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    Chapter 58 – Tall Drink of Water

    Bette’s Backyard

    The band had rehearsed a few tunes before Bette had come home from the office. Angus had taken the liberty of barbecuing some burgers and hot dogs on their manager’s beloved gas grill, while Shane and Alice opted to place an order for delivery of their favorite vegetarian pizza from Z Pizza.

    Crunching on a nearby bowl of chips and salsa, the band members were held captive by Bette’s commanding presence as she recounted the story of her hellish day at the office.

    “So you’re not fired then?”

    “No Alice, I’m not fired.”

    “Even though you totally humiliated the owners of the company you work for, made them look incredibly incompetent, shoved your sales in their face and yelled at them for, like, a half hour, they still employ you?”


    “Beyond that, now you’re enjoying a nice two week paid vacation?”


    “Fuck, I shoulda went into marketing.”

    Bette laughed at her ex’s declaration. She sucked in a deep breath and let it out quickly as she rolled her eyes thinking about her meeting with her superiors.

    “Hey Baby Sis, you still have other offers on the table if they gon’ be givin’ you shit, right? You were being head hunted by that other company, what, just a few months ago wasn’t you?”

    “Yes. But I’m not sure I want to start at the bottom again, you know? I mean, despite the bitching I might get from the Krolls, I still have a pretty cush job. My salary is commensurate with my experience, the benefits are great, retirement is decent, and the commission bonuses are phenomenal.” Bette smiled thoughtfully. “I mean, 15% of my gross profits this quarter puts a nice chunk of change in the bank guys. It would take a whole LOT of convincing for any head hunter to get me to jump ship now.”

    “Yeah, yeah. We get it, you can retire tomorrow if you want.” Shane sneered. “But congrats, boss. That’s really awesome that you’re fuckin’ great at what you do. I think you could market feminine hygiene products to men, you’re so fucking good.”

    Shane’s statement made Angus scrunch his nose in disgust.

    “You know what I mean, AP.” Shane said as she took a swig from her Modern Times Orderville.

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    1. This was an eye opener for me. I knew the entertainment industry was corrupt but I didn’t know how the fine print details in the contracts screwed the performers so badly. Agents are greedy and evil. This story has been educating as well as enjoyable. Thanks for the information and an interesting story.

      • Hi Jane!

        Glad you are learning some new stuff. Some of it is a little fictionalized, but I tried to keep it as true to life as possible. But agents are known for their sliminess so I think I got that right 🤪

    2. One more thing on football. I used to go to Rams games at the old Coliseum and Pat Haden was QB . I paid $15.00 for a seat. I hope the Rams win as I hate the Patriots. I’m a Jets fan. JETS=Just End The Season 🏈🤣😆😂

      • Jodi definitely causes some very intense and passionate feelings from readers. You’re not missing much when it comes to American football. It’s a pretty barbaric sport. Fun to bet on though. 😉

    3. Nice set of chapters. Thanks so much! Not a fan of Jodi, love Angus’ humor! I hope Tina just tells Little P the whole story. Truth is always easier to deal with. What is up with the Krolls?

    4. I’m with Angus: I wish my pizza delivery girl greeted my like that, too. Well, I wish my pizza would be delivered by a girl in the first place ;-)

      Those two are just too hot.

      Great chapter, MeLL. I had a very entertaining week with your story.

    5. Wow, I would have LOVE to be the pizza delivery girl – or anything else, by the way – for Bette tall-drink-of-water Porter ! Dear author, being a french-spoken Swiss girl, I just learn this ‘tall drink of water’ expression right now, thanks to you, and I adore it !
      … as I adore your story I discovered a week ago and have read with delight since today !!
      Thanks a lot ! :-)

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