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    Chapter 6 – Move on

    Tina arrived at the hotel and realized that Carrie was taking a shower. She sat down in a chair, put her elbows on her knees, and put her head in her hands. There was only one thought in her mind – ” it’s now or never.” She no longer had any doubts about what she should say to Carrie, but she didn’t know what words to use to Express what was in her heart. Bette’s monologue today was the last straw in Tina’s doubts. She didn’t know what was going to happen next, but she did know that Carrie was worth more than lying and being ignored. Despite everything that had happened over the past few days, she knew that what was going to happen had happened. She had to come here and see Bette before she and Carrie got married. In life, nothing happens just like that, everything has its own reasons. And the worst moments may end up being the most necessary for us. As much as it hurts, it’s better for everyone in the end. I want to believe it.

    ”I thought you wouldn’t be here today»
    Carrie came out of the bathroom in a white lab coat, wiping her wet hair.

    ”I told you I’d only be gone for a couple of hours. Carrie, we need to talk right now»

    ”Do you really want to talk, Tina? Why do you think I want to?”
    Carrie sat down in the chair opposite Tina and looked at her expectantly

    ”Because it can’t go on like this. We have to decide something…”
    Tina didn’t finish when Carrie interrupted her

    ”I’ve been trying to talk to you for days. At first kindly, then more insistently, then I even came here to see you and talk to you in person, but all you do is run away from me. So why should I, at your first request, enter into a dialogue and listen to you?”

    ”Please, let’s not make things worse by arguing unnecessarily. Let’s just talk and get it over with.”
    Tina didn’t want to say the phrase ”let’s end this” now, but it came out of her mouth

    Carrie narrowed her eyes, tilted her head to the side and stared at Tina, and after a few long seconds, she said, ”actually, I only have one question… what’s going on with you and Bette?”

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    1. Wow! You keep it rolling. At least, Tina finally summoned the courage to tell Carrie and Carrie was civil. Tina didn’t need to get married. Talk about a train wreck. I feel so badly for Bette.

    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      Carrie – bye ! – i think you were a good person but unfortunately fell in love with person who still was in love with her ex-wife. And i also like that Tina find the courage talked to her and tell her the truth.

      And i hope Tina not leaving to Toronto without another conversation with Bette, so waiting for the next!

    3. At least Tina talked honestly with Carrie. It seems Carrie was not surprised and even expected it. I too hope Bette and Tina have another conversation before Tina goes to Toronto. Bette still does not know that Tina had accepted a proposal from Carrie. That is a pretty significant detail to leave out when telling Bette that they broke up. And Tina does not think her night with Bette was a mistake but this is another detail that Bette is not privy to. I hope Bette does not take on any guilt for Tina and Carrie breaking up. I know Tina is hurting but if she is truly in love with Bette then she at least owes it to her to come clean about that night and say it was wrong to hurt her by calling it a mistake. It’s a starting point. Good story!

    4. I agree with Billy…. Also, if Tina believes that Bette’s kiss was truly okay, she should not have left until she made Bette see that it was okay to have that type of kiss. She understands that Bette still has an attachment to Tina, and it was a welcomed to know that Bette could express herself in such a manner. However, it was far too early for it to mean anything more than sincere friendship and affection. Tina still needs to do some self examination and figure out what it is she wants in her life. She needs to process the events of the last few days before she formats a path forward.

      I just wonder if Carrie is not just in complete shock and is repressing her emotional response until she get home. She is now just responding to the facts in a logical and non-emotional way. She is doing all she can to maintain self control, after all, the woman she thought she was marrying just admitted that she cheated on her and ended her relationship with her. This has to hurt like hell.

      This story is very intriguing…. love to see more….

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