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    Chapter 59 – Plannin’ on Another Sleepover

    Bette’s House

    The two women abruptly ended their kiss at the sound of the interloper’s voice. Both of them looked to where the voice came from and noticed Angus chomping on a hot dog as the rest of the band peered from behind him with huge teasing grins on their faces at the sight of their manager and her new human ornament.

    Tina’s cheeks went from beige to pink in a matter of seconds before she buried her face in the crook of Bette’s neck.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you had company.” She murmured into Bette’s sweet smelling skin.

    The combination of Tina’s warm breath tickling her neck and the cute hushed apology made Bette smile. Glancing from her friends to Tina’s blushing face, she whispered back, “Maybe if we ignore them they’ll go away.”

    Tina lifted her head to meet Bette’s mischievous gaze and returned the smile with a breathy, partly open-mouthed chuckle. The blonde and the brunette gazed into each other’s eyes as their audience sniggered in the background mumbling various “yeah right,” “they wish,” and “keep dreaming” comments; all of which were uttered by Alice.

    “You think so?” Tina asked as she squinted her eyes, still looking at Bette.

    The ad executive only nodded her response.

    “I missed you today.” Bette confessed.

    “I missed you too.” Tina replied, her eyes shifting to Bette’s brown hair that she ran her fingers through to push a lock behind her ear.

    “Awwww.” The spectators cooed.

    Bette rolled her eyes and finally threw a look back over her shoulder to where her sister and friends were still grinning like idiots at the attached couple.

    “Jesus, do you guys mind?”

    They all shook their heads in synchronization.

    “We don’t,”
    “Not at all,”
    “Negative, Ghostrider,”

    Were the verbal declarations that accompanied the headshakes.

    Tina giggled as she was still wrapped around Bette’s upper torso. “Maybe you should rephrase your question.” She whispered to the brunette who appeared as though she was getting irritated.

    Just as Bette was about to tell her friends to beat it, the doorbell rang again.

    “Pizza’s here!” Alice screamed as she scurried towards the door, but not before picking up the scattered bills that Bette let fall to the floor when she was mounted by her newest guest.

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    1. Fun Fact about this chapter. The W Hotel in San Diego no longer exists. (I told you this story was old). It is now Hotel Republic. A few years ago, I was attending a conference and stayed at Hotel Republic over the weekend. It wasn’t until I was hanging out at the rooftop bar that I realized it was the old W and had a good chuckle knowing I had written such a steamy scene set at that hotel. Ok a few steamy scenes. Don’t worry, we’ll get there. I live here in San Diego again so there’s really no need for me to stay at hotels anymore unless friends and family come to visit.

      I’m going to post one, maybe two more chapters tonight. I know it’s late, but it is still Thursday here. Come Sunday, I will likely be posting late again as well because I will be flying to Las Vegas on Saturday night for a concert, pulling an all-nighter and flying back early Sunday morning where I will likely sleep most of the day until the Super Bowl starts.

      Anyone want to guess who I’m going to see in concert this weekend? 🙃

    2. Thanks for the chapter!

      Absolutely not excited about new “The L Word”, because i pretty sure that Laurel not be in the cast even like cameo (after starting painter carrier she absolutly doesn’t have time on anything that even remotely resembles her past acting career) and see Bette without Tina, but with her new love interest i can’t

    3. I am very excited about the Reboot, but i wish and hope Laurel Holloman will play Tina again. Bette without her Tina, i can’t Imagine it. But they will not play big roles so i keep my fingers 🤞🤞🤞

      Enjoy your weekend Mell!!!

    4. Thanks for the treat, MeLL. Nice overture to the weekend. :-)
      I haven’t read your postings yet but I’ll have a guess at the concert question as well. I’d say Lady L, too. But I wouldn’t rule out Santana as well. I’d clone myself and would to go to Santana and Lady Gaga.

      Anyway enjoy the trip and the music!


    5. Hello again, dear talented author !
      Well, I already thanked you in my first comment, on your ch.58 but I have to thank you again – twice, in fact : first, for this new delightful chapter (I could never have enough TiBette in a day of mine !) and then, thanks a LOT for the great, great news about The L Word return !
      Like the others, here, I just cannot imagine my beloved Bette without her T. But, like you do, I’m crossing fingers and toes for Jennifer to be very, very persuasive to Laurel ! God, it would be soooo marvelous to get them together again, even for few stolen scenes… *Tibette lover’s sights*

      • You hadn’t heard about The L Word sequel? It was big news this week and many of us die-hard fans are looking forward to it. And I agree, Laurel/Jennifer scenes would be giving those fans what they want. Also, Shane and Carmen scenes would be bonus. But new steamy TiBette moments are what I am truly hoping for!

        • Well, I heared something few months ago about a project between Jennifer, Kate and Leisha but I didn’t dare to truly believe it could be done. Optimism isn’t one of my best qualities, I’m afraid,,,

          My, my, it makes me remember this magical scene at the She Bar between our dearest two, something we were SO many to hope for 3 seasons ! Even now, I can never hear Alice Smith’s Dream without vizualise this scene in my mind and feel emotional…

          Truth to be tell, this show meant so very much for me, at a very crucial period of my life, helping me for years – from the very beginning, it became much more than only a tv show, for me.
          At this time, 3 works gave me a huge help : a movie, first, then a novel and finally The L Word. Thanks, Arts !

          • I think the show helped a lot of women realize who they were while at the same time humanizing the commuinty to those who maybe were not as exposed to the culture before. I think it had an overall positive impact on society.

            And yes, I think Laurel and Jennifer executed the SheBar scene with gravitas. And the musical accompaniment was the perfect selection to convey the intensity of the moment.

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