taking wagers.

    2. This story is so cool, it’s such a pleasure to read it!

      The coy Tina and Bette playing along and throwing in her charms. They are quite the couple! And Peggy and now Helena in the picture too. That bitch Carol doesn’t know what will hit her!

    3. Agree with Bibi and Billy. Very cool story. Love how Tina repeatedly calls Bette her fake girlfriend then gets flustered when Bette kisses her. So funny. Looking forward to more…

    4. Yep!! Love their interaction when Tina calls to get Bette out of bed. “Bette opens her eyes and chuckles “I like a woman that takes charge. Someone wants to spend time with me.” Oh Bette. Fake girlfriend indeed.

    5. I like the banter between the two, but Bette’s self confidence is coming off as little misplaced. Bette is attractive and she knows it, but I think that the continuous “come on” lines will get a bit tiresome for Tina. Bette, show Tina that you have more in that brain than the desire for a sexual escapade. After all you two are about to go to Paris together and spend a significant amount of time together. Time to show Tina that there is some depth in the person that is Bette Porter. Tina is a person who is going to be a friend. So be a friend with her and cut out the “oh, I know you want me” crap. The arrangement is the arrangement, now give Tina a reason to want something different.

      I love this story, it really can be a true gem in this collection of stories. Keep it coming…

    6. I love this story so much already. I think Tina is already feeling something, despite her wanting to find Bette’s off switch. I love this flirty, arrogant Bette also…but she uses that to protect her heart. Good luck Bette, cause i think Tina’s already got it. So cute.

    7. Hmm, not sure that Helena in long term it’s good for this Bete and Tina. Because after that Carol and knowing that their relationship only public trick what could stop her to go after Tina?

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